Friday, 18 January 2013

I cried becoz I couldn't hold this lovesick anymore !

these are part of my friends..some of them still in bed..hoho
the very last morning at pc whenever  PA students r gettin ready 4 their xm !

! Finally,the tears bursted !
It has been almost 2 months that we all separated physically..But,this mind never stop thinking about you guys,dear friends..No one can ever litter uols from my heart...

This is the first person i met at PC
my cubemate !

Both of us look suit to be together rite ? becoz we are twins...hoho..we behave LOLlly..n we didnt care watever people wanna say...I know that other cubemates were jealous cuz they cant be so close like this rite? so close like in this narrow box!Firstly,her name is Anis Fakhira n was born on 13 March...well,getting to know her is not that difficult as she is so friendly..i mean terribly friendly coz i remembered that on the first day we met,she already landed on my new bed n checking my Matrix card i rite ? Well, it takes time for me to comforts with her as at first we had little difference..haha..But,whenever the homeroom session started,we broke the our cube,we had our own responsibility..usually,she was the one who supplied food n anything..i thought that she loved food so much..but me, the food at DS were already more than enough..hoho...while,my respond was i was the one who handled the room's cleanliness..hoho..but then,we moved out to different classes where she was in 4o n I was in 4a..but distance never avoid us from becoming closed..during f4,she called me cubemate n me ? calling her cubemate too lar..but 2012 was very cruel as we had to move out from our cube n built a new life at D block..we were both sad cuz there would be new rumates..hoho..but,i loved visiting..almost everyday,i would visit her room n went together everywhere when she was free like going to toilet,having lunch or dinner..Somehow,2012 had changed our name from cubemate into Kubiis..haha..funny is it ? even,my hero asked me, " why did u call her Kubis ?does her face looks like that ?"..ohoho..i juz laugh coz he never knows about living in cubes..To me,she is me..coz she is crazy like me..we r brave to ask more chicken at DS although we knew the kak DS would annoyed wif us..that pic was on 2012..see ? we're still close rite ? that was during Pyjamas Party..we had that party togther in the dark..hoho..She also cared about me..on my birthday in 2011,she gave me Spongebob mug n in 2012 she gave me hello kitty sweet..she never forgot to invited me to her room whenever she brought anything...her mum loves cooking very much..n i like the dishes..haha..where there is her,there is me..we went everywhere togther but depends on time..becoz she was quite bz than me as she was one of ICE...what is ICE ? Huhh..dun ask..Plus! she was the one who put on my shawl whenever i was stressed wif that shawl.we boarded the bus tgether n had da day tgether....But,the most importantly,i love her very3x much ! n she was the last person that bye2ing me on last day..she helped me picking all the things in a gerabak sampah..haha..Somehow,we still meet outside coz her house is just a stone's throw from my granny's i visited her every friday..huhu..never feel shy at all..:( we watched movies tgther with some of my sisters..but it lasted when she had to go for PLKN..n my Friday turns out into Freaky Friday..she left me wif some of her novels so that i dun feel so bored..hahaks ! thanks.. thanks 4 everything..u r such a nice best friend..n i think we re the best cubemate ever :) n i will remember that "vegetables" whenever i eat them ;) p/s : rindoo nak bacer Blog Pro Duck ngan korang sumer kt psp n usha org2 sekian2 :P

hoho..outing time at Kbmall !..searching a new school shoes for her :) 
snap snap by Dijah..

Oukeh..this is the most kacikk one that i have at Pc..hoho...Oh, I know she is beautiful..nobody can deny it..if there is one,watch out !Her name is Nurul Izzati n was born on 26 june.I called her Ety,cik T ,mak sedare or Nurul..We re getting closed whenever we burnt midnite oil together during form 4..she is a smart girl and me ? No..i just accompanied her studying..thats mean,i also study..this kind of friendship becomes more closed when we reached F5..I think I am the one who keeps tagging at her..haha..although she lived at different n far block from me but it never lose my hope to meet her..every morning,i would run up to her rooms n went for breakfast with her n means we go to class 2gther..we re in different class..but, i shall wait her if we promised to return to block tgther or having recess tgther..and as far as I remember,it is rare for me to prep without her no matter day or night..when prepping,we usually went to psp cuz the class we re so noisy ! So thats means we went to poklam burger's stall together,pum stall or having supper tgther.. i think going to DS with her is a must..i still remember the time when we re queueing to get the food.. "Ya Allah,mitak2 la dapat ayam besar " i missh that pray..during weekend,i always sleep in her rooms + on her bed..hoho..see ? looks like i cant get separeated with her..hoho..nope..we study ! if one of us felt sleepy,the one that still awake will make nescafes..haha..see how we struggle very much for SPM..huhu.Actually,not only weekend but almost everyday i slept at her room until the SPM around the corner...hoho :) Love being friend with her cuz she is a nice girl..we do perform jamaah together at surau..walking while avoiding the blazing sunlight during Asar with hands.usually,we hurried to surau during Asar as we didnt want to miss reading al mathurat togther...after Asar,we went to Ds to peep for the dinner menu while drinking the coffee..both of us love eating ! but alhamdulillah,we both still "maintain"..During prep at nite, i still remember a room that we called "bilik tidur" aka "bilik kamus"..that room was a comfortable place to study n sleep coz it was cold n quiet..and we also have our own cats at PC..hers is a female cat called Kelabu...while mine is atom cat called Oyen..I always wish that my cat will fall for her cat..but,my cat always get trouble with other cat whenever Oyen tries to tackle Oyen had chosen Foley,a female cat with as her mother actually didnt agree with his wife-to-be..but,love is deaf..Oyen never listen whenever i advise him..Hoho.n Kelabu,she had a relation with other guy..not remember so much.Yes ! we also love sharing..sharing what ? notes ! the coming SPM had encouraged most teacher to sell useful notes for we had shared our money n paid for that notes. Unfortunately,the notes were not read completely coz we re so "kalut" on such short time..Although she is taller than me but we have same shoe size.erk ,all of sudden  ! She is a very tidy person n thats why we re suit to be tgther..hoho.seems that i am tidy too.huh -,-"..too tell more ,it would never end coz friendship has no be continued..

Which one is she ?yeahh !correct,the one who was rice on her spoon.hoho.
looks  so  demure ,right ?
Okeh..Her name is Nur Najiiha..n I prefer calling her Gee or Jiiha.. We re getting so so closed when the SPM is getting so so closed..i dunno why..oh,we were on the same boat after annual dinner..Urmm,both of us had admired someone.hoho..dis is what we called disaster ! but never long as we r getting closed it would not be called disaster anymore..Since,we re closed so I also love to visit her room..n at the mean time,we would go eating together,praying together n mostly we love chatting..both of us are chatterbox..haha...since we are in the same boat,so we shared our probs n peeping our crush together.hoho..but,she seldom meet his crush but she often meet mine..hoho. :( im jealous ! she is a very easygoing girl..the most thing that I always remember about her is whenever we listen to radio..we always share the earphone n sing sweetly like nobody heard it..OMG,sweetly ?maybe not..she love singing WE RE NEVER EVER GETTING BACK,whenever i heard dat song,i would hear her voice..while me ? i love aq yg tersakiti n separuh aq n more jiwangs song ! So,the conclusion is we love singing hoho..she =storyteller ,me = listener...i love to listen to her story cuz i think she had a skill in conveying story..hoho..if she didnt tell,i will ask for me,her tale is the best ! mostly,her life story same as mine...We often sharing stories about our prince charming..haha.. Not only that , i had also mingled with her other roomates since i always be a permanent visitor at her room..haha..She love too "muncung" her mouth when she focussed on doing something.. n me ? i will mimmick her back coz it looks funny  :3 obviously like a duck,a cute duck ..hoho..but now,she went to UTP as she achieved excellent result during trial..she left me..hoho..but,alhamdulillah we never lost contact yet..she always sms me n i always sms her..during my last birthday,we spent by calling n story mory..hoho :) i hope the distance will not make her forgetting me coz i love n miss her every second.. she is a place for me to share my happiness or sadness..I'm afraid that one day ,we will be forgetting each other..hoohoo..Nauzubillah.....
 ** kami ad buat azam 2013 ,Gee..u better remember !

                                                                         <<<<<<to be continued with more friends ;)
                                                                                                            bedtime already.z

sincerely Miss LOL