Wednesday, 16 August 2017


I got mixed feelings these days. Why cant I get rid of someone who never ever likes me back and never treats me nicely. Why should I ever worried about him quite a lot. I ve been trying to cut them off but at some time, it keeps coming back and I dont like it. I know it is so wrong for me to wait him any longer. But when I'm in the phase reminiscing him, I miss him a lot. In normal phase, I dont actually miss him and like what he had done to me. It is beyond that one could ever imagine. Leaving me text unresponded is one thing, and when he texted he never picked the nice words for me. There would be lots and lots of sarcasm and hint to stop me from keeping this feeling towards him. I got the hint already but it just at one time, I miss the memories that we had. It was like we were meant for each other. Everything was real. My love towards him was pure and sincere. I never had a thought to leave or treat him bad like how it turned out today. I wish he knows how bad I hurt when he comes and leaves me like it doesnt give impacts to me.
sincerely Miss LOL

Friday, 3 March 2017

So what have I spent for this semester? part 1

Now that we have entered March and it means that I have been in UIA for more than a month.  I did drafted my goals for this semester  and one of them that I really put efforts/steps on it (less shopping, less outing, more spending just in UIA and doing something that don’t need money) is menabung?????? Cut off all the budgets (unnecessary stuffs to buy, UNNEEDED stuffs or UNWANTED or just to fulfil your lust) USE YOUR BRAIN WISELY TO FILTER YOUR WISHLIST. Hoho emo jap.

My previous goals were ;

  • New phone with upgraded features (I phone, vivo siti :P)
  • Travel to overseas (once in a blue moon pon okay what?)
  •  Wear braces
  • Do Lasik treatment
But my latest (really2 latest one) I want to save money so that I can shop quite a lot and without limit during RAYA SALE, YEAR END SALE or maybe PRELOVED SALE. Yeah. Not to forget, saving so that I can have “best friends” trip again and shop at that place lol. Hahaha I really can’t resist sale but for now, I still can prevent myself from shopping as long as my goals hover in my mind. Please stay in there so that I can save a lot.
Congratulations to me because I have succeeded in managing my lust from shopping unwanted and unneeded things though they were cute, cheap and irresistible. But, I comfort myself and yeah good things worth waiting.

What I have spent for February was;

  • White palazzo from Bella Ammara which only costs rm45
  • 3 pieces of plain shawls for rm23 only
  • Candy bawal for rm24 only
  • Watching movies twice for rm23.50 only
  • Silky girl compact powder for rm20.00 lol
And I didn’t spend so much since yeah maybe due to the “still hot” spirit but I really hope that I it will last till the end of semester.

Recently, I have received several stuffs as my birthday presents like blouse from Bella Ammara, baju kurung wadiadra, candy bawal  and piggy bank and random things (fancy needles and hello kitty bracelets) I love all the gifts and the thought for me. I am so delighted because no need to buy lah, dah ada orang kasi kann.

Hurm what I crave now are

  • ·         Black palazzo
  • ·         Scarlet blouse from
  • ·         Rosey Kurung from wadi adra
  • ·         Pinafore top (yang trending sekarang)
  • ·         Cloverush Lily colour pink !

And this list will grow soon since the fashion is developing so fast and I can’t even chase them. Tak nak kejar pun huhu..

sincerely Miss LOL