Friday, 29 December 2017

me getting excited over my friend's happiness Lulz

there are times when I am so packed with stories. lots of stuffs had been hovering in my mind and I cant wait to spill everything in this blog.. but, they remained in this mind since Ive been to lazy to type on this blog. I chose to type in my mind. huhu

okay, lets begin with the first story. A story which I was excited upon my friend's happiness. both of them are my friends actually.

i have a bestfriend (girl). she told me that currently she is with someone new. guess what, the guy that stole his heart was the guy that secretly admired her since form 2 and we all knew that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was excited to know that my best friend had finally opened her heart to accept the guy and they guy came just in time. they did not contact since after PMR and the guy approached him again this year I guess. Huhu what a miracle.

I know exactly how it feels when your crush likes you back. it is beyond the happiness when walking on air. Im so happy on behalf of the guy LOL. both of them are so lucky to be together and I really hope they end up to marriage.

however, this girl she really deserves such guys after meeting previous guy that didnt appreciate her at all. I was dumbfounded as well knowing what he did to my friend. I was like, the guy was really dumb to dump her coz she is so precious. If I were a guy, I would be so lucky to have an intelligent, soft spoken and pretty girl as my life partner. but still, she finally with the guy that really deserves her. Alhamdulillah.. knowing her very sweet love story makes me wonder how my love story would be like. I am not hoping but surely Allah has planned the best for me Inshallah :')
sincerely Miss LOL

Tuesday, 14 November 2017


I was blaming myself for buying a denim shirt at a fest in my university. the reasons were the shirt was too fade and baggy for me. It seems like the shirt was not mine, it was like the borrowed one. though the size was S ( yeah, maybe I'm smaller than S) hiks.
then, I ranted and felt so guilty for wasting my RM19 for that shirt. I wondered what would I buy with that amount... I might get prettier stuffs and full with lace maybe, ruffles too. but kemeja surely is not my style. How can I buy such clothes? I failed in controlling my lust seeing SALE and rejecting my friend's plead.

so, I could not concentrate in studying. Even connecting the laptop with wifi turned out to be so hard. Not until my roommate returned from her usual night meeting. after she landed on her comfy bed, I went straightway to her room and sighing about my mistake .. and I asked her if she's interested with the clothes. I showed to her and she seemed interested. I know that kind of clothes is her taste ! yeah, finally I would get that RM 19 back but a month later. but better than nothing huhu. Okayyyyy , will update more soon inshallah :) more about my passion I guess. guess WHat ???????????
sincerely Miss LOL

Friday, 20 October 2017

Ikan Patin Asam Pedas versi MoMi

Asam pedas ni patut rasa macam mana sebenarnya? - Mia

Tak tahula tapi aku suka asam pedas MoMi
- Ain

Masak je apa apa semua mesti nampak senang and rasa mesti sedap gile. Mostly, my family belah mama semua reti memasak and selalu buat event or org kelantan panggil jjamu. Dari baking tradisional,western sampai la cooking. Menjahit beads, renda, bunga and baju pon pro. Kitorang plak masih merangkak tapi dimana ada kemahuan disitu ada jalan.

Alhamdulillah, cuti tiga bulan baru baru ni memang gigih jugak memasak macam2 , isi perut dengan macam2. Paling kerap masak ialah menu begedil, tomyam, asam pedas, nasi goreng kampung dan menu ayam lain lain.

Hari ni sempat tengok2 mama masak asam pedas and fresh2 lagi dalam ingatan method yang mama buat

Bahan bahan utama

- Ikan patin
-sos cili
-sos tomato
-kicap sotong
-cili boh
-bawang putih & bawang merah yang diblend
-bunga kantan
-hirisan/tumbuk halia saiz ibu jari
-daun kesum
-tomato potong
-bawang besar potong cincin
-asam jawa

Cara cara

) Mula mula panaskan minyak
2) tumis bahan blend
3) naik bau, tumis bawang besar
4) masukkan cili boh, sos tomato, sos cili, air asam jawa
5) bila minyak menggelegak, masukkan garam, secukup rasa dan kicap sotong ikut suka.
6) masukkan air
7) masukkan hirisan tomato
8) masukkan ikan
9) masukkan bunga kantan dan daun
10) siap !

Sangat menyelerakan tapi tak cukup pedas. 🌸 Mungkin boleh letak lada kot nanti.
sincerely Miss LOL

Monday, 16 October 2017

Part time

I started to indulge in part time working approximately in 2013.

My first part time job was at Cupbon at KB Mall. I worked there for 2 months and 12 days as far as I could remember and it gave me quite a vivid picture of how hard it is to earn money for your own. It requires a very strong will and determination from you in not to giving in if you face any sorts of difficulties throughout the experience. 

anyway, I would not be telling you the experience or even the upside or downside of getting into part time job, but I would rather write about the kind of jobs that I had been involved during long holidays in my entire life.

after working at Cupbon, I applied for a partime job at Renaissance hotel at Kota Bharu. I worked as a waitress. it happened to be during fasting and Eid month. and you knew how tired I were working at particular months. but it was worth it to get such experience working and learning about the stuffs in a renowned hotel and I got to learn on how to arrange the cutleries, the name of different glass, folding the napkins, making smoothies and yes I got to taste every delicious dishes in the hotel. yummeh! of course I did gain my weight at the moment. *sigh

I did try applying a job at a bakery. but just the old and small one. I easily get attracted to a signboard highlighting "PART TIME NEEDED". After seeing it, I will jot the number and contact the employer without hesitation. It was my first day and the toughest one. The job was to roll on the flour into cookies size. plenty one. uncountable. and under a hut. it is like a garage. open one with the zinc as the roof. You would never imagine it, rolling the flour while standing and the sun was striking it rays so strong like it never wants to surrender just for the sake of me. It really gave me serious headache. The payment was quite a little. Not suit for the efforts that I had to put and how my energy got used up just rolling thousand "biskut arab".. I am done working at hot place. I am not choosy actually, but the place was uncomfortable. It was not like other bakery where the workers can work in a shop, rolling the biscuits on the floor with fans on the ceiling. there was not even a ceiling to shield us. It was just the zinc roof and a huge metallic table to roll the flour.. 

besides involving in food and beverage field, I also had expanded my experience by associating in fashion ! I started working at the field when I saw the advertisement through Instagram about an event called Mood Republik. the duration was only around 2-3 days only. my first fashion brand that I was hired was Rayyan Haya. It was great knowing that I would receive a free piece from the brand. though it was an outdated design,but who would not get excited to receive something free,isnt?

then, I started to become eager and always wait for such events to seek for part timers ! I love it and hope that I get the clothes by them LOL. next brand was Dhiasara Batik and the latest one was Fifa.Rasol. I did get the free clothes from them but my friend did not get any.and we assume that we could not anticipate anything free since the economy nowadays is at stake. So, just work with pure intention ; to seek experience and get paid XD

besides, I did seek my experience in part time job at my own institution!
UIA is such a good place to gain not only knowledge about the your course or islamic knowledge, but it also enhance the students' ability to start a business by organizing fests over the semester, (I guess two events within a week, it goes on until the end of semester). from the events held, me and my other friends are able to apply for part-time job since most of the booths will advertise "PART TIME NEEDED" to IIUM page. I had worked at several booths such as project tudung booth at Convest  hill and also flower shop during convocation ! i did learn how to arrange the flowers into bouquet, learn how to design the ribbons (I think I forgot about it already) and learn the new names of flowers and the small flowers that look like grass. they actually got names Zzzzzz

We( uia students)have several groups where some important people would post about part time advertisement or chance to work as part time during weekends or anytime that we are free. there are quite several groups such as vacant job hunter, UIA job part time and also group partimers. those are the names of whatsapp group. and yes theres another one named Part Time baby. the famous part time jobs are taking care of babies at a nearby daycare and catering at KLCC. I had one experience at the day care. and sorry to say that it was the first and last time, not because of the babies but the place was like a hut and super hot (which I cant withstand) it does not look like a nursery at all. it looks like a home for bachelors. the walls and floors are made of cements and not even with tiles! no bed and no playground. you can never imagine how it looks like until you reach there.huhu

currently, I am doing part time jobs in UIA which are at the photocopy service on Monday and Wednesday from 5pm until 9 pm and also as a seller at uncle best chicken over the weekend from 4.30 pm until 9.30 pm.. It sounds a bit hectic but no it doesn't (so far la huhu)

Actually working during weekdays after having classes was quite fun and it feels even better when your colleagues are happy go lucky and cheer you up, making you forget the hassle and bustle of the workload. but, though it just for a while but it relieves my tense a little.

As for working during weekends, I decided it just to avoid myself from berjoli with my friends over the weekend or every weekend coz u know, previously I hardly stay longer during weekend. I must sneak out and spend my money even just a little but it still counted as money.. now I am a bit better in savings. Hmm, not really but better than nothing right? my working hours are flexible because if I got to skip working for inevitable reasons like parents coming to KL or BIG sale (this one counts as inevitable hehe) I can ask for my partner to replace me. Hoho. sounds heaven but it will cut my wage for a day. but I always try to avoid that skipping part by replacing her working hours as well whenever she could not make it during her day. 

My dominant purpose of working is actually I want to collect some money to travel to Japan.I don't know how to save money or earn money since I dont even receive any scholarship or any extra money from any source. So I guess this is it ! My plan. but I do actually afraid that this might distract my focus in my studies. But, I don't want to take this whole thing as a heap that prevents me to achieve my dream to go to Japan or even to succeed in my studies. I am not greedy to achieve both. But I notice that if I don't do the part time job like before, it doesn't make me any cleverer at all. By working, I realize that time is really precious and I notice that I cannot waste any left time by doing nothing but to catch up everything that I might less understand during class. I really hope that this kind of idea (working during study) can occupy my time by doing useful activities instead of spending the weekend by watching movies or eat luxury stuffs that can be reached within a few minutes (life in KL, you know..) or yes, sleeping , doing nothing in mahallah over the weekend. valid for lazybones or moneyless. I have been there too. hehehe.  Pray for me fellas :) pray that I wouldn't use my wage for shopping clothes, flats or handbags. Just name it ... oh yeah, shawl as well.........

sincerely Miss LOL

Saturday, 2 September 2017


I bet that everyone has been dealing with this matter especially those who are around my age. Insecurities? What are those? We have heard this quite a lot and the girls face these the most rather than boys because they think too much and often worry about unnecessary stuffs.

Lets get this straight to the topic.

Me myself have a lot of insecurities and my friends too have fear of not getting what they want and what women should possess.

Beauty, wealth, intelligence, good in baking, good in cooking, nice clothes, good taste, flawless skin,ideal weight and height and countless stuffs to be mentioned within an entry. We can make our own list. We tend to feel this whenever we compare ourselves with others who got more than us in any categories. The 'others' most probably who appear in social medias, the instafamous clans and among their friends too. I notice that social medias or particularly instagram has become a media where people display their passion and joy. It is fine depending on their intention but sadly some of the viewers mistakenly reckon the posts as something that bother their self esteem.

Why do we afraid to be less than others? Why being ordinary or normal becomes exclusive? Why do we always want to be more or become the one who they look up to? Why? What is going on with today's generation? Let us not point to others because I myself have to admit that I am also the victim of this situation. I feel insecure and start comparing my so-ordinary-look-and-life with the other lucky girls. I ask myself why am I not flawless? Why am I not that intelligent? Why cant I have a vacation overseas? Why do they have a perfect pose in every post? Why they got so pretty outfit? Where do they get so much money to purchase this and that? The why and how would never come to the end until I begin to feel enough @ contented with myself and count the blessings that I always mislook :') We always forget to list down our unseen fortunes that others might not have them. We tend to appreciate physical things and the tangible one. We barely appreciate of having a long term memory, a good eye sight, loyalty, being a good listener, have good common sense and other stuffs that are not physically seen. Walla ! Have you ever thank to Him for the things that I mention or you might cross in your mind? Theres a lot to be grateful actually rather than screwing up your mind thinking of things that you cannot change or create or you even dont put effort to build them. And yes, you forget that some things cannot be forced. You cant force yourself to do things that you dislike. People might be good in things as they have passion in them, and you dont have that talent because you dont like them and effortlessly step into the phase. For instance, how can you dream to put on nice and smooth make up if you dont like to put the makeups? Why should you be jealous in negative way towards people who are good in musics or any other talents that you dont even dare or interested in the field? Forget about being too negative in yourself and start sowing the talents in you. Figure out your passion and sharpen them so that it would not be wasted. Count your blessings. It is not bad to feel insecure but do not exaggarate or it might harm you. Love yourself and then you can be relaxed seeing others in success. Everyone  is born different specialities and ability. We must not be sensitive and down for not having them. Cherish the moments and always remember if you feel unlucky during the moments in world, plan to get the best one in hereafter. Because the real journey is not to achieve everything in this temporary life, Allah is waiting us with tons of rewards soon. So be good :)

Sorry if I have a bad grammar or simple vocabulary though I am pursuing my studies in this field. Im currently in upgrading myself. Dont you worry peeps. Improvement consumes time ☺

Footnote X
whenever you suffer from this pain or sorrow about the worldy matter, put a halt from whatever youre doing and give some spaces for yourself to be with Allah. Tell Him what you feel, tell Him what youre lacking of, tell Him everything. Spend a time to pray at the mosque, perform jammah prayer even only for a one time prayer. Maybe you need a break in giving too much to life and people. Dont you feel fair to dream to many fancy stuffs without being so effortful? Yas, there are some gifted people but can you just not question about them? 😊

sincerely Miss LOL

Wednesday, 16 August 2017


I got mixed feelings these days. Why cant I get rid of someone who never ever likes me back and never treats me nicely. Why should I ever worried about him quite a lot. I ve been trying to cut them off but at some time, it keeps coming back and I dont like it. I know it is so wrong for me to wait him any longer. But when I'm in the phase reminiscing him, I miss him a lot. In normal phase, I dont actually miss him and like what he had done to me. It is beyond that one could ever imagine. Leaving me text unresponded is one thing, and when he texted he never picked the nice words for me. There would be lots and lots of sarcasm and hint to stop me from keeping this feeling towards him. I got the hint already but it just at one time, I miss the memories that we had. It was like we were meant for each other. Everything was real. My love towards him was pure and sincere. I never had a thought to leave or treat him bad like how it turned out today. I wish he knows how bad I hurt when he comes and leaves me like it doesnt give impacts to me.
sincerely Miss LOL

Friday, 3 March 2017

So what have I spent for this semester? part 1

Now that we have entered March and it means that I have been in UIA for more than a month.  I did drafted my goals for this semester  and one of them that I really put efforts/steps on it (less shopping, less outing, more spending just in UIA and doing something that don’t need money) is menabung?????? Cut off all the budgets (unnecessary stuffs to buy, UNNEEDED stuffs or UNWANTED or just to fulfil your lust) USE YOUR BRAIN WISELY TO FILTER YOUR WISHLIST. Hoho emo jap.

My previous goals were ;

  • New phone with upgraded features (I phone, vivo siti :P)
  • Travel to overseas (once in a blue moon pon okay what?)
  •  Wear braces
  • Do Lasik treatment
But my latest (really2 latest one) I want to save money so that I can shop quite a lot and without limit during RAYA SALE, YEAR END SALE or maybe PRELOVED SALE. Yeah. Not to forget, saving so that I can have “best friends” trip again and shop at that place lol. Hahaha I really can’t resist sale but for now, I still can prevent myself from shopping as long as my goals hover in my mind. Please stay in there so that I can save a lot.
Congratulations to me because I have succeeded in managing my lust from shopping unwanted and unneeded things though they were cute, cheap and irresistible. But, I comfort myself and yeah good things worth waiting.

What I have spent for February was;

  • White palazzo from Bella Ammara which only costs rm45
  • 3 pieces of plain shawls for rm23 only
  • Candy bawal for rm24 only
  • Watching movies twice for rm23.50 only
  • Silky girl compact powder for rm20.00 lol
And I didn’t spend so much since yeah maybe due to the “still hot” spirit but I really hope that I it will last till the end of semester.

Recently, I have received several stuffs as my birthday presents like blouse from Bella Ammara, baju kurung wadiadra, candy bawal  and piggy bank and random things (fancy needles and hello kitty bracelets) I love all the gifts and the thought for me. I am so delighted because no need to buy lah, dah ada orang kasi kann.

Hurm what I crave now are

  • ·         Black palazzo
  • ·         Scarlet blouse from
  • ·         Rosey Kurung from wadi adra
  • ·         Pinafore top (yang trending sekarang)
  • ·         Cloverush Lily colour pink !

And this list will grow soon since the fashion is developing so fast and I can’t even chase them. Tak nak kejar pun huhu..

sincerely Miss LOL