Thursday, 31 January 2013

Already forget...but , better be more careful next time !

Mostly , everybody had faced it rite ?
I faced it  twice !
But, I'm afraid Iwould face it more..

Sebenarnya........saya xsuke sgt2 kesakitan begini ! Sakit sgt lah !! Lebih sakit dari ade ulser kat mulut..Muahaha :p .. Twice kan ? haha..yg first tu mmg sgt menyakitkan coz sy xpuas ati sgt ngan die ! 2011 n 2012 die main2 kan ... tp yg second tu , sy xmarah lame2 coz maybe die xsengaja or xsedar die terbuat camtu..(xsedar ? LOL ) Actually , sy back up dia ! Kebaikan die even sikit tetap sy appreciated even his *cruel byk lg.. Tp , die buat jenayah senyap2 n sorok dr sy .. Tp ,selalu last2 *kantoi ngan sy coz Allah nk selamatkan sy drp di*perbodohkan die lg..kan2 ? :P

So,nak citer lar skit sal.....

#HURTS 1 ..... 2012 ! (real story ! )

That sweet n sour nite , I was wif my friends syokly* having meals and *tayangan kt depan tue... Ade majlis la kononnye.. Then , I turned back looking aimlessly at the back.. Suddenly , my eyes turned green ! *sob3 seeing him waiting for his princess to have pics.. Although , I heard their hot gossips but when I asked that guy, he always denied it..So , sy pom xhiraular ngan gossip tuh coz that guy always denied it.. Actually, I dont mind if that rumours were rite.. But, I didnt know that he was such ..........So , ending grand nite tu sgt horrble lar ngan die.Tp ngan yg lain enjoy je ! Haha. So, I boarded the college bus solemly with my friends (Ety, Jiiha and Ss) I didnt like that end part of Grand Nite..Masuk2, duk sit depan luh..tnggu turn nak sit kt blkg..tibe2, ad girl ni kawan jgkla tp xrapat sgt approached me n said , "Ain, ni bunga ros utk awk..***** bg..

*WHAT IS THIS ? !@#$%%^&

one message received..

(*) telling me that that rose was specially dedicated to me..and he also said that *the rose will remain bloom just like his love towards me.. "ok,that was idiot i thought ! coz bunga betul kan ?mmg sah2 la layu nnt !!

Yes,sbaik saje smpai maktab...terus cari bekas to put that white rose. xrealize lasom diri ini dprbodohkan time tuh...selalu tgk2 rose tu....hurm..Ok let make ir short coz I dun like it at all ! Cari time sunyi jer ! Lau x gak , mcm stranger je kite nih.


my friend : Eh bkn awk sorg la dpt ,that girl pom dpt la.. Die siap bg face to face lg :P
me           : Dasar Playboy ! Mujurla xfall dh mcm dlu ! coz dh lali ngan prangai die yg mmg slalu      
                 main2 kekadang suke kkdg , malas nk care ke org yg ingt kite ni bodoh sgt !   

lame2 lepas tue..

one message received..

Him : Cane bunga tu ? dah layu ?
Me  : Nape tny gitu ? dh xsayang kan ? mmg dh layu pom.
Him : Erm.Taula..
Me : (geram ! ) Mmg dh layu tp sy xbuang lg coz sy appreciate org bg gifts even xde erti 
           pom..coz xde org penah bg sy rose..rose tu comei..
Him : Oh ,tq..

So , lpas tu I threw that rose into he rubbish litter long after he said it to me.........

Case nim selalunyer sy byk skali luah kat Sharina !! coz dielar pakar cinta..muahahaa..pakar lam segale bidang..Well , we always in the same shoes regarding this probs.. She is the one who make me turn 360- degrees change to totally forgive n forget him.. Yes ,she always there.. When I told her that this guy made me feel on the top of the world , she will pull me to the bottom of the world back to step at the reality..kua3.. (translate molekk) and she's right ! lepas heppy skit , ad trus citer sedih lepas tu nyer..nmpak die duk ng org lain..nmpak die msg..nmpk mcm2 la ~ I told her n she already knows..coz we r the same..She already faced what I had been through.. :( mujur ad Sharina yg berpengalaman..Lau x , time ni sy msih terbayang2 kan die..skarang ni totally 0..xsuke xsyg..xkawan..biase2 je :) But , her probs is more serious .. SHe cant stop loving a person that non stop hurting her pure heart..pity her ! I dont see any of her wrongdoings towards him ! that guy is@#$%^&.But , now she is free ,like me ! We're free from the terrorists.. They dont deserve us ! Muahaha.. We treats that love feeling gently as we appreciate it.. But they  ? Wekk ! 
Sharina !! I am so sorry if I kept tagging on you to vomit my probs with him ! I dun have anyone to treat my heartbroken except you.. You know him better.hahaa :) But , talking about them* were really awesome..coz we both keep advising each other and give the best word to make us aware that we re in wrong path ! Ok2 last last we both reached our goal !! Kami dh lupekan *them n build a new life.. Let them be the past that teach us to not do that anymore ! ANYMORE ! love you Sharina ! We re meant to be together no matter what would happen ! Sharina aka Saroni !! Hehe.. Take care ekk ? If someone hurts you again ,tell me ! I already got black belt ! :P

follow her at 

Sharina !
at the centre..
her beloved sis n bro always on her side :)

OK !! Dont try to do this after this.. That's hurt ! especially boys ! They never think about girls' feelings.. Time yg sorang ngajuk , die g kat girl lain..n gitular strusnye.. die ingt pkare gitu main2 ker ? huh .. melibatkan luka hati seseorang lar !! Parah even not physically !!
And to the girls , jgn mudah sgt melt ngan laki yg mulut mcam kambing nih ! I mean mulut manis when die ckp awak comel , cute , pandai , n ape lg !!!! huhu.. They didnt mean it deep in heart .. Die sebut ikut dang jer.. xtau la kite2 ni mudah sangkut..Dats why lar laki xmudah sangkut when girls puji melangit pon . Diorang da mahir n cekap sal gini nie. . We must be stronger in facing this obstacles.. Jgn rushing sgt nak suke kat orang or nak accept org coz anda xkan pernah terlambat pon.
Jika anda dpat die pom , xpasti lg tu korang punyer.. So , diam2 pon xpela .. xyah duk rushing nak accept or cair mair lah.. herghh -.- What else can I say ? Jgn mudah percaye Lelaki ..
Make sure that "nice are really nice "............
Dear you , 0-0 ok ? No hard feelings
You gave me such unforgettable moral value which I could apply in future :P
p/s : xpyh nk amik tau sape orgnye tp amik pengajaran dr citer ini je !

Enjoy this POEM

He Had Such Quiet Eyes by Bibsy Soenharjo
He had such quiet eyes
She did not realise
They were two pools of lies
Layered with thinnest ice
To her, those wuiet eyes
Were breathing desolate sighs
Imploring her to be nice
And to render him paradise
If only she’d been wise
And had listened to the advice
Never to compromise
With pleasure-seeking guys
She’d be free from ‘the hows and whys’
Now here’s a bit of advice
Be sure that nice really nice
Then you’ll never be losing at dice
Though you lose your heart once or twice

sincerely Miss LOL

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

I'm Bigger ~ Justin Bieber

Bigger ??
What did I mean by *BIGGER ?
I got L license on 21 / 1 / 2013 ..
Thats the BIGGER  I mean..
shocked  ? hopefully I will not be big physically. :)

Nampak x ?
I got L license..
saje je nak belagak kt budak2 yg x amik lesen lagi

My future car

There's a few steps to get the license !!
This is the PLACE !

  1. kena LULUS ujian buta warna dulu..soalan ad 20 lebih rasenye..Wajib btul la unless u got colour_blindess disease..Alhamdulillah I am not..Tau x hero salah sume even die bkn buta warna...sbb die silap isi jawapan lam kotak nombor lain..Ini kes cuai lar..xdgr btul2 cikgu tu cakap.hoho :)
  2. Then ,kena daftar kat kaunter n cap jari dulu..bayar sebanyak RM 170..
  3. Bersiap sedialah untuk menadah telinga selama 5 jam untuk kursus KPP or Ujian teori berkomputer soon..xfokus xpew coz everything is in the given book..juz read and answer the questions in the book..Confirm LULUS dalam tangan ..p/s :bayar rm 220
  4. After ready mentally to answer 50 questions in computer,ur asked to go to *ruangan exam lar*..Lame giler..kitorang sampai kul 9 pg n masuk exam almost 1 o clock..the place was packed like sardines..xmuat nak duduk..ade yg lepak kat tangga and ada yang bbrada diluar bangunan.Kena byar rm10..Mula2 die akan pggil nama and amik gmbr kite.Nak tau knape ? Ade case org lain amik lesen, and ade org lain yg jawab exam for that person..So,peace ! terpaksalah amik gambar yg kat depan tuh penuh giler org pandang..hoho..LULUS 42/50..Alhamdulillah LULUS :)
  5. The next day..kena tadah telinga buat last time selama 3 jam..ini dinamakan *bengkel kereta*.haha..entahla ape namenye tp we called it *BENGKEL..Kena bayar rm 130..
  6. On the same day,we were shocked by *testing driving with new teacher ! Sangat terkejut coz kuar2 dr dewan lam keadaan mamai*(ngantok dgr ceramah) kami telah didaftarkan untuk praktik driving dah ! Alhamdulillah ,I got superb teacher ! xgarang langsung..Abe Mie :)

Ain !!
take this key n drive !
(terkjut giler ! xpnah main2 drive pon)
lam ps2 ader la huhu

  1. Ok done ! dpt lesen L..kite perlu jalani Pra L selama 8 JAM..Praktis
  • Parking
  • Naik Bukit
  • 3 Penjuru

Nampak tak cam ad pondok kt situ ?
kt blakang mende tu lar tmpat kami test bukit..
kena stop kt tgh2 n then Vroom** turun bukit..
best !
  1. Then , 2 jam test dengan pekerja kat situ..2  jam lagi dgn Lembaga JPJ.. I called them *lembaga coz sgt mendebarkan kot test dgn pakar !!.

Nilar kereta yg kitorang akan drive dgn JPJ.
bezanye cumer yg kitorg berlatih selama ni xde lampu neon kt roof top tuh..


><Nak pulas stereng tu sgt berat !! both legs must be used and kena sgt cekap..
><Kiri for clutch* and Kanan for brake* and minyak*.
><Stereng kna make sure kiri jam 9 and kanan jam 3
><Kena kuat untuk angkat handbrake !
><Kena kuat untuk handle gear!
><Kaki kena ada daya tekan n lepas for clutch,brake and minyak..
><If xcekap,kereta korang akan mati tgah2 jalan or dpan traffic light !!
><Kena tinggi lau x xnampak kat depan...hehe..Sy xnampak sgt so chair must be very tegak.
><Tapi,bg sy paling best driving dalam litar coz sgt selamat compared kt jalan raya yg ade bermacam ragam orang... -.-"

Inilah litar memandu !
comel kan ?
best sgt2 drive kat sini..
khas utk para pelajar yg xreti mcm kiter.

kereta Manual sgt susah n kena GAGAH !! Lau x,korang kena angkat handbrake wif both hands !*like me..
Paling menyedihkan,I'm no longer with Abe Mie..first day je ngan Abe Mie..rupe2nye we got another 2 teachers !!

Jeng Jeng Jeng !
Abe P..
xtau name penuh die..

Abe P lar yg amik kitorang dr rumah n antar balik ke rumah..*KITORANG??
Okay actually I went to this place following Amalina..there are two followers that are following Amalina like me..They are Najwa and Tiny..hoho..Itulah yg membuatkan kami xkebosanan n galoks** mase gi amik lesen ni....Abe P ni sgt strict mase mngajar kami..huhu..But but ! Dia ade adik laki yg turut menjadi ckgu disitu..
Namenyer Abe G..

xsempat amik gmbr Abe G.
tp die mirip2 jejaka ini lar..
Wah ! smart kan ??

Abe G ni sangat sangat sangat SEMATT !! muahahahahahahahahaha..First time belajar ngan die arinie.Yup, DIE xde lar strict macam abang die tp die ni mudah geram if salah.. I can feel through his voice..Tapi mudah paham la belajar ngan die coz org muda kan..Die tau ayat mudah untuk kiter paham .. So ,like 1000x..n time blajar ngan die ni lar ,sy wat byk silap ! kereta mati time kt traffic light lar..mase nak pusing U la..sume mati ! ngeng ! malu parop ! Redho2..boleh spend blajar ngan die lame skali..muahaha :P
Biarlah die nak marah pom , xkesah huhu...Dah2,malas nak ckap sal Abang ni..coz bkn die yg selalu antar sy n Tiny ke rumah,tp Abe P..yg lain sume dhantar oleh Abe G..hoho ***jealous :)

Ape yang paling penting ??

Mase test drive kena pakai *Sunblock..hoho..paham2 jelar..Panas giler...
Cuaca terik menyukarkanku untuk drive coz silau..terpakse drive dengan mata sepet...nak pakai sunglasses takut over plak..hahaks ! Nilar yg myebabkan Abe P asyik marah hahah coz drive x tengok depan..almost masuk jalan org dah.huhu :(

Ni ruangan menunggu before dipanggil
kat sini pon dah panas..
blum lg kat jalan tar tuh !
Penantian penuh debaran !!

Pokoknye disini,kami berempat nak LULUS ngan JPJ selame 2 jam tuh !!
2 bulan lepas tu nak buat lesen P lopt..hahaha..wish 4 of us very gud luck lar ek..

Tini and me..
on Abe P's car rushing to our home..
almost Maghrib !

sincerely Miss LOL

Monday, 28 January 2013

I'm a real TEXTER !

my feveret pastime !
teringat kt kawan2 yg slalu je babbling coz  texting  selalu <3
Dijahh lar yg kuat tgur. :)
bunyi typing tu sgt disturbing sorry.

Texting ??
Same lar ngan message , sms , dan sewaktu dgnnyer -.-"
Urmm,alaa jgnla narrow-minded sgt..ingt sy msg ngan pakwe lettuw !
No Way.. xdop pakwe la Boss !
I msg wif my hero n frens la !
Even , I told u guys that I love texting,
it doesnt mean I text lot of people.
I just text maximumly two person but very frequent and permanent one !

Same person !
yup,my hero n my bestfriend..
they keep messaging me n i surely reply theirs

Criteria of person that I love to text wif...
  • they got lots of modals !
  • they dont get me bored easily !
  • they got story and I'm always ready to give opinion !
  • they are not tortoise, slow stuff !
  • they always wait for my text !
  • they dont talk about useless things and unimportant !
  • they dont text shortly<<dun like it..*
  • they miss me , n I miss them too..both must miss each other..If i miss her, n she doesnt miss me.ok fine.I will not text u..


See ? the keypad are already corroded..
so I put stickers to beautify it.
Beautiful,is it ?
hahaks !
Little biodata bout this phone 

*wrne asal die hitam itu I chose pink.beli kt pasar Pekan..rm8 jer
*pakai 100% sejak kat pc until early 2013.
*lots of sweet n sour memories in this phone..
*byk msg yg sweet n sour dari yg teristimewa yg disimpan.
*ad satu garisan kt fon ni biler on..coz jatuh byk kali daa..
*stickers got from Jiiha n Kubiih
*kenangan dgr radio ngan Jiiha biler ngntok mase study..
*hot FM carta ulat buku <3

Kenape Kenape dan Kenape sy suke texting ???

*sbb tu jer best activity kat maktab instead of dgr lagu and online & rehat minda lpas study...
*to show that I miss so much the one that I text.
*suke2 sgt menaip ni..hoho
*exercise jari yg letih uat homeworks.

So? message me if u miss me !
dont wait for me to be a starter -.-"

To me, messages from anybody xkire kawan or inspirasi or parents..

  • membuat sy wah ! di awang awangan even die taip pendek or once a week..dah cukup dh tu :)
  • makes me feel "yeah,I am important that's why u text me .* perasan skit.
  • give me lots of motivation esp text from parents.
  • reminds me whenever I forgot.
  • enable me to wish besday org2 jauh..
  • to ask *nak prep kt mne? mkn kul bpe? muahhaha
  • as a bedtime story so that I feel sleepy..ngee~!
  • smile smile smile bacer msg..exercise mulut ! kekadang ad gakla geram n sedih..hoho

So? I will never say gudbye to end up messaging..
just leave n sleep..zzzz :P

Tp korang tau x kelemahan fon tu ?

^^die xleh simpan msg byk2 lar !
^^geram suke simpan msg yg suwit2 gituh.. msg sal janji , so that the promise would not be             
    forgotten  .
^^Fon ni byk msg hero n someone.someone that I already forgotten.For good sake lar..
^^Memandangkan fon nie dah *no spaces for a new message*
    But , I wont delete them !
    deleting their messages is a real crime !
^^Even I already forget ***** but his messages are our memories :)
    even they didn't keep mine , but I keep theirs.
^^So.....the solution ... ???

Muahahaha ! Samsung Champ !
Pink !
that's the reason why I want this phone <3

Biodatas for this lil champ !
  • actually,ni my mum pny,,dah lame dah chopp..lepas dpt Note 2,bru sy dpt Champ ni.
  • that Chibi Maruku Chan keychain is from my bestfriend,Momoy 
  • fon ni sebijik ngan Jiiha n Kubih , n sejibik ng Iman.. :)
  • kt blakang tu casing Hello Kitty..banyak cantik maa...
  • malangnye,fon ni pom xdpt tampung msg2 ngan byk..
  • bley isi lagu jiwang2 n simpan gmbr2 lar brbnding fon td..lagu We re Never Ever Getting Back Together... :(
  • bunyi msg this fon mcm sms alert tone Kim Possible..tau x ??
  • yg penting ! fon ni da xde dah msg2 dr someone tuh..So, this is one of tips to forget from the memories..n I did it !
Amacam ? comel kan?
bought at KbMall..rm10 jer..
love it very much !


Why why why ?
(*)on 2013 , I made up my mind to forget all the sadness during 2012..One of them is to stop texting the one that hurts you but did not admit for his wrongdoings..
(*)So,setiap usaha pasti ad kejayaan kan ?
(*)well,sy sgt berusaha utk tidak msg die dgn abandon this fon..xbwk gi jalan2 n letak bwh bantal..turm silent mode..xtop4 until I really forget him..well ,I did it..
(*)Sampai,msg hero pom sy sorry..
(*)Plus,I can online my phone is not useful at this moments..U juz can get in touch wif me at facebook..
(*)I got economy crisis..xde duit nak top up la !! plies,jgn pakse sy top xsekaya anda..
(*)Champ is touchscreen lar..I text like snail right now..really dislike it..
(*)Plus,selalu typo gune champ..Hero selalu gelak n ckp sy da xmcm dulu..
lau dulu,never typo n very fast !!<< wink**
(*)Korang2 yg mrungut lau sy dah tak msg n reply msg tu,hrap2 fahami my condition..
(*)Fon ni kcik skali berbanding nge my thumbs ni..susahla jgk nak typing..
    Sikit2 tu xpela but it takes time..I got bored !
    Sampai hero pom pelik nape sy da jarang sorry..
(*)Moreover,I got two numbers..but both of them are really cruel ! Each time I top up ,celcom will steal rm2        from my tggal rm3 coz selalunyer top up rm 5 je :) Dah call celcom n stop that nonsense *langganan* yg xpernah xmenjadi jgk ! So ? Fuhh,ni malas top4..waiting 4 my bro to renew my     number that was stolen mase exam Pai n AddMath time Trial ari tu..Fon X5 ilang tau ! lot of memories but ad hikmahnye hp tu ilang..hoho...
(****)Conclusion nyer, sy da xberkepit ngan fon spt dhulu..2013 is a year to renew everything to be better person..Emm,jgn tnggu sy text korang..u guys start first but if we re best friends lar..bkn saje nk bknalan xpayah la.malas ! 

...Now,I am a replier not a texter anymore...

sincerely Miss LOL

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

SS< She.Special

 1 2 3....

How we get into being a friend ?? n special friend ??

As far as I can remember was she loved to visit my cube when I was Form 4..

But , I forgot how she came there n we became very very closed until now :)

So special ,rite ? even , I could forgot how this friendship begun .. -.-" I think she is in the same boat :)

Here is SHE !
Syarifah Nurul Husna Ardini  :)
Time ni ,kitorang nak outing ramai2 !

            Ohh. ! Name die panjang giler2 kan ? Nak panggil ape ? Syarifah ? Husna ? Ardini ?
haha..panggil jer sumer tu.. sy da pggil dah.. But ,commonly kami sumer (the whole college , I think ) calls her S.S ..huhu ..dont ask me what does SS stands for ? I dunno at all .. She would never tell.. tp kawan2 skull lamer die tau la.. sape ? Ety ,Jiiha n all the Sekolah Menengah Abdul Raman Talib (SMART) students ..Well,actually I am very proud wih that school coz the students that come to PC are all clever and have their own potential :) Nobody is spoil ! NOBODY ! Plus, budak2 SMART ni xder pon yg sombong ,kedekut or what so ever.. I can only see their own speciality includes SS.. Bertuah sgt sy ni coz dpt bersahabat ngan budak2 SMART ni even sy xsmart pom :) She called me Aen , Irdey , Irdina , n what else?Actually , I dont mind people calling me Dodoy ,Kambing or what so ever coz  "Real friends dont get offended when you called them bad names,they smile and called you something more offensive ."

To tell what I did with her at PC , there's a lot n I can tell as far as I can remember only lar coz I am 

  • Korang bukak stoking cane ? haha :) Die bukak stoking jadi bentuk Donut Donut yg die buat for her stoking ni xlar sesedap Donut Big Apple ! So ,jgnla membygkan Donut tu warne warni ek ?  Hitam putih jer... korunk leh imagine x ?

Socks in Donut shape !
xleh makan lar coz it is socks!
smelly -.-"

  • She sleeps with her friends !<<- How? Mase Form 4 dulu ,die mmg slalu menginap kat cube sy n Kubiih n well die pom da dpt pangkat cubemate disitu .. Jd kdg2 die tido ngan sy..kdg2 die tido ngn Kubiih or mybe kiteorg gabung katil..hoho..not really remember..
  • Haha ! Die suke Air soya sgt2 .. Dalam loker die penuh ngan air kotak tu..Bkan air soya je,air kotak F&N rase.. p/s : jgn mrh la silap .. haha
  • Die ni syg sgt kt sekolah lamer die..Die still lg beli buku Planner SMART n she used SMART blanket..ape lg  ? byk lar.. n I think that school keeps lot of memories rite ? 

This is her BFF at SMART..Wafa Lee..
credits to Wafa coz SS loves her damn much !
yg mne satu ?
yg baju merah tu.
yg tgh xrau sape.hehe..
SS kt side kiri :)

  • Even ,die ni tinggi n looks like matured enough,tp die takut lipas n kucing whoa !
  • Hahaha..She's quite funny !! sgt Lawak Sempoi !! Memang satu batch love her .. n ramai kan tringin nak rapat ngan die ?Well ,die mudah didekati n disenangi tau !
  • Dobi ! kiter antar dobi pg kan ? n amik lpas balik sekolah ! But she ? Die amik malam lpas prep ,coz time tu makcik dobi da siap packed baju2 die in her pail..Lau amik awal2 mcm kami ni ,kena cari sendiri..hoho :)
  • Mase Form 5 , die jumpa satu lagi makanan ruji for budak asrama instead of Maggi which is BUBUR dalam CUP.. entah jename ape when she made it ,we shared it !! Sgt sedap coz masih panas..ala ala bubur McD gitu..harganye pom RM1 lbih jer...berbaloi kan ? Plus,die bijak berbelanja.. x boros !

Taraa..lebih kurang camni jename pelik.
.Lau outing biasenyer ,die borong  untuk seminggu.
.Sedap ! byk lauk !
  • ha ! ramai org melawat my patient , Iman Nasir ni mostly juz tny khabar n so on.. but , SS she came with buah tangan...haha..die bg air soya n biskut Oat Quaker yg ad chips tu .. ha ,korang mne ad buat camtu !
  • She is in her own world when she is with earphone !! Slalunyer sy ni ckap sorg2 n die wat muke dekk je..haha..ralit dgr lagu..n die minat lagu We Are Young .. Dulu ,b4 die bwak hp camera ,die selalu dtg bilik sy D12 just to listen that sweet..
  • Die ckap phone handsfree slalu ! xpernah tgk phone ditekap kat telinga..Can u guys imagine kite sume tgh ralit makan2,but suddenly die cakap ".........................." n pandang kiter..mase kite jwb ,die xendah plak !rupenyer tgh ckap phone.. well it happens all the time.. kesian kat kitorang..selalu *terkena ngan die..haha..kadang2 ,die cakap phone smbil jalan.. Sume org pandang pelik ,but we ? we know her very well .. she is unique..n dah xkan jmpa da person like her :)
  • MISS SLUMBER ! that is the title that she received time jamuan blok last 2 years ! haha..mmg 100% lar undi die .. msti korang nk jumpa die kan ? haha ..jgn jelezz :P
  • Kitorang sambut besday die which was 28/8 at cafe .. Diorang yg lead party ni lepas waktu sekolah habis .. best tau ! makan nasi ,sup n ayam..sedap la berbanding menu kt dewan makan time tu ,daging ! HOHO..
  • Ape korang buat  lau demam ? mesti ponteng sekolah kan ? Not her...she went to class with wearing Cool Fever throughout the day.. will you do dat ? haha ..see how special is she.

Wait..die bkan pakai gini..die potong due..haha..more cute rite ?
  • jename lip balm die << BABY LIPS maybelline punyer ..haha..sgt mementingkan bibir nye agar tidak kering.hoho :)
  • Menurut sumber roomate die which is C11 , SS ni suke tido bilik org lain ,iron bilik org lain ,membasuh di bilik org lain n mostly kat bilik org lain .. "org lain" ? that is C9 ,our hot spot..Die lebih kurang sy la..haha..buat chores kt bilik org ;)
  • n she has her own secret in knocking her room .. lau ketukan tu bunyi lain ,thats not her la.........   ade2 je kan ?
  • berminat ?? well sorry..she is not available anymore..she is owned by a guy that is really appreaciates her and treats her like a queen ! prince charming lar katakan <3

Our last outing together !
Kami naik prebet..Tp SS sesat naik prebet lain..haha..
enjoy !

On Top of KBMall.
ingat kan ad surau,tp rupenyer renovate !
buat malu jer! haha
seram..dhla ade some guys dat in the same boat too !
*smart plak tu..

DR KIRI : rina,jiiha,kubiih,SS and Ica
in a lift after terkandas kt roof top KB Mall 


         she spent with me before that day endED ! die dapat nasi ayam from her special one
 * (anak timb pengarah.............) haha she always repeat that title ! Kami makan nasi tu same2 ,tp last2 sy lar yg makan byk coz die kate die nak makan nasi kt dewan makan for the last time.. actually ,mase tu kami tgh tunggu my Hero yg makan kt dewan makan coz ingat nak jalan2 ke Pantai Timur .. SS kebetulan nak cash in money from ATM .. spt yg sy ceritakan dulu , hero x dpt pergi we both walk to Pantai Timur ..
Kami pinjam payung dengan pokgard..byk songeh lar pokgard tu .. susah btul nak pinjam.. actually ,cuace sgt panas n sy ni *puteri lilin ..hoho..xsuke panas suke hujan ..ade funny scene happened mase berjalan..
tetibe ad sorang laki yg agak cute la tp chubby lambai kt kami from his car saying "hai awak " ..haha..nasib baik cute..actually kami sempat sesat ! coz xpenah pom jalan ke Pantai Timur ..xtau nak masuk lorong maner..naseb baik nampak Mc D..Kami melalui Mc D bukan utk makan tp lalu jer coz nak rase aircond ..haha..msuk pintu blakang and kuar pintu depan..n forward to Pantai Timur..There, we searched for 
something special for her one ,that gave nasi ayam ..hoho..jumpa lar satu keychain for phone ad lambang love rasenyer..comel sgt ! hope he likes it ! after that , she said that she wanted to treat me even I refused it..she said bla3 coz I helped her lot n muchmore which I cant refuse .. she treated me with coolblog mocha..That was first time I tasted Mocha flavour n that was the last time I drank coolblog.. which was with her ;) mase blik pom msuk pintu depan McD n kuar pintu blakang Mc D..ntah pape lar yg org McD tu describe kami.. -.-"
She is so sweet :) Lastly , I accompanied her to return text books n she asked me to return to block..she was worried if she had taken my time so much..that was the last time we met..

At McD last day..
tu kat blakang kami signboard McD kt PC..
amik gmbr je,xmakan pon..hoho.
oh kebetulan nmpak same tinggi kan ?


  Recently , I went to Kuantan to meet her ! Yes ! we met...I could not even recognize her coz she was beautiful..Wearing pink tone bawal n black blouse.. and with contact lenses also. .She looks matured than before..haha...and me ? I just look like a kid walking with a tall friend. :) thanks a lot coz willing to spend that Friday with me n family from afternoon till night !

Although ,I can't give her a lot ,but she should know that deep in my heart I feel so grateful that we met n get closed in awesome beginning... I love my best friends a lot and I even dont know how to convey my so Gratitudeness to meet u guys especially friends at MJSC PC..they are triple2x awesome..   But ,without "me" u guyr are "aweso" :P .. haha it is just a quote !

p/s : amanat terakhir from her on my cadar..
actually,my cadar maktab mmg da penuh ngan wishing kawan2.
still not be washed yet n forever

sincerely Miss LOL

Monday, 21 January 2013

This post is for my beloved sisters !

Sape ni ?
hoho,ni lar my sisters..
actually ader due lg citer due org dulu.
one by one ok ?

Hello !
Once again I'm back wif more tales.but ,today's tales is not about my friends .but my sisters !
Why ? Why ? coz lau duk kat rumah diorang je kawan2 I..
but now , my frenz are Amad,6 tahun and Billy,darjah 4..
coz due orang kat atas ni ^^ duk asrama !
taula korang betape lonely nye sy kt rumah n bilik ! sorang2..mujurla ad Amad n Billy.
ad lar jgk nk dibualkan even just about small kids :)

ok my siss..jgn marah if I upload ur pic
haha..dh pose camtu ngat..

OK.introducing part ~~
(the red riding hood)
Okeh..That is Mia..adik pertama,bru form 4..hoping that she will get PC too..Insyallah..Where should i start ?Ok,name die Mia tp mostly I called her Dillo or Baby Dillo..Dillo is short term for..............haha.nope..cannot tell..our sibling's secret..Actually lau jalan2 ngan die or u guys fren with us ,u alls akan ingat die KAKAK sy xde kakak la! entah,die nampak matured lg kot..nampak je ,but I know her better ! xjugak ! being with friends is like feeling that I am the smallest..But when with them ,kami same jer ! aper yg xsame ?mmg la muka berat nak same ,tinggi pon nak same..baju pon same saiz..kasut lain..hoho..Itular yg dinamakan serasi bersama..kami xkesah berkongsi ape saje..just tell me ape yg xboleh dikongsi ? nothing..jgn la pkir pakwe po kongsi..logik dek akal la ! Mia nym die x byk cakap sgt , lau korang xcakap lau korang byk modal cam sy ,ok die xley berhenti :). n sy plak yg suke byk btny kat die..well,I know my responsibility as a sister..cehh..xlar..I want her to be better than studies..Slalu nasihat die mcm2 coz kakak die ni da byk experience she must trust me ! Mia ni OMG sgt berbeza part makan..haha..die suke makan biskut n roti..sgt xsuke mmg lau kami kaur makan ,kami berkongsi lar..well ,sy mmg xsuke mkn kt luar mmg sah2 lar kena kongsi..that's why die ni lau tgk kt luar kurus jer..dh die xsuke makan nasi ! Die ni pom fanatik kt 1D n JB ! lau tgk fb die,xder pon gmbr laki lain..yg tu jer..Mia ni otak Math rasenyer..tular aitu duk tanya sy whether die nk choose Bio or Pa..wah2..dhla tny pg2 trpksa la pg tu sy bg ceramah kt die..n Mia ni suke memasak..suke ? die x takut,lau gi umah nenek ,die lar yg tolong goreng pisang or ayam..Sy just mahir part2 mngemas die kureng part tu...Well,tgk..serasi kan ? Mia ni suke pakai kemeja ! tp sy xsuke sgt except yg me ,kemeja cam org laki..but ,sy ni suke yg comel2 skit..Ok,wajar la nak ckp Mia tu kakak..coz die xdela obses bnda2 kiut mcm sy ni..die xder la minat Hello Kitty or pink..:P Satu lg ! Mia ni pandai mengurut ! die pom xtau die terrer lau die urut papa n mama sure diorg feel better..hoho..but me ? stakat letak ubat tu boleh,tp sy urut diorang x rase ape2 pom ..:( sian btul..
maybe diorg xtau sy syg korang tp sedarlah sy ni duk asyik tny cane keadaan skolah,kmas brg2 korang tu,tanda2 syg lar tu..aigoo..tau x,lau korang xde kt rumah rase baik tido je selalu.. :( u know rite ? n nasihat for u Mia..jgn main2 trial ni..bleh mitak SPC.huhuks..jgn myesal mcm Ain sudah..Mia ni ramai giler nak kt die..haha..xmcm kak die ni..well ,see the differences..sob3..

(that pink hood)

Name lam ic die ape ?haha.Batrisyia die ad name manje..haha..Bobotet or Botet..aishh.
xpenah dgr ker ? citer kartun lar.. -.-" ohoho..ape yg special sal die ? Die happy always n wekk bajet tinggi ! yelar..kami tau (me n Mia) yg die akn tinggi dr kami coz skarang pom da same tinggi..wekk.tinggi jela ! xkesah pon..ok,yg ni bbeza ngan Mia..coz die suke makan nasi..hoho..xpew..alhamdulillah..kami bertiga masih slim mlim..nampak lain ek ? eh same je actually..Coz die xpkai glasses jer tu..Bety ni org panggil road runner jgk..coz die lari laju..n kuat main gk..main bdminton n ape lg ? games !n die ni suke Shaee..bkan suke lar,,tp nak org panggil die Shaee..hoho ..iras ke ?plik2..alaa,yg nyanyi lagu Sayang lar..oh luper..die baru Form 2..Alhamdulillah die ni suke mengemas die ada asma n kuat bersin..lau bersin tu,OMG !boleh runtuh rumah kayu ! n merah la hidung die nyer..Oh,adang2 my mum call her baby..manja jgk la katakan..hoho..Betty ni lau boleh tiap ari sabtu nk outing.bkn ape,die nk duk rumah jer..aigoo..Ok,budak ni die lar yg paling pandai bergaya..pandai belit2 tudung..n die lar yg paling sesuai pakai shawl..haha..she always update ngan tutorial tudung.haha.n kami jgk la yg dibelit me,Bety ni kecik lg berbnding Mia..mmglar kan ? tp sy ni sebagai kakak tgk la kematuredan adik2 even muka nampk lg matured dr sy..huhu..Betty ni jiwang jgak...die lar yg introduce kan sy ngan TMBLR..nice is it ?macam2...ha ! Betty ni mahir giler2 edit gmbr..she loves snapping pictures..mmg cantik alar gmbr2 yg die amik..well,she is the one who introduces pixlromatic kt kami..lau x,ntah biler lar kami pndai edit gmbr..Oh,tahun lepas sy pernah teman die masuk kwan die ni yg ntahla kabur agknyer,bleh plak tny "Betty,adik awk ker tu?" hoho pujian ke penganjingan tuh ? sy trime sbgai pujian..haha..diorg slalu geram coz sy lar yg asyik org ingat adik..hoho..well,awet muda kan..haha !! Ok,Bety ni lg byk bercakap berbanding Mia..n selalunyer b4 tido die akan suruh sy bercerita pasal sekolah n kawan2 sy until she sleeps..wah..look ! serasi kan ? Betty ni..lgla ramai peminat..huhu. :) tp die still budak..die ni kuat main game..POOL..ha,tu lar game yg die main biasenyer smpai lewat pg..hoho..Ha,Betty ni suke dgr masalah sy..die lar tmpat yg sy bleh citer mcm2 n die pom slalu kongi rahsia ngan awas ! die ni suke shopping hoho..parok2 ! tp pandai jgk la budak ni memilih harga tu..woo..terbeliak mate lau tgk..and lau due org ni xde kt umah,mmg xdpt dgr la sy nk ketawe or senyum2..ntahlar..rase kosong..dh tu xkanla nk suke sorang2 kan ? coz Betty ni periang..periang cmne ? dh sy ckp skit die dah ckp siyes pom,die dah ketawe ! aigoo..yg ni sorang..pelik ! tp xpela..haha.. well,lau pergi mane2 sy lebih suke berjalan bertiga dgn die.. :) u know what, I really love my sisters..korang ? :P..So,adik2 ku cepat la balik Rabu ni..Gue kangen gilakk same kamu berdua !! byk story morry nih !!! 

Really ! Korang x rase gitu ker ?
maybe xsame kot ngan sy.But,I feel that way.
that's why kami rapat !

 *** OKEI. yg pasal Amad n Billy ,wait for the next post ek ? tired already...

sincerely Miss LOL

WHAT? Da nak kahwin ? Biar Betik !

Da bertunang n soon getting married ?
yet , baru jer mnjejak 18 tahun ?
OMG ! apehal gatal sgt  nim ?
entah ape lar yg orang zaman skang ni fikir sampai xsabar2 sgt nak nikah.
gatal cam *pillow* haha..

If Liam proposed u,would u approve ?
YES ,of course..
without  any NO..
Poor thing......korang ni xpikir dulu b4 wat any keputusan...tau ke kahwin tu byk tanggungjawab?
it is not only about LOVE..sebelum pikir about this matter,I look those who are married..
look what they face n see the pros n cons.but u guys ?
 couple-> clash->couple->married->divorce->regret->married once again

Tp sekarang ni dah xder dh istilah bercinta lepas kahwin..sumer nyer tgh hangat bercinta..I wonder lar lepas bercinta then kahwin ? would the sweetness of marriage still on ? Insyallah..maybe certain lar..
My mum always pesan,always ? xlar..sejak umur dah meningkat ni..

Mama said : Ain,pernikahan ni bukan main2..jgn mudah nak minat or jatuh cinta ke org.. Ingat , lau ade org minat or kite minat ,sembahyang ISTIKARAH zaman sekarang xpikir nak sembahyang istikarah..Ingat..Istikarah tu penting..jgn gopoh gapah..Jodoh x ke 
 mane..kite kna mintak petunjuk dulu whether is he the right one ? Ni x, ade jer org minat dah 
  melayang hati n nak kahwin terus ..

That is wrong ! WE MUST PREPARE ! LOL.. I mean,bukan la kena prepare utk marriage tu..Tp marriage needs Skill..what skill ? ingt ur husband or pakwe awak tu nak kat awk semate2 cinta jer ? Skarang ni sy bimbang ,sy ? haha.. xlar..i was thinking whether the guys that were told by the girls would remain the same after marriage ? diorang ni b4 married biasenyer like angel .. xpenah nmpk one wrong or if we see it , he will cover it with some girls ,wa so sweet ! cute ! comel ! romantik ! waa.. so annoyed wif that ..
xpelu lar meng experience kan diri tu ,just tgk dunia org lain .. ape yg diorang rase b4 n after clashed..hoho.

Yup ! Nilar  korang realitinyer..nak husband to be yg cenggini.
maybe dulu,time sy mentah mmg lar bnda ni je sy pkir.
But,u know it is IDIOT !
ape jer yg korang pkir lam marriage ?
romantic je ?


OK..kosongkan minda korang tentang ape ciri2 lelaki yg korang nk jadikan husband tuh..
nape ? hoho.. jgn jd mcm sy dlu2 ,pantang tgk yang CUTE,COMEL n aper2 la
waa dh suke suke suke ! Tp lepas dgr advice from Mama n tgk situasi org2 nikah ,
korang tau ape karakter yg kite perlu choose ?


Ape ? korang kate yg kuat agama ni nanti nak berpoligami ? Aisehh.. jgnla ckp camtu coz nnt sy pom xnk jgk..haha..Mama kate " Ain kena cari yg kuat agama,tp bukan la mama nak Ain cari ustaz..cari lar yg solat jemaah,taat pd Tuhan , kaki masjid ( ni tetap,ok ! jgn sbb lpas kna marah or sbb duk asrama je ,gi HABIT..) lau die kuat agama ,die taular fadhilat solat di masjid :) erm , best kan lau kite satu family wif anak2 gi masjid ? :) tp korang xpenah fikir kan ? Ha ,tgk tu ..duk berebut biro agama da..Hello ? yakin ker dieorg tu beragama ?haha..dun get me wrong .. jike die beragama , he wont involve this relationship..coz die tau keburukan INI. ."hbis cne nak kapel ?" LOL..tu lar sy ckap xyah kapel senang..:hbis nk cri calon cane?"
Well ,xtau lau minat tu wat cane kan ? DOA ITU SENJATA MUKMIN.. kiter berdoala selalu agr die jd jodoh kite..ha ni doa sy slalunyer " Ya Allah ,jika die bkan jodohku ,jauhkanlah perasaan ini terhadapnye.Tetapi ,jika die jodohku maka tunjukkanlah padaku"...heishhh..xmalu btul ..ntah sape lar die tu kan ? da xder dah..FULLSTOP.. Mama kate lg , lau "die" taat printah agama ,die xkan sakitkan or perhambakan isteri coz die tau isteri tu amanah Allah..n die tau tanggungjawab die sbagai suami n bapa..
So , die xderlar smpai nak dera or maki hamun kiter kan ? fenomena skarang ,siap ade wife kena bunuh lg..
tu lar..coz lemah iman..xtau ker membunuh tu berdosa..Yes , we cant get rid from doing sin .But still , kite ad kudrat utk avoid that ! jgn biarkan syaitan conquer kiter..See  ? Pentingnyer agama ni..!  Jap,kuat agama pon jgn lar sampai isteri n anak2 xterjage oitt..I need ur attention too..our children need papa ! haha ! :P

hehe :)
berangan je :)


Aigoo..bru jer mata melilau kat maahad muhammadi nk cari calon kuat agama..haha..korang ingt diorang nak kt korang ? korang ade ape lar sgt ? setakat muke comel ,suare merdu ,lembut2 ...xpyhlar perasan sgt...
bende2 tu xperlu pom lam perkahwinan..Kite sbagai wife-to-be pom ade tanggungjawab gak ! ingat muke cantik je bleh kahwin ..the boys are wrong.. hoho..sorry lar those beautiful girls..xbermaksud nk mengate ..
Tp kan ,biler korang da kahwin .. rupa paras xlg jd kepentingan..Ni haa..
  • kuat agama
  • pandai memasak
  • sabar
  • reti jaga anak
  • reti jaga hati mertua mertuii
  • matang 
  • reti lar doing house chores
  • bersifat keibuan
  • rajin ! byk aspek tau
  • pandai jage ati
  • bukan pemarah
  • setia
  • ingat , dah kahwin tu suami is the First ! not ur mum anymore..tu lar I suh cari yg beragama..boleh guide kiter2 ni ke arah kebaikan..Insyallah ,same2 masuk syurga..

Ok ,cukuplar yg tu coz mane lar sy tau "guys2" ni nak ape lg .. tp bg Kaki Novel ,they should know more.
Sy ni one of kaki novel . So, I write based on my experience ! Dalam novel tu ,byk sgt sal perkahwinan yg musnah n bahagia ..sob3..meleleh air mata time part worst gak.. mase kawin , isteri sibuk sgt n sume house chores bg kat bibiq ..last2 ,her husband kahwin nga bibiq tu.. nak ke ? ohoho..tu lar kite kena pnadai memasak ! coz nk pikat suami ni ,one of the way is through meals.. " Alarr,nk cari yg kurus2 lar..xkuat makan skit"..Hello ,ingat cik2 yg kurus tu xkuat makan ker ? LOL terase nih ! haha<<bajet kurus..xla,terase part kuat makan.. Ingat tu ,kite kena pandai memasak..Ha ? nak cari laki yg pandai menasak plak ? buleh jer..degil kan korang ? mcm sy..haha..malas memasak xkan la nak husband je masak2 slalu ..diorang mesti lar bz dr kiter.Wajib pandai memasak ! no compromy dah..kawan laki sy pon da ckp gitu jgk ! nak x nak ,kite2 ni kena memasak lar yer ..poor thing..

Rajin ! wahh I kind of like this part .. xsumer perempuan rajin kan ? maybe boys nampak perempuan ni rajin..x sume pon rajin ! pemalas jgk ! Tula , kite ni kena rajin ..ce imagine ,dalam bilik korang (u n him) bilik berselerak ,selimut xlipat ,baju kotor merate2 ,toilet pnuh dgn plastik2 #$%^&* ...Eishh ,xmalu betul !
nak ke die kat awak? pemalas ! 

One more thing ,bukan biasenyer lelaki kan yg pemarah  ! yup ! AQ BENCI LELAKI YG PEMARAH ! AQ XSUKE SAMPAI MATI ! feeling kan ? ni sebab xkuat agama lar yg nak marah xtentu pasal kan? rase diri tu kau je yg betul  ! ! Mmg lar kiter kena terima lau kena marah ,tp  ! ! marah berasas lar beb ! huhu.. sory ad prob..jgn pkir bukan2... ingat ! kemarahan memuncak coz syaitan da conquer..that is the importance of AGAMA ! serius takut to get invlove in this relationship .. Bergaduh tu asam garam perkahwinan ? Well ,mybe btul tp ingt ! biarla berasas ! xtahan sy lau wat bende yg baik spt pergi kelas agama or sy nak solat kt masjid pon awak marah !awak yg suppose ajar sy didikan agama..jgn degil sgt boleh x?

" sy bukan nak kahwin dgn die pon..just couple " just couple ? ok,ur alasan sgtla LOL..
couple sajer2 ? ape kes..erm ,mase sy kapel DULU , xmain2 pom ! SETIA thap gaban ..well .tgk la sape..
:P coz  I am that type..SETIA HUJUNG NYAWA..Fulamakk ! Opss.tu dulu lar ! zaman mentah !

"Habis, xkan la xnak yg manis?"<<- my pillow asked.LOL
hurmm ,manis ? Well ,dulu2 ye mmg pantang tgk org manis ..or lau die xmanis pom,perangai die sweet2 gitu 
.. Da cair kan ? hurmm ,I'm melting .. ceh ayat.. mmg mudah melt .. xkire la die xcomel or ape ,tp when he treats me nicely .. Cair ! Lau lol mcm sy pom ,CAIR !~  ni lar org panggil mengader..haha..Lain kali jgn wat gni  ! Biler die da kuat agama ,he will know the right thing to do with his wife..cukup je lau setakat dpt jage sy baik2 n family sy..dah sgt2 sweet tuh...Awak ajar anak2 sy ilmu agama pom sgt sweet ! huhu..sape awak ?? xjumpe lg :(

Erm,yg ni boleh tahan dr yg atas td kan ?

Ok,finally we had reached the conclusion part !
SAYA XREADY NGAN SUMER NI ! Serius ! Means ,to get someone pon I xready ! Bukan ape ,ilmu agama masih blum byk dipelajari ...Plus I am afraid that I can't make u happy ..Lau setakat nk happy kan awk dgn lawak tu xpela jgak malangnye kebahagiaan rumah tangga not only that ! Must jage ati parents awak ! Takut kalau2 mak awk marah sy xreti memasak ! Hehehe.. so sy kena blajar memasak demi awak..
Lg ? Sy xbersedia la nak hidup dgn awak jer.. Sy xpuas lg duk dgn family sy..adik2 sy masih perlukan sy.n sy syg giler2 kot adik2 sy..xtau cane nanti berpisah rumah ngan diorang .. Sy xbiase lg..n sy pon masih lg belajar xde pekerjaan lg nak sara hidup kiter n sara perkahwinan kiter..awak pom ! so awk kena blajar btul2..cri pkerjaan awal n then kite kahwin ! insyallah I will try my best to be ur best least kite berusaha kan ? hahaks..ayat2 di atas xditukan kepada sesape xde sesiapa pon lg..just hoping that everyone can change so that nak pilih pon senang..haha..Ingat lawan2 ,rupa tu bukan penting sgt ..Agama tu penting..So ,kite kena selalu berdoa agar Tuhan memberikan kiter yg terbaik n sesuai dgn kiter.n I hope to my future husband out there ,jage diri baik2..dkatkan diri dgn Tuhan..hopefully,we will meet because of Him .Insyallah..( adeh ,sedih btul)..So,korang.pikir masak2 ! ingat tanggungjawab kiter byk nnt !So baik kite single mingle dulu..blajar btul2..n enjoy dlu..nnt kahwin ,ntah boleh ke tidak kite jmp kawan2 kite kan ?
(benci dikongkong!)so husband out there,get ready wif ilmu agama ttg perkahwinan ! jgn asyik pkir nak berpoligami jer..GEDIK! 

knows what "ready" means ?
be prepared !:P
jgn excited nak confess gk..
nnt melepas,nk bkwan pon da xley.
poor thing. :'(

sincerely Miss LOL