Monday, 28 January 2013

I'm a real TEXTER !

my feveret pastime !
teringat kt kawan2 yg slalu je babbling coz  texting  selalu <3
Dijahh lar yg kuat tgur. :)
bunyi typing tu sgt disturbing sorry.

Texting ??
Same lar ngan message , sms , dan sewaktu dgnnyer -.-"
Urmm,alaa jgnla narrow-minded sgt..ingt sy msg ngan pakwe lettuw !
No Way.. xdop pakwe la Boss !
I msg wif my hero n frens la !
Even , I told u guys that I love texting,
it doesnt mean I text lot of people.
I just text maximumly two person but very frequent and permanent one !

Same person !
yup,my hero n my bestfriend..
they keep messaging me n i surely reply theirs

Criteria of person that I love to text wif...
  • they got lots of modals !
  • they dont get me bored easily !
  • they got story and I'm always ready to give opinion !
  • they are not tortoise, slow stuff !
  • they always wait for my text !
  • they dont talk about useless things and unimportant !
  • they dont text shortly<<dun like it..*
  • they miss me , n I miss them too..both must miss each other..If i miss her, n she doesnt miss me.ok fine.I will not text u..


See ? the keypad are already corroded..
so I put stickers to beautify it.
Beautiful,is it ?
hahaks !
Little biodata bout this phone 

*wrne asal die hitam itu I chose pink.beli kt pasar Pekan..rm8 jer
*pakai 100% sejak kat pc until early 2013.
*lots of sweet n sour memories in this phone..
*byk msg yg sweet n sour dari yg teristimewa yg disimpan.
*ad satu garisan kt fon ni biler on..coz jatuh byk kali daa..
*stickers got from Jiiha n Kubiih
*kenangan dgr radio ngan Jiiha biler ngntok mase study..
*hot FM carta ulat buku <3

Kenape Kenape dan Kenape sy suke texting ???

*sbb tu jer best activity kat maktab instead of dgr lagu and online & rehat minda lpas study...
*to show that I miss so much the one that I text.
*suke2 sgt menaip ni..hoho
*exercise jari yg letih uat homeworks.

So? message me if u miss me !
dont wait for me to be a starter -.-"

To me, messages from anybody xkire kawan or inspirasi or parents..

  • membuat sy wah ! di awang awangan even die taip pendek or once a week..dah cukup dh tu :)
  • makes me feel "yeah,I am important that's why u text me .* perasan skit.
  • give me lots of motivation esp text from parents.
  • reminds me whenever I forgot.
  • enable me to wish besday org2 jauh..
  • to ask *nak prep kt mne? mkn kul bpe? muahhaha
  • as a bedtime story so that I feel sleepy..ngee~!
  • smile smile smile bacer msg..exercise mulut ! kekadang ad gakla geram n sedih..hoho

So? I will never say gudbye to end up messaging..
just leave n sleep..zzzz :P

Tp korang tau x kelemahan fon tu ?

^^die xleh simpan msg byk2 lar !
^^geram suke simpan msg yg suwit2 gituh.. msg sal janji , so that the promise would not be             
    forgotten  .
^^Fon ni byk msg hero n someone.someone that I already forgotten.For good sake lar..
^^Memandangkan fon nie dah *no spaces for a new message*
    But , I wont delete them !
    deleting their messages is a real crime !
^^Even I already forget ***** but his messages are our memories :)
    even they didn't keep mine , but I keep theirs.
^^So.....the solution ... ???

Muahahaha ! Samsung Champ !
Pink !
that's the reason why I want this phone <3

Biodatas for this lil champ !
  • actually,ni my mum pny,,dah lame dah chopp..lepas dpt Note 2,bru sy dpt Champ ni.
  • that Chibi Maruku Chan keychain is from my bestfriend,Momoy 
  • fon ni sebijik ngan Jiiha n Kubih , n sejibik ng Iman.. :)
  • kt blakang tu casing Hello Kitty..banyak cantik maa...
  • malangnye,fon ni pom xdpt tampung msg2 ngan byk..
  • bley isi lagu jiwang2 n simpan gmbr2 lar brbnding fon td..lagu We re Never Ever Getting Back Together... :(
  • bunyi msg this fon mcm sms alert tone Kim Possible..tau x ??
  • yg penting ! fon ni da xde dah msg2 dr someone tuh..So, this is one of tips to forget from the memories..n I did it !
Amacam ? comel kan?
bought at KbMall..rm10 jer..
love it very much !


Why why why ?
(*)on 2013 , I made up my mind to forget all the sadness during 2012..One of them is to stop texting the one that hurts you but did not admit for his wrongdoings..
(*)So,setiap usaha pasti ad kejayaan kan ?
(*)well,sy sgt berusaha utk tidak msg die dgn abandon this fon..xbwk gi jalan2 n letak bwh bantal..turm silent mode..xtop4 until I really forget him..well ,I did it..
(*)Sampai,msg hero pom sy sorry..
(*)Plus,I can online my phone is not useful at this moments..U juz can get in touch wif me at facebook..
(*)I got economy crisis..xde duit nak top up la !! plies,jgn pakse sy top xsekaya anda..
(*)Champ is touchscreen lar..I text like snail right now..really dislike it..
(*)Plus,selalu typo gune champ..Hero selalu gelak n ckp sy da xmcm dulu..
lau dulu,never typo n very fast !!<< wink**
(*)Korang2 yg mrungut lau sy dah tak msg n reply msg tu,hrap2 fahami my condition..
(*)Fon ni kcik skali berbanding nge my thumbs ni..susahla jgk nak typing..
    Sikit2 tu xpela but it takes time..I got bored !
    Sampai hero pom pelik nape sy da jarang sorry..
(*)Moreover,I got two numbers..but both of them are really cruel ! Each time I top up ,celcom will steal rm2        from my tggal rm3 coz selalunyer top up rm 5 je :) Dah call celcom n stop that nonsense *langganan* yg xpernah xmenjadi jgk ! So ? Fuhh,ni malas top4..waiting 4 my bro to renew my     number that was stolen mase exam Pai n AddMath time Trial ari tu..Fon X5 ilang tau ! lot of memories but ad hikmahnye hp tu ilang..hoho...
(****)Conclusion nyer, sy da xberkepit ngan fon spt dhulu..2013 is a year to renew everything to be better person..Emm,jgn tnggu sy text korang..u guys start first but if we re best friends lar..bkn saje nk bknalan xpayah la.malas ! 

...Now,I am a replier not a texter anymore...

sincerely Miss LOL