Sunday, 27 October 2013

feeling over humble , over low confidence

Assalamualaikum.Long time not typing rite ?

Malam ni xngantok laa..Sebab lpas maghrib td eden tido je keje.. Actually, hari ni hri mengantok sedunia buat diriku.. ptg td naik kete pon, tido je memanjang. Bukak2 mate, dah pon dlm pgr rumah =..=
So, i decided to jot down somthing here.. Just now, I was stalking a girl.. A girl that means so much to me. :) Erm, I minat abang die. =..= such a bad statement. hihi. ok omit that statement. eley,, mcmla korang xde suke kt sesape :/ down make me feel down for having such not-important feeling..

Emm, this girl is just 15 years old. baru abes PMR.. tapi tapi............ reti serba serbi. yg penting reti memasak ! bkn memasak biase2. tgk kt insta die.. perghh.. habis lauk die masak.. n die je the only girl in her family. ade 2 abang. n xde dah.. :3 rase mcm xlyak je nk suke abg die. XLAYAK NAK MENYUKAI SESAPE !so sy yg berUSIA 18 thun ni brase agak n sgt malu , rendah diri teramat coz sy xspakar itu. x sepkr ANIS FAKHIRA yg reti masak mcm2. reti baking mcm ETY. huhu.. and ade rume sy kt UIA ni minat baking. die uat kek red velvet laaa, brownies la, cupcakes laa, macaron la.. spagetti pasta n mostly baking things. See? Im soo loowwww rite now. =..= i got nothing special for people to like me. so rite now, mmg nobody like me kottt..

Next.. I got insta.. so i sometimes post my pic. often not a "me only" pic lar. coz i feel shy wif myself.. n sometimes jgk, i feel like want to delete da account. rase mcm "eeii aku ni prasan lar.. duk tayang muke mcm ape ntah.. sooo kdg2, gmbr whats up, gmbr wechat, i changed them to other things' pic . sbb ase mcm org pon sebal tgk muke ni.. hurm. kkdg, prasaan rendah diri ni mlmpau.myusahkn idup.. when i was form1-form3 , prasaan ni kuat giler, smpi i rarely talk in front coz i have no confidence at all.. tp mase naik pc, naik laa jgk confidence tu coz i got true friends that always support me :') :*

Moving forward.. I am kid. not becos of Im short, but my mind. I dont think like adult. sometimes, I think of having fun in all days. not like others, the had set up their goals, their future, their et cetera... but me? i seldom think futher about my life. i just focus on the present. Sometimes, I feel awkward when my friends talk/discuss about their upcoming plan.. where to work,where to stay,how to ek how to erk. haih. I just hope that I could be more serious in my life n think maturedly. See? rite now, i realise that im writing my weakness. huhu.. lot of weakness..

ok,done.. more updates would be uploaded later.............. :)

sincerely Miss LOL