Tuesday, 22 January 2013

SS< She.Special

 1 2 3....

How we get into being a friend ?? n special friend ??

As far as I can remember was she loved to visit my cube when I was Form 4..

But , I forgot how she came there n we became very very closed until now :)

So special ,rite ? even , I could forgot how this friendship begun .. -.-" I think she is in the same boat :)

Here is SHE !
Syarifah Nurul Husna Ardini  :)
Time ni ,kitorang nak outing ramai2 !

            Ohh. ! Name die panjang giler2 kan ? Nak panggil ape ? Syarifah ? Husna ? Ardini ?
haha..panggil jer sumer tu.. sy da pggil dah.. But ,commonly kami sumer (the whole college , I think ) calls her S.S ..huhu ..dont ask me what does SS stands for ? I dunno at all .. She would never tell.. tp kawan2 skull lamer die tau la.. sape ? Ety ,Jiiha n all the Sekolah Menengah Abdul Raman Talib (SMART) students ..Well,actually I am very proud wih that school coz the students that come to PC are all clever and have their own potential :) Nobody is spoil ! NOBODY ! Plus, budak2 SMART ni xder pon yg sombong ,kedekut or what so ever.. I can only see their own speciality includes SS.. Bertuah sgt sy ni coz dpt bersahabat ngan budak2 SMART ni even sy xsmart pom :) She called me Aen , Irdey , Irdina , n what else?Actually , I dont mind people calling me Dodoy ,Kambing or what so ever coz  "Real friends dont get offended when you called them bad names,they smile and called you something more offensive ."

To tell what I did with her at PC , there's a lot n I can tell as far as I can remember only lar coz I am 

  • Korang bukak stoking cane ? haha :) Die bukak stoking jadi bentuk Donut tau..hoho..tp Donut yg die buat for her stoking ni xlar sesedap Donut Big Apple ! So ,jgnla membygkan Donut tu warne warni ek ?  Hitam putih jer... korunk leh imagine x ?

Socks in Donut shape !
xleh makan lar coz it is socks!
smelly -.-"

  • She sleeps with her friends !<<- How? Mase Form 4 dulu ,die mmg slalu menginap kat cube sy n Kubiih n well die pom da dpt pangkat cubemate disitu .. Jd kdg2 die tido ngan sy..kdg2 die tido ngn Kubiih or mybe kiteorg gabung katil..hoho..not really remember..
  • Haha ! Die suke Air soya sgt2 .. Dalam loker die penuh ngan air kotak tu..Bkan air soya je,air kotak F&N rase.. p/s : jgn mrh la silap .. haha
  • Die ni syg sgt kt sekolah lamer die..Die still lg beli buku Planner SMART n she used SMART blanket..ape lg  ? byk lar.. n I think that school keeps lot of memories rite ? 

This is her BFF at SMART..Wafa Lee..
credits to Wafa coz SS loves her damn much !
yg mne satu ?
yg baju merah tu.
yg tgh xrau sape.hehe..
SS kt side kiri :)

  • Even ,die ni tinggi n looks like matured enough,tp die takut lipas n kucing whoa !
  • Hahaha..She's quite funny !! sgt Lawak Sempoi !! Memang satu batch love her .. n ramai kan tringin nak rapat ngan die ?Well ,die mudah didekati n disenangi tau !
  • Dobi ! kiter antar dobi pg kan ? n amik lpas balik sekolah ! But she ? Die amik malam lpas prep ,coz time tu makcik dobi da siap packed baju2 die in her pail..Lau amik awal2 mcm kami ni ,kena cari sendiri..hoho :)
  • Mase Form 5 , die jumpa satu lagi makanan ruji for budak asrama instead of Maggi which is BUBUR dalam CUP.. entah jename ape lar..tp when she made it ,we shared it !! Sgt sedap coz masih panas..ala ala bubur McD gitu..harganye pom RM1 lbih jer...berbaloi kan ? Plus,die bijak berbelanja.. x boros !

Taraa..lebih kurang camni lar..tp jename pelik.
.Lau outing biasenyer ,die borong  untuk seminggu.
.Sedap ! byk lauk !
  • ha ! ramai org melawat my patient , Iman Nasir ni mostly juz tny khabar n so on.. but , SS she came with buah tangan...haha..die bg air soya n biskut Oat Quaker yg ad chips tu .. ha ,korang mne ad buat camtu !
  • She is in her own world when she is with earphone !! Slalunyer sy ni ckap sorg2 n die wat muke dekk je..haha..ralit dgr lagu..n die minat lagu We Are Young .. Dulu ,b4 die bwak hp camera ,die selalu dtg bilik sy D12 just to listen that song..so sweet..
  • Die ckap phone handsfree slalu ! xpernah tgk phone ditekap kat telinga..Can u guys imagine kite sume tgh ralit makan2,but suddenly die cakap ".........................." n pandang kiter..mase kite jwb ,die xendah plak !rupenyer tgh ckap phone.. well it happens all the time.. kesian kat kitorang..selalu *terkena ngan die..haha..kadang2 ,die cakap phone smbil jalan.. Sume org pandang pelik ,but we ? we know her very well .. she is unique..n dah xkan jmpa da person like her :)
  • MISS SLUMBER ! that is the title that she received time jamuan blok last 2 years ! haha..mmg 100% lar undi die .. msti korang nk jumpa die kan ? haha ..jgn jelezz :P
  • Kitorang sambut besday die which was 28/8 at cafe .. Diorang yg lead party ni lepas waktu sekolah habis .. best tau ! makan nasi ,sup n ayam..sedap la berbanding menu kt dewan makan time tu ,daging ! HOHO..
  • Ape korang buat  lau demam ? mesti ponteng sekolah kan ? Not her...she went to class with wearing Cool Fever throughout the day.. will you do dat ? haha ..see how special is she.

Wait..die bkan pakai gini..die potong due..haha..more cute rite ?
  • jename lip balm die << BABY LIPS maybelline punyer ..haha..sgt mementingkan bibir nye agar tidak kering.hoho :)
  • Menurut sumber roomate die which is C11 , SS ni suke tido bilik org lain ,iron bilik org lain ,membasuh di bilik org lain n mostly kat bilik org lain .. "org lain" ? that is C9 ,our hot spot..Die lebih kurang sy la..haha..buat chores kt bilik org ;)
  • n she has her own secret in knocking her room .. lau ketukan tu bunyi lain ,thats not her la.........   ade2 je kan ?
  • berminat ?? well sorry..she is not available anymore..she is owned by a guy that is really appreaciates her and treats her like a queen ! prince charming lar katakan <3

Our last outing together !
Kami naik prebet..Tp SS sesat naik prebet lain..haha..
enjoy !

On Top of KBMall.
ingat kan ad surau,tp rupenyer renovate !
buat malu jer! haha
seram..dhla ade some guys dat in the same boat too !
*smart plak tu..

DR KIRI : rina,jiiha,kubiih,SS and Ica
in a lift after terkandas kt roof top KB Mall 


         she spent with me before that day endED ! die dapat nasi ayam from her special one
 * (anak timb pengarah.............) haha she always repeat that title ! Kami makan nasi tu same2 ,tp last2 sy lar yg makan byk coz die kate die nak makan nasi kt dewan makan for the last time.. actually ,mase tu kami tgh tunggu my Hero yg makan kt dewan makan coz ingat nak jalan2 ke Pantai Timur .. SS kebetulan nak cash in money from ATM .. spt yg sy ceritakan dulu , hero x dpt pergi ..so we both walk to Pantai Timur ..
Kami pinjam payung dengan pokgard..byk songeh lar pokgard tu .. susah btul nak pinjam.. actually ,cuace sgt panas n sy ni *puteri lilin ..hoho..xsuke panas ..tp suke hujan ..ade funny scene happened mase berjalan..
tetibe ad sorang laki yg agak cute la tp chubby lambai kt kami from his car saying "hai awak " ..haha..nasib baik cute..actually kami sempat sesat ! coz xpenah pom jalan ke Pantai Timur ..xtau nak masuk lorong maner..naseb baik nampak Mc D..Kami melalui Mc D bukan utk makan tp lalu jer coz nak rase aircond ..haha..msuk pintu blakang and kuar pintu depan..n forward to Pantai Timur..There, we searched for 
something special for her one ,that gave nasi ayam ..hoho..jumpa lar satu keychain for phone ad lambang love rasenyer..comel sgt ! hope he likes it ! after that , she said that she wanted to treat me even I refused it..she said bla3 coz I helped her lot n muchmore which I cant refuse .. she treated me with coolblog mocha..That was first time I tasted Mocha flavour n that was the last time I drank coolblog.. which was with her ;) mase blik pom msuk pintu depan McD n kuar pintu blakang Mc D..ntah pape lar yg org McD tu describe kami.. -.-"
She is so sweet :) Lastly , I accompanied her to return text books n she asked me to return to block..she was worried if she had taken my time so much..that was the last time we met..

At McD last day..
tu kat blakang kami signboard McD kt PC..
amik gmbr je,xmakan pon..hoho.
oh kebetulan nmpak same tinggi kan ?


  Recently , I went to Kuantan to meet her ! Yes ! we met...I could not even recognize her coz she was beautiful..Wearing pink tone bawal n black blouse.. and with contact lenses also. .She looks matured than before..haha...and me ? I just look like a kid walking with a tall friend. :) thanks a lot coz willing to spend that Friday with me n family from afternoon till night !

Although ,I can't give her a lot ,but she should know that deep in my heart I feel so grateful that we met n get closed in awesome beginning... I love my best friends a lot and I even dont know how to convey my so Gratitudeness to meet u guys especially friends at MJSC PC..they are triple2x awesome..   But ,without "me" u guyr are "aweso" :P .. haha it is just a quote !

p/s : amanat terakhir from her on my cadar..
actually,my cadar maktab mmg da penuh ngan wishing kawan2.
still not be washed yet n forever

sincerely Miss LOL