Thursday, 14 April 2016

I cant brain with these people --'

Seriously, I don't know why A has to hate B. hate? I can't find a suitable word for it. A seems to be okay with B in Instagram, but she acts differently at other social medias. She seems to hate B so much, I mean she can't accept her for being so close with me. That makes me want to be closer you know -_______________- I don't want to say this, but I want to highlight that please don't judge people based on their appearance, the way they dress up, the length@ width of their tudung. 

How can she leave lots of comments at a guy's pic with such "seeking attention" contents? She wear tudung labuh, bla bla bla ..

How can she tweet with such rude words, saying bad things about others without realizing ppl will see them? She attends usrah, talks and even recite du'as every time. She got so jealous when people doing exciting activities without her and mad at them.

How can a girl be so cheap , how can she text the guy, dm the guy, ask for number, flirt with many guys................................... and the lists go down. 

Have you heard such things before ?

As for me, I did say that too, but I realize we can't blame their attires or their ritual activities if they still do those things. People cant escape from making mistakes. But, they should hide it instead of expose them in public. It is such a shame you know.. I hope that you, who appear like ustazah to act the way you dress. I know, it sounds like an order. but, you're being like this for almost three years. please change before more people get annoyed with you. ( change means, stop being jealous, stop posting rude words, stop hating my friend for being clingy with me, stop stop stop !!!!!!!!!!!! in other words, just stop doing that to me and people around me. if you want to be jealous or sulk, just please not me) I'm tired. A good friend is a friend who understands you, accepts you , knows you , appreciates you. I know, I'm a kind of person who easily get attached with someone. and I know I cant please all of you. I also need time for myself and my family. What I'm telling you is, if we already went outing for that weekend, please don't say"sampai hati tak ajak" " tak tahu pun" "bile nk kuar ng aku plak" or any words that give the same meaning lah ! Judge me if you think I'm mean but you don't know what I feel at that moment. I spent my last weekend for you, and the next weekend for my other friends. Im being fair, cant you see? I'm not yours. I'm just your friend,just like others. Please be thankful , grateful as I did find time for you :) please, please understand me. If you want me to be with you for the whole weekend, please sponsor me NOT the other way round. I'm not pointing to anyone, but if you feel you're doing so. don't tell me. don't make me feel guilty. Just change for good. Its not good for me, but good for everyone. kbai

sincerely Miss LOL

he is not that bad :P

just checked from the whatsapp. It was 26/3/2016. The date when he told me he loves me. LOL. sorry for being so excited. I'm just too happy for having my dream guy. <3 As for now, everything is fine. He may not be too romantic or clingy or being such overly attached like asking for date, calls etc. And I'm fine with that as I don't think I want that to happen. I want to be rare. pergh pergh pergh. We rarely meet even studying in the same faculty. and I miss him. missing him everyday but not hoping to meet him. I'm still shy with him. And probably I don't have idea on what to talk to him huhu. I just love him being him. He could be so talkative and so silent sometimes.He could be so sweet but cold sometimes. But,yeah. Love is blind. Everything that he makes won't affect on how much I love him. eeeuwww. disgusting right ? okay wtv. I don't know when we will meet each other or take a selfie of us. It sounds impossible as he dislikes taking pics. huhu. it's okay la ! he is too precious to display. baiiiiiiiiii. Dear friends, please don't get bored with me telling how sweet my guy is every second . hahahaks !
sincerely Miss LOL