Thursday, 4 February 2016

I dont know what youre up to :(

Last two night, it was stilll early around 11 pm, ur text saying hi was quite a surprise to me. Coz u seldom text me first. Maybe three or four times. Then ,i replied bai .however, you were so interesting that night that you managed to hold the conversation until midnight. But,u acted weirdly, using those sweet words and said things that might want me to say i want you. Luckily, i managed to hold my feeling from confessing to you that i had held this feeling for a sem . Hahaha. But it was unforgettable night. At the midst of conversation,u told me that u have been comfortable with me. But you opened the topic about ur ex girlfriend that u still cant  move  on. That frustrating part was "she was my first and last". I guess you are just same with the other guys, uttering those sweet words toing toing toing with a warning "dont fall in love with me , im just kidding, i just dont know where to spit it off ". Okayyy, i know this type. *daydreaming . I cant get this guy.he wouldnt be mine. How i wish he would open his heart for me coz i wont be like her girlfriend, leaving you and said "what we had wasnt real" . poor you , you dont deserve her. I deserve you hakhakhak. I dont know why u still cant move on to such girl. I guess she i really something and special enough whilst i got nothing for you unless being loyal.but yesterday, we didnt havr the same conversation anymore. You became the same person that  i knew before. A cold guy that caught my eyes. I dont know what youre up to. Friendzoning me or vice versa. Uhuks. Please say something clear  
sincerely Miss LOL