Sunday, 20 September 2015

Sad moment

Yesterday , Joy and I had a great moment with Salmi before she flew to UK to further her studies in Environmental Science at Sheffield , United Kingdom. So , we had put so much efforts to cheer her up that day . On Friday night , I had slept at Joy's place which was at Uitm Sungai Buloh or she adressed it USB -___- . The place is so rural and im so glad that i study in UIA Gombak where we can easily ride buses, taxi, lrt , monorel and etc. while here , she could only reach ktm sg buloh by taxi which cost rm10 per ride . no bus at all. and the nearest place to shop is The Store . That costs rm10 too She told that she did rather add up rm4 to reach Mid Valley as The Store was less equipped and most of the things needed are hardly available.pity Joy... So , that Saturday morning, we made up to meet Salmi at Times Square (my playground hoho ) as her hotel was not far from there. Previously, we planned to meet at KLIA 2 as she supposed to stay at Sepang. but, all plans were changed on that morning . at about 12 o clock, we met up and had a lunch at Secret Recipe . Honestly , this is my second time eating here. the first one was with Kak Nadya at One Utama. I rarely spend my money eating at costly place. I prefer eating at cheaper place which serve rice . hoho but since both of them crave for Secret Recipe , here we go. My chicken chop costs rm20 . and no drinks for sure.. i am quite poor lately . 

i loved it !

Joy ordered black pepper chicken with rice while Salmi ordered spagetti emm carbonara or bolognese. haha idk which one coz i prefer rice rather than than western thingy. Remember , i dont eat spagetti. no no. i just eat rice. im a pure Malay.  as always, Joy didnt finish her food and im the one who swallowed the leftover -___-. oh please, May i maintain with this shape forever .

Salmi is in yellow whilst Joy in her floral instant shawl :) 
Later on , we had a window shopping very  quick coz we needed to arrive at Salmi's hotel before 2 . window la sgt -__- i bought a skirt and a blouse. Joy also bought a blouse . haha. cut it short, we reached the hotel and performed Zuhr and Asr. and vroommed to KLIA. we arrived at 6.30 something. and we met lots of her family and relatives. and im the one who had to babysit all the babies there. idk why kids were so interested to be guarded by me. and for the first time at my age, 20 i played the slide and  crawled in not so tunnel to bring the two babies who hardly speaking, n needed to pick them up after the landed from the slide -____- . luckily im not that tall that ppl thought that im a highschool student . so here was the pic of the very cute baby, Rayyan Iman. but no pic of Dhia, huhu.. sorry .

i want a baby boy like this. exactly like this !!
at 8 o clock somthing, it was the moment when Salmi was going to leave all of us . this was the saddest part. from my previous experience sending ppl fly , Rina 's family managed to control their  emotions, not crying in front of her. so that she wont be upset to leave Malaysia. haha but i was the one who cried the most at that time, but this time, i tried to prevent the hingus from drooling. but all Salmi's family members cried. even her brother, 18 cried , hugged, and kissed her sister. i was so touched to see their family bond. and her sister, Dijoh ,8 cried , she was the first one who start the tears part followed by Amir,18 . Dijoh cried at the beginning and didnt stop though Salmi already gone to departure hall . Dijoh is the closest adik, and Salmi was the kindest sister that took care of Dijoh since she was born. she was the one who took care of dijoh,, taking bath, feeding food and tucking her in.. that was so lovely. how i wish i got so lovely adiks that love me that much,. idk whether they love me that much. but i love all of them,and yeah, i cried coz im touched seeing those family cried.. and i realize that my ex roomate was a very good girl and everyone hardly want to see her away. .
 i miss my family especially my dad. i want to hug  him rn.i miss his hugs and everything about him. i was the closest daughter coz others were like ' takut' . to me theres nothing to be afraid. haha. i always made stupid jokes with him .and he was fine with it :')  

take care salmi. big girl dont cry .

so im calling for all children to love your dad, not only  your mom. yes, u can love your mom but dont simply neglect your dad. He has a heart and feeling to be loved by you. dad is not someone that u just contact to ask money or sort of thing. he is also your mum. some of us seem to have fear towards their dad and assume that mum is more understanding. but to me, both of them are same. they understand us coz we are their children. their blood. so please love all your family.. your sister, brother, mum , dad and grandparents. though u got fame, friends and wealth , never forget where  belong :') . Try to experience sending ur friends fly and u will know what were my feeling everytime i sent them .

sincerely Miss LOL