Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Let us be nice to others

Lately, I was quite distracted with people around me. I realize that I had been too patient with them and I guess it has reached the limit.. Its not that I'm regretted , but I think that people shouldn't do that to their friends. So, here I want to list them up so that you guys would understand what are the don't s in friendship .

1) You can ask favor from your friends. but, consider it first whether the favor is beyond their capability or not. is it difficult? is she free to help ? wont it trouble her ? you know, there is a kind of friend who will do anything for you without thinking about the hardship that she is going to encounter. as she has that 'some kind of feeling' xsampai hati xnak tolong. you got me ? So, she would try to settle your problem as long as she is still alive. and if she said sorry and can't help you, please say that's okay or no problem instead of making faces or sulking with them? Haih, benda mcm tu pon nak kena ajar. Please upgrade yourself in taking care of others' feelings. When you do anything, please make sure no actions or words will hurt them, yes sacrificing your feelings is a lot better if you're tough enough :)

2) Please don't say something that make her feels bad. for example, you're praising her other sisters' beauty and questioning why she's the odd one? you know what, I hate it. I have very beautiful sisters and I love them very much with all my heart. somehow , I have this kind of friend who always ask publicly why I'm the only one who is not flawless, ugly and etc. It makes me feel bad, and my self esteem goes down and down. Luckily, I don't hold any grudges towards my sisters. and the funny thing is you have made my sisters dislike you a lot, a lot a lot as they heard it and witnessed it. my sisters love me very much despite having this dotted face. huh. why do you care so much about my look.. does it bother you so much. if yes, you may step away. Its dangerous you know to play with people's confidence. You will never know how people cope with their emotions and you just come up from nowhere questioning such a stupid question. Being ugly is not a crime at all, as long as you're doing fine with people and people love you , you're just deserved to live. I wonder are you the prettiest among your siblings? :)

3) My time is not all yours. I am not saying that I'm not grateful to have a lot of friends that need me, rely on me. I'm so thankful to Allah, seriously they are all so precious that I cant ever imagine if I did hurt any of them or lose them. So, I always try hard to please them. Sometimes, I know I did trouble myself a lot just for the sake of taking care of the friendship. Thanks to Allah as He always with me, aid me, giving me energy , no giving up in life. Alhamdulillah. But, I am quite frustrated if my friend said that I don't have time for her, I already forgotten her, I found a new friend and left her or any other sarcastic words that give the same meaning.. It made me think, did she realize the previous time that I spent with her all this while ? even we just went outing that last week, and she already accused that I forgot about her when I went out my other friend for the following weeks. Hurm, dear friends please be grateful and thankful if I had spent my time with you. Its not easy for me to divide my time for my friends. I always got this problems, people always ask me to accompany them to places . I'm fine with that ,but please consider also that I also have me school friends, roomates, classmates, best friends and any other friends (without history) that I want to spend with. I'm SORRY if you feel bad if I can't go outing with you every week. hopefully, you will realize my efforts all this while when I'm no longer in this earth. I pray that you will be glad to know me, even all this while you don't see who I truly value all people who befriend with me. :)

4)If you always ask for people's help , please consider also when they suddenly ask your help . Hmmm, I am not actually a person who easily ask people's favor except when I really really can't do it or too tired. If only you know, who I really independent . But, you don't know so that's fine. So , people if people ask you for help, please don't easily say no or ignore. Try to help even a little. People will appreciate your help because not everyone is that easy to cause people trouble.

5) Don't make promises if you never know the feeling of people when you break it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can stand if you break it several times but if it is for almost a sem we've been together, you never know how I wish we become apart .haih . I'm tired, because my life is quite organized . I plan it accordingly, what time I'll be doing this and that and etc. So, if you promise me to do this and that at particular time, please be punctual . Don't procrastinate for a day or days. I have lot of other thins to do. Yeah, sometimes I also do nothing in a day, as yet I need rests too. I'm sorry if people who read this find it harsh. But, you don't know me and how I have been quite tough in facing difficulties. I am not a kind of person who would pour my anger easily, I keep it and take it as motivation for me to be stronger. Please, don't think that I'm pretending to be good. but, this kind of person is exist. A person who always hide their anger because they think it is unnecessary to get mad as the things would be healed with time. Yes, everything is always healed with time, without hurting anyone. 

6) It's good to say sorry, but does your sorry means a lot ? I mean, do you really mean it? You repeat the same mistakes and people can already memorize your scripts. :) Instead of saying sorry, I guess you should start practicing saying "THANK YOU". thank you for accompanying. thank you for helping. thank you for waiting. thank you for advising. thank you for listening to all your stories. You know, people sometimes feel awful when you always say sorry and sorry with their help. for example, she always wait for you when you're late. yes, u may say sorry for 2 or 3 times. but, please vary it with saying thanks for waiting. words can sometimes demotivate and motivate you :). And I'm the kind that is really consider people's manners and ethics though I'm not really a well-behaved one .

7) Don't ask something that you know you wouldn't deserve it. hehe. Sometimes, people ask something that only a very close and best friend could have it. and you must also ponder about yourself, are you good enough towards your friends? are you important enough? which one is you , the one that only exist during her joy, or also during her downside? are you the one who contributes the sweet moments, or you're the one who gives her a lot of troubles, give her sorrow and nightmares ? :) So, if you want people to is willing to do anything for you,sacrifice anything and be the knight of your shining armor, be the one first . 

there's a lot more but i had forgotten it. I'm not listing it for certain people but it is a general advice so that you guys would be more careful and consider others' feelings when doing anything. No hard feelings. just read it serenely. and please please please pray for me that Allah will always give me continuous patience and strength with the incessant obstacles that are coming and no more sighing as there is always a rainbow after rain   :')

sincerely Miss LOL

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Muhasabah diri sekejap .

Untuk gadis yang menangis kerana lelaki. Selama ini selalu perhati. Mampu diam. Izinkan ku coretkan sesuatu.

Dear akhawat yang kita sayang kerana Allah. 
Allah ciptakan hawa dengan sifat malu.
Maka awak awak sekalian ,
janganlah sesekali singkirkan sifat malu dalam diri awak.
Kerana malu itu sebahagian daripada iman wahai mawar agama.

Dear muslimah,
Jadilah Haura' al Maqsurah.
Ertinya bidadari yang terpelihara.
Seindah namanya. Keraskan hati bila ada lelaki yang nak mengurat dirimu.
Tidak perlu layan. Tidak perlu bercrush crush. Selagi belum sedia, belum sampai masanya, 
jangan mencari

Sedih bila lihat rakan rakan yang sanggup stay up semata mata nak berbalas mesej dengan pakwe.
Sedih lihat rakan rakan yang menangis cemburu tengok pakwe dia dengan perempuan lain, Sedih sangat melihat rakan rakan yang menunggu lelaki nak propose couple denan dia. Someone said this to me, "perasaan tertarik pada lelaki tu biasa. Tu bukan perasaan cinta, itu cuma instinct. Tarikan antara lelaki dan perempuan. Dan instint itu biasa. Tidak perlu layan. Jangan cepat kata lafaz jatuh cinta. Kerana cinta itu mahal. Kalau ada lelaki nak mengurat dirimu, jangan terlalu cepat percaya. Jangan terlalu cepat jatuh. 

Dia tidak serius. Dia cuma main main. Dia cuma nak test. Kalau dapat, dapat. Kalau tak dapat, dia cari orang lain. Kalau dia serius, dia tak akan membazirkan masa dengan benda yang sia sia. Serius cuma sia sia. Kalau dia serius, dia akan buat dengan serius. Dapatkan dengan cara terhormat.

Dear fatayat.
Semua perempuan cantik. Allah ciptakan kita dengan cantik. Tak ada satu manusia pun yang tak cantik. Cuma, lain mata lainlah penilaiannya. Awak, tutup aurat tu molek molek ya. Awak tutup aurat pun tetap cantik. Sedih bila tanya kenapa tak pakai tudung dia jawab dia tak rasa cantik bila pakai tudung. Rasa macam nak nangis. Rasa macam nak peluk dia lepas tu cakap kat dia, "Awak cantik sangat. Awak tak perlu cantik cantik depan syabab. Dia stranger. Dia outsider. Cantik untuk yang sepatutnya je. "

Sebab saya sayang awak, saya tak nak awak pergi terlalu jauh . Awak ada saya, sahabat awak, kalau sunyi, saya boleh menemani.

Afaf Amran - owner ig @usrah santai

Yes, I retyped this from her ig coz I feel the need to sharee this to all and as a reminder for me when I forgot. Sejujurnya, saya yang baca dan taip ni pon terasa deep sangat coz I had been in those situation before this. But, after that saya bangkit and bina semangat untuk tidak lagi kecundang with the same mistakes. n here I am . a single lady but still cant get rid of crushing on people -___- but I will try to litter him. Kawan kawan, hayatilah setiap kata kata yang sis Afaf coretkan. Credits to her for such wise advice :)
sincerely Miss LOL

Friday, 2 October 2015

It matters to me .

 Susah ke nak cakap Thank You atau Sorry ?
Dont u feel it matters to express that when u did any wrong or even not .
Dont u feel it matters when someone do good to you or put some efforts on you or do anything that they deserve your appreciation ?
Saying thanks or sorry doesnt waste any money or time. Just say it. Lower your ego and make those two words as habit . You wont know how glad the people are to receive such words :) 

Actually , I was really upset with a friend. Im not good in describing people and assuming what she likes or dislikes. whether she is satisfied or not. whether she is happy or not. whether she misses me or not. So, I as always *think positive* "maybe die ni jenis yg tak reti tunjuk kot. tp die nak bekawan ng aku.tapi die jenis malu2 n nak aku yg kickstart dulu since ak kan jenis yg kurang malu gituh " 

Pada awalnya macam kuat lagi la , macam takpe Ain, sabar2 . lain orang lain perangai . I try to understand many people. cope with different kind of people . But somehow, lau sikit2 tu tahan lagi, tapi when it reached the utmost level , rase macam nak give up berkawan. tapi aku tak pernah pon putus kawan ng orang.and nanti nampak macam aku la yang desertedkan kawan .So , aku still layan baik lagi dia. but I dont know whether she realizes or not that im showing my efforts to befriend with her. I don know whether she realizes that I never forget her. 

Somehow, a friend of mine told me not to terhegeh hegeh. and then I realized that aku ni bertepuk sebelah tangan. boleh jadi dia dah tak nak rapat ng aku. boleh jadi dia dah jumpa kawan yang lagi selesa. Yela, semua orang macam tu. akan jumpa new friends yg boleh jd lagi rapat.Same goes with me. So I hope that she is not mad with me when I no longer ajak makan minum or what so ever anymore. Since, shes having a better friend , Im fine. I will be happier to see shes happier. But Im sorry for all this while if she wasnt so happy with me. But, please know that I did try to make her happy, make her feel appreciated . Yes, I failed. But at least, say Thanks for my efforts. Aku buat benda bukan sebab nak dapat pujian or apa2. But, dapat thanks tu mcm okay la. rase cam what I did wasnt wasteful . Tapi uolls jangan risau, sebab aku dah tak nak fikir sangat pasal tu. Sebab theres so much happy things that i can think and make me smile. I dont like pondering about sad things and distract my mood. 

sincerely Miss LOL

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Sad moment

Yesterday , Joy and I had a great moment with Salmi before she flew to UK to further her studies in Environmental Science at Sheffield , United Kingdom. So , we had put so much efforts to cheer her up that day . On Friday night , I had slept at Joy's place which was at Uitm Sungai Buloh or she adressed it USB -___- . The place is so rural and im so glad that i study in UIA Gombak where we can easily ride buses, taxi, lrt , monorel and etc. while here , she could only reach ktm sg buloh by taxi which cost rm10 per ride . no bus at all. and the nearest place to shop is The Store . That costs rm10 too She told that she did rather add up rm4 to reach Mid Valley as The Store was less equipped and most of the things needed are hardly available.pity Joy... So , that Saturday morning, we made up to meet Salmi at Times Square (my playground hoho ) as her hotel was not far from there. Previously, we planned to meet at KLIA 2 as she supposed to stay at Sepang. but, all plans were changed on that morning . at about 12 o clock, we met up and had a lunch at Secret Recipe . Honestly , this is my second time eating here. the first one was with Kak Nadya at One Utama. I rarely spend my money eating at costly place. I prefer eating at cheaper place which serve rice . hoho but since both of them crave for Secret Recipe , here we go. My chicken chop costs rm20 . and no drinks for sure.. i am quite poor lately . 

i loved it !

Joy ordered black pepper chicken with rice while Salmi ordered spagetti emm carbonara or bolognese. haha idk which one coz i prefer rice rather than than western thingy. Remember , i dont eat spagetti. no no. i just eat rice. im a pure Malay.  as always, Joy didnt finish her food and im the one who swallowed the leftover -___-. oh please, May i maintain with this shape forever .

Salmi is in yellow whilst Joy in her floral instant shawl :) 
Later on , we had a window shopping very  quick coz we needed to arrive at Salmi's hotel before 2 . window la sgt -__- i bought a skirt and a blouse. Joy also bought a blouse . haha. cut it short, we reached the hotel and performed Zuhr and Asr. and vroommed to KLIA. we arrived at 6.30 something. and we met lots of her family and relatives. and im the one who had to babysit all the babies there. idk why kids were so interested to be guarded by me. and for the first time at my age, 20 i played the slide and  crawled in not so tunnel to bring the two babies who hardly speaking, n needed to pick them up after the landed from the slide -____- . luckily im not that tall that ppl thought that im a highschool student . so here was the pic of the very cute baby, Rayyan Iman. but no pic of Dhia, huhu.. sorry .

i want a baby boy like this. exactly like this !!
at 8 o clock somthing, it was the moment when Salmi was going to leave all of us . this was the saddest part. from my previous experience sending ppl fly , Rina 's family managed to control their  emotions, not crying in front of her. so that she wont be upset to leave Malaysia. haha but i was the one who cried the most at that time, but this time, i tried to prevent the hingus from drooling. but all Salmi's family members cried. even her brother, 18 cried , hugged, and kissed her sister. i was so touched to see their family bond. and her sister, Dijoh ,8 cried , she was the first one who start the tears part followed by Amir,18 . Dijoh cried at the beginning and didnt stop though Salmi already gone to departure hall . Dijoh is the closest adik, and Salmi was the kindest sister that took care of Dijoh since she was born. she was the one who took care of dijoh,, taking bath, feeding food and tucking her in.. that was so lovely. how i wish i got so lovely adiks that love me that much,. idk whether they love me that much. but i love all of them,and yeah, i cried coz im touched seeing those family cried.. and i realize that my ex roomate was a very good girl and everyone hardly want to see her away. .
 i miss my family especially my dad. i want to hug  him rn.i miss his hugs and everything about him. i was the closest daughter coz others were like ' takut' . to me theres nothing to be afraid. haha. i always made stupid jokes with him .and he was fine with it :')  

take care salmi. big girl dont cry .

so im calling for all children to love your dad, not only  your mom. yes, u can love your mom but dont simply neglect your dad. He has a heart and feeling to be loved by you. dad is not someone that u just contact to ask money or sort of thing. he is also your mum. some of us seem to have fear towards their dad and assume that mum is more understanding. but to me, both of them are same. they understand us coz we are their children. their blood. so please love all your family.. your sister, brother, mum , dad and grandparents. though u got fame, friends and wealth , never forget where  belong :') . Try to experience sending ur friends fly and u will know what were my feeling everytime i sent them .

sincerely Miss LOL

Saturday, 20 June 2015

the sole skin problem -__-

When it comes to friendship, any topics would be fine :D

Despite of being my fake "boyfriend" , he is actually my beauty consultant (SS also) yes, he's the one.the convincing one. i always love to hear his beauty tips and the reviews of products made by him. our wassap conversations were fulled with beauty and ugly stuffs .sometimes , we talked about gathering, his study (he would futher his studies at Queensland starting on 3rd Eid) sobs :,(

And as I reached Kelantan on 21st May 2015, I already grabbed some products that suggested by him and also used by him .(grabbed at guardian KLIA2) We share the same products and they are ..

all of them can be purchased at guardian/watson except the aloevera.
that one comes from Cosway .

Starting with St Ives Scrub until Oxy moisturiser,all of them are suggested by Mr Pretty Supi .. and alhamdulillah , all of them did a great job on my face although at the early stage, the "jerawat batu" grew one by one at my cheeks and my chin. Yet, all those big acnes were healed with that bioglo AloeVera gel. It was suggested by Zara. I used it after witnessing the testimony made by her.Somehow, the scars remain eventhough the acne vanished. So , i decided to find the remedy for scars.  I know it is impossible to cure the scars. I had used sensual serum, Nourain serum and traditional methods but nothing changed. and suddenly, i remembered about the garden of eden serum (Nature E ).. My roomate , Wawa once used it and after reading some testimonies (hardly trust them coz most of things  i bought previously also based on Google's reviews) and what a miracle, the serum had prevent the growth of big acne and any acne .. So, only plenty of small acne still dwell on my face and of course laa the scars... but this time, i really put trust on the products besides having faith towards Allah's power . im not changing any products anymore and wait till few months for the best result. Pray for my recovery because having a face free from acne and scars is one of thing that affects the level of confidence . Ohh, i almost forgot to mention about bb Cream.. Since I just realized that i already stop using "internet skincare", so my face might be burned if i didnt cover it with sunblock or spf. so after knowing the advantages of using bb cream (told by ss), i bought the cheapest one with spf 50++ with only rm17++.. thats the cheapest i could get okay . 

p/s : i took this picture when Kema asked me on what product that im using now. so , thank u Kema for being concern about my health :D and of course thank you to the beauty consultants for not getting bored with ur sick patient ! 

sincerely Miss LOL

Imang si gaduh -___-

Alhamdulillah dapat kerajinan nak update blog ni. baru sedar, slame ni caption kt insta tu panjang sbb inspired by pictures.So after i put a picture , baru tangan ni laju menaip. so next time kena letak gambar. haha. okay , insan yg duk depan ana ni name nye Imang aka Abang Sally.Kenape entri kali ini bertajuk "imang si gaduh" ? Al kisahnye baru2 ni, die dtg la tido kt rumah ana for couple days sbb tlg drive nk bwk my friend from uia yg nk tour kelantan.Almaklumla, i hardly driving after getting my license. so mase hari last Imang dk umah ana ni, ana bad mood. sudden without any reason dari mase Imang tny whats wrong with me until when we sent her home. i was so cruel right ??? yes i am. tu mase bulan 5 lagi. tp smpi bulan 6 ni pon, eventhough i already explained my situation to her, she still thought that she might do something wrong. yela tambah2 lagi ana mcm wasep pon dah jarang lately ng die n lau bls pon spatah2. Well , to be honest balik umah ni mmg jarangggggggggggg sgt main wasep lame2 ng anyone. xmacam kt uia, bleh main wasep lame2.. Lau duk umah ni, especially me mmg byk je benda nk kerjakan . xleh duk diam. so lau i feel free, then i will start the wassep. So, Imang.. jgn laaa "over" feeling guilty. told u already that u dont commit any mistakes. Im sorry if my treats towards u were so cold. i didnt mean to do that. ure awkwardness made me feel uneasy and just remain silent .

Dear Imang ..
yes, i knew we didnt close enough when we were in pc. not as close as u and aimi,n not as close as me and kubih. but, the moments at sickbay was the initial point where our friendship begun . or maybe , it started when SPM was over. :D and i guessed theres nothing bad u did to me. instead, u had helped me a lot when i was in hot water .especially the moment when i got a hearbreaking news that i lost my dad. thank you for postponing ure outing with kema and others just to accompany me to airport, bought flight ticket for me. That was the most unforgettable help from you to me.Surely, there are none of my helps for u that ever can replace such help . and the latest help was you were willing to be a tourist guide, drove around kota bharu to satisfy Zara's relish for visiting kelantan. -___- im sorry if zara ever made u feel uncomfortable or made you infuriated. I just realized one thing, she is so close with me as im the one that can stand longer with her. hehe. So, im behalf of her, apologised if we troubled u a lot . 

on garfield,heading to pantai irama :D

i thought u re a relax type.
but u arent.
next time, jgn gaduhh in any situation.
be calm .

Since, youre going far away from Malaysia, i didnt want to feel regret for tuning out you when ure still in Malaysia, In shaa Allah we will have ifthar and celebrate Eid together. i will make time for u when im free.but not at this early Ramadhan.im preparing for Muet speaking (not even start any revision). im so lazy to do anything except house chores. Im sorry for my ridiculous flaw that u wont find with anyone else. )

p/s sesuai tak tajuk ni "imang  si gaduh" ?? the 'gaduh' that i want to stress here is when she is so overacted with my sudden mood, so imang , jgn gaduh.dont gaduh make assumption. n even when ppl already made a clear statement, believe it (if the person is a trustworthy one), coz its not easy for a person to make one. siap mari ng kek lg nak pujuk. pdhl xdok gapo. bazer duit jee beli kek n mcm2 lagi . thank you imangg. lain kali bwkla ayam kfc.. n one more, psl yakult and coconut shake tu, dont worry. i still can buy it. lol. dah dah dah.. my advice is jgn la disebabkan rase besalah or mmg besalah,jgn kumpul sume kesilapan yg penah buat n blame urself.. stiap keslahan lampau mstilah sudah dimaafkan. ni siap nk cri kslhan mse kt sickbay lgi, 3 tahun yg lepas lg tuh. xde pape pon la,,  k bai ~  aku sayang mu lillah hi taala imang. ttibo2 aku rase mcm ak jd yg xreti tnjuk sayang plok ko mg. sbb mg behi oyk mg style "xretti".. Now you know n feel kan how is it to feel unloved by someone who doesnt know who to express their love.. Now u can learn to express the love !
sincerely Miss LOL

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Fault of being me !

sebenarnya baru2 ni which is rabu lepas,aku ade masalah..and masalh tu efek giler kot. smpi xlalu makan n even xmakan nasi. kalau korang tau ak yg mkn mcm keto galo, mmg truk benar mslhnye kan.tp alhamdulillah, ade due org rumet ak yg gigih bg semangat dgn kate2 islamik yg ak xleh deny n smpi sentap ke hati, tertusuk2 bagai smpi sedar la yer allah uji ak nk ak ni kembali balik pd die,mybe slame ni ak blom ckup byk beribadat pdNya n maybe ap yg ak kerjakan blom ckup smpurna n ckup2 mkn je. Ya allah , terase betape bdosanyee ak skrg ni .. 

nak dgr ke mslhnye? mslh ni mcm bongok je sbnrnye.nk citer pon malu.aritu pon citer kt Shuhadah je,tp yg memalukan lg Sumayyah plak dgr.malu bertimpa2.. sbb mslh mcm budak kecik je.heeeee. so jom bace kisah sy..

kisahnya begini...
aku ade sorang kawan baik lagi, n mmg sorang tu je kalau nk difkir2kan paling rapat n paling baik gilerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! minggu tu die sibuk sgt dengan event rafest(mcm psr minggu tp under student) and teater.die director teater n hero citer tuh... so ak ni mmg baik sgt la ng die,so tiap ari ak pegi booth yg die jual,dhla reti masak.haih.. tiap ari pegi ,n ad time pegi die xde kt situ.pastu msg die,die trus dtg.. walau borak skit,tp  ak happy.sbb rase mcm dh lame xckp.lps atok ak meninggal,jrg jmp die n ckp ng die sbb masing2 sibuk even sekelas pon.. so time ni la nk eratkan ukhwah balik.kononnnyer.......... so smpai la weekend trsebut,hari sabtu tu, die ad teater tp ak xpegi sbb mama mari kl pulok dohhhhh.. sedih gilerrrr sbb ak tau die msti frust even die ckp xpe xpe... so hbis weekend tuh,masukla week baru kan?ak dk msg2 die tp die bls lmbt giler.n smpi stu tahap tu,die xmsg pon .lol. sbnrnye kitorg salu contactla kt wasep sbb kawan baik kan. so lau tetibe xmsg,msti pelik kan? dlu lau die busy dgn silat ke (presiden silat), die tetap ade mase utk wasep aku.tp not anymore........aku pon serkap jrg la kan "ang ad org len dh ka?" .. die ckp xla die busy giler222 pesume. tp ak terkilannye,rafest da habes,teater dah hbis.tp wallahualam la if die mmg busy benda laen plak kan.smpi la ari isnin malam rasenyer, die gitau die dh janji ng sorang pmpuan ni yg die akn tnggu pmpuan tu, n pmpuan tu pon tnggu die. and ak bengang giler2.sbb ape????? admirer ak dh xde dh sbb die dh ad org len.yerr, dlu die suke ak tp ak friendzonedkan sbb ak xde prsaan n xreti nk describe prsaan sndiri.n mmg sedihlaa ya allah !! bkn sedih sgt pasl admirer bkurang.tp sedih sbb ak bru sedar ak suke die right after he met someone that can replace me.smpi hari ni kitorg xckp lg.even kdg2 ak mention name die kt quote2 sentap kt ig.yg ckp psl friendship n so on.sbbnye ak rase mcm die dh xutamakn ak.bkn ape,die mcm dh xnk kwn or bkwn biase which is less wassaping.tp ade title friend je.sedihnye.. kitorg kwn sejak sem satu lg..lps dtg girl tu, die pon mcm kurang rapat ng aku..i love our friendship so much.i know bnda ni akn stable balik lps ak dh ok.sbbnye ak yg undur diri skrg ni sbb xdpt trime die dh dikebas org.die special sgt orgnye.. so mmg sedihla kan,kenape ak xsedar yg org yg nakkan ak slame ni sgt bernilai... kaki masjid, kuat agama,pandai masak,pandai n so on.tp die xkapel pon ng girl tu, diorg berjanji utk disatukan kelak je.. jelesnye rase... asalnye ak xkenal pon girl tu,tp seldik pny selidik jmp gk muke girl tu.mmg padan la.muke baik sgt lau nk compare ng muke ak yg nur ni mcm ad xde je.. so mse tu mmg downnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn sgt.. tiap malam nangis. tp lps kena tarbiah ng shuhadah n sumayyah, xnangis dh.sedih skit2 je. sbb mmg salah ak pon.sape suh jual mahal dulu.sape suruh aniaya die dulu.. pastu,diorg kate ad jodoh ad la..pastu suh study leklok utk sem ni,jgn main2 hahaha.pastu ckp,jgn nangis byk kt manusia,nangisla kt allah.allah nk tunjuk tuu.. haih.ain ain teruknye kau ni.pastu sumayyah pon suh selfishkan diri skit,jgn thinking too much about others.be selfish especially to boys. jgn fkir hal org laen smpi lupe psl diri sndiri.sbb last2 ak yg end up sedihnye..n die ckp dlu die pon penah gk sedih sbb laki.bkn main beria lg sedih.tp smpi satu tahap,die trsedar yg die sedih beriaa kt mnsia.tp kat Allah ?? :'(  and sumayyah jga ckp lau btul tu jodoh kite,in shaa allah dipermudahkan,xperlu efforts. fuhhh.. sentap  ~ n one pendirian of her "kalau btul die nak kt aku,die takkan cari lain" . even mcm xrelevan ng problem ak skrg.ke relevan ? lau shuhadah plak, die nasihat suh istikarah sbb ak sndiri xtau nk buat kptusan kan, btul ke x die ni trcipta utk ak.entah2 ak dk sedih mengenangkan jodoh org laen. huhu.. n kdg2 shuhadah ni phm jiwa ak sbb biasenye lau ak ad mslh gitu,die akn ad gk.so die pon ad gk skrg ni.tp die dh okay skit dh. aku ni bru alami. Ni potongan nasihat from shuhadah. "Ain ,sy xtau nak kabo gano either to stop or continue tu keep in touch with him sbb awk pon xtau ap yg trbaik utk awk.walaupon awk bleh predict what is the best for u,but istikarah la utk jwon trbaik ". . emm sbnrnye cerita ni xdetail pon.i only told you the main story.. minor2 xciter sbb pnjg laa.sblum ni ad dh penah citer kt blog psl laki ni confess dlu.tp entri tu ak xsuke die lg .hahaha. padan muke ain.. jual mahal,pastu end up trlepas permata yg dicari. ya allah , semoga ujian ini bg ak peringatan utk xlagi meremeh2kan agama.. sbb ak bru sedar, ak ni ckp je pcaye rukun islam n iman,tp lau btul ak pcaye rukun iman.cthnye la kan, pcaye kpd malaikat.knp ak still lg buat dosa if ak tau yg malaikat ni 24 jam ade utk catat kebaikan n keburukan yg aku buat. n knape lau ak solat, ak still bleh buat jht sdgkan dlm ayt al quran surah ankabut ad menyebut yg solat ni dpt cegah kemungkaran. byk lg yg bleh kite find out yg kite not fully Muslim or just Muslim dlm ic jer.. nenek ak selalu pesan, "ain kena byk baco buku ilmu agama.. islam ni bkn nk suh maye n poso jah.maye n poso ni benda basic.ain kena bce bku2 agame biar ain tau lg detail n berpengetahuan lg psl islam ni. umi nk citer pon xkan hbis.so ain amik jah buku2 umi ni.pinjam n bace."pastu die bagi buku by Hamka.tp ak bce satu chpter pon xhbis lg.. teruknye aku ni.tp lps nenek ak pesan tu, rase mcm berminat sgt nk tau lbih detail... alhamdulillah, if kite sedar khilaf kite tu maknenye kite still ade iman. bile lg kite nk berubah kalau bukan skrg?????? tetibe ckp psl agama.pdhl tjuk psl masalah kan? sokay la psl mslh tuh..doakan yg ak ni dpt convert balik syg as more than friends to as bestfriends smula. rindu kott kt die.. dh lame xwasep..tige hari je pon baru.hehehe. tp i miss my besfriend.seriously.. mase ayh ak meninggal dlu, die la yg solat jenazah ghaib utk ayh ak. sape xterharu tu xtahu la kan.. dhla tahun ni,kwn baik die ad meninggal.pastu ak plak buat hal,nk tgglkan die.jht kan aku ni.pdhl asasi nk hbis dh.i suppose use this time wisely.. saem molek2 n pisoh molek2. huhu 
sincerely Miss LOL

nak masuk bulan 5 dah

hari ni masuk 12 April dah which is ade  3 minggu lebih je lagi before final. Ya Allah dekat gile2 dah kan.. tapi tak tahulah kenape sy ni xsedar2 diri lagi. dahla azam xnak kuar sgt sem ni hancusss.tp at least tak keluar straight tige hari.tu je yg berjaye.. yg paling tak tahan nyer, minggu ni n next week dh ad plan dah.weekend ni gi tido uia gombak jmp kema.. pastu following week plak kena balik umah maksdare plak sbb ade birthday celebration !!!!!!!!! ya allah, i know im just ruining my future... kenape susah sgt nk dpt kesedaran diri utk berubah n spend the the time left to studyyyyyyyy !!!! semangat mase skolah n kt universiti lain sgt... xtau lahhhh kenape.tp xleh nk blame sape2.kena blame kan diri sendiri jugak !! tgkla skrg ni pdhl,ade subjek maths n comp sedang tnggu utk dipulun sbb ad kuiz minggu depan for maths and chemistry.tp stilll duk taip mlsh kt blog.. dahla midsem baru2 ni hancur. rosak habis carry mark,tkutnyeee allah je tahu...takut2 pon tak berganjak jugak..okayla doakan semangat ain dtg balik okay ? baiiiiiii. 
sincerely Miss LOL

Thursday, 15 January 2015

dah sampai kl

Semalam touch down kt kl around 9 pm.. pastu sampai rumah nk dekat kul 10.30 pm la jugakk... sampai2 terus dinner.. siap tambah lg.. sebenarnye sejak duk rumah, sy elakkan makan lewat . Kirenyee before kul 7 tu dah makan la unless mase keje dulu.. sekarang ni pom tengah kekenyangan makan kt rumah sepupu.. lauk menyelerakan gilerr. Ayam kari, ikan keli ,kangkung goreng and sambal tempe.maunyerr xtambah nasik. So sekarang ni tgh rehat2 lan perut yg membuncit. Actually, i am quite worried .takot naik berat badan.. who knows kan? Tengok kaki pon dah makin besauu.. anyway, dh smpi kl dah pon. So tggl esok je hari before pergi Uia .. xsabarnyee nak belajarr. Otak dah lamee sangat dah rehat.. hope it still functioning 😱 . planning esok nak cari kismis ng mama.. utk tajamkan lagi akal. Hoho.sem ni ramai gk la yg cam sedarr diri n tak mau main2. Hopefully , kawan2 understand and janganla mengajakk sy kuar sgt especially budak2 uia la. Jumpe dlm uia pon cukup .. unless mmg kite da xleh jumpe dah nnt.fly kee tahun ni. Tu bleh dipertimbangkan la.. cakap pasal fly, tahun ni ramai gk fly. N diorg fly time sy di kota bharu which means May onwards. So doa2 kan lah saya ni reti save budget skit mase duk uia ni so that mampu la nk bli tiket pergi balik ke kl utk bid farewell u guys... 
sincerely Miss LOL

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

sixth post

I want to write more and more but i just realize yg esok dah nak bertolak pi kl lepas asar. and diri ini langsung tak packing sebab time malam terusss krohhhh.. so sekian saje bebelan pada 14 januari ini. semoga kite dpt berblogging lagi with more kesedaran entry from me. wassalam. *nak packingg
sincerely Miss LOL

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

saya nak kulit yang halusssssssssss

hari tu, my face was quite severeeeeee.. sangat2 excruciating sebab kulit jadi menggelupas and memerahh..stiap kali cuci muke msti pgg pipi sbb pedih sgtt.. tahan jeeee.. nasib baik la one day my mum ade duit and quite free on that time .. so she brought me to klinik dr harun. klinik kulit. she spent rm88 for my skin.and alhamdulillah sekarang dah xmenggelupas and merahhh. alhamdulillah sgt.. thank you Allah.. semoga rezeki Mama melimpah ruah and xdelaa ain rse serba salah sgt hbiskan your rm88 tuu. u know how much sy berusaha utk taknak trouble her. xnak my mum spend much money for me. ckupla diri sendiri xmenyusahkan mama. biarlah adik2 nak still bermewah2 ke ape. susah jugak kite nak pesan byk kali yg papa dah xde. xleh nk shopping mewah mcm dulu.. i have my own stand. xnk spend lot of money smate2 nafsu or keinginan.. kalau perlu , baru shop. in shaa allah. and ppl pon tau yg sy ni mmg kuat kuar jenjalan tp less spending on priceless things. hahah membebel pasal duit plak. pdhl topik muka..

nak kulit haluss macam ety and kubisssssss...
everyone has turned out being very damn good looking especially ss. so me, feeling so insecure and want to follow their steps.

sekarang ni pakai dnars skincare. yes, i admit sy kuat tuka produk.. lols. harapnye this will be the last.. even kdg2 rase kering jugak pakai dnars ni.. tp sumer dh back to normal lps letak ubat provided by doctor.. doctor tu just bg ubat je mase jumpe die.tgk muke pon tidak. well, die dh tau kerja die kan.name lg doktor pakar kulit. ya allah semoga mukaku tak ditumbuhi jerawat dah. dahla 18 hb ni jd bridesmaid. dh byk kli dhhh tolak offer, tp my cousin ni xde org sgt dh kott. suruh mia, die xnak plak.hope i can appear as a nice bridesmaid even selawa bridesmaids lain nnt. hehehe...

ckp psl dnars skincare... i bought the set for rm53.. pastu beli toner rm18.krim kuneng for rm20. mahal gak la. tp murah lagi compare to Kaylena and Tabita.. rasenyer. i spent most money for the sake of my skin. dhlaa seafood mmg xmkn and mmg i really concern about my diet. so mmg bab pemakanan bkn punce utk kulit rosak. so xtau lar yer slh ape.. mungkin kurang vitamin dlm badan kot. nak beli satin skinzzzz tp mahal giler ahh ... rm 150 kot..(satin skinz is a vitamin porduct yg kononnye kan cure mslh kulit and byk lg benefit die.. gugel la. typical me yg suke bace review products and terliur nk try.end up last2 xberkesan ng diri sendiri) lau org nk belanja xpe gk.tp sape la nk belanje for hundreds gituu.. sokay2 aing.. bljr elok2.. nnt apply scholarship. pastu gune duit scholarship utk bli benda tu. see? dh ad planning xxelok utk duit biasiswa.. ajet2 dpt jee biasiswa. ya rabbi.. ya Allah. permudahkanlah sy utk apply biasiswa utk degree.xnak mama rase burden tanggung sy... Mama , i love u and thanks for willing to take care six of us alone.. in shaa allah , we wont create any trouble. maaf jika spnjg ketiadaan papa n hri2 strusnye ain ade kecewakan mama. in shaa allah it wont happen anymore. *baru rase nak jd kakak yg bergune,, slame ni mmg berguna jugak, tp kdg2 ade jugak time malas nk buat kerja rumah. tp tu je kelebihan yg awk ade ain. rajin. so please jgn malas. nnt da berjiran ng ss, nak tlg die kemas rumah die kan ? hahaaha ape pny angan2 laa ng ss ni.. semoga nnt ss dpt bibik yg bleh kemas rumah die ng sares .. ameen 

last but not least, doktor pesan for the time being, jgn mkn ayam kampung, telur ayam, ikan bilis( baru tau ikan bilis cause itchy) ikan aya, belacan, seafood kacang.. alhamdulillah naseb baik xperlu berpantang sgt sbb mmg xmkn pon benda tu except for the anchovies.. so xleh mkn anchovies je.. nad my mum told me jgk yg ikan bilis tuu even kecik, kalori die tinggi giler expecially kt kepale and yg black-like kt body die.so lau nk bli bilis tu,sebolehnyee mntk yg dah terbelah due.. lols. sekadar info okay ? ikan bilis mmg sedapp tp menggemukkan rupenyerrr.. #prayforhealthylife
sincerely Miss LOL

Azam 2015 !

most of my roomates kat uia sume fikir sy ni exsaited sgt nak masuk sem baru ni. they dont know what i think actually. byk benda yg sy fikir. its not easy to face ppl yg mostly dh ade degree.dah fly sumee. best tgk kawan2 yg dh degree and fly. alhamdulillah, sy dikelilingi kawan2 yg pandai dan baik2. naseb baik diorg sudi kawan ng sy.. anyway, i just want to express my gratitude for having them ya Allah. mama kate xsume org bertuah, disayangi kwn2. sbb most humankind ni, always ade sifat benci, jeles and etc. and alhamdulillah, sy xdpt kwn cmtu. xtaulaa if ade.tp i hope i dont have them. nothing to be jealous about me. coz im just an ordinary girl that is showered with love and love of  ppl. pffft. ayt cm perasan je, cm org sayang je. wallahualam ,hope diorg really love me. do you  ?

back to the topic, nape tahun ni tibe2 ade azam ?

kisahnyee sebab , 

1)tahun ni is last sem kat uia untuk asasi. if sy ade kena repeat paper and so on, xleh nak repeat mase short sem , sebab tahun ni xde short sem !! melainkan awk nak extend lagi setahun for asasi !
so make sure studi betul2 for sem ni , jgn main2 sikit pon. utk maruah diri sendiri gk yer ain ..

2)mostly, reason ade azam sbb nak masuk degree dah. and degree to in shaa allah nak amik jurusan english. thank you so much kubis for always xletih dgr rungutan rengekan kubihs awk yg sbenarnye xpndi pon bi. tp sy xjumpe ap minat syy dh for future. and thank for shuhadah jgk, my roomate yg salu pesan suh istikarah if xtau nk plih ape.. she's right. i have to ask guidance from Allah .

3) hah, okay. tahun ni, i should cut down my hobby which is keluar tiap kali weekend. mmg i often keluar sbb nyer nk jmp kawan2 sekolah. and tahun ni sharina, tini , aimi , iman, aidiq , ety akn fly dahh. so lau kuar pon in shaa allah for sake of them. jgn diikutkan nafsu nak shopping tu ain. simpan duit skettt.. nnt hbis asasi bulan 5 ni, kuarlaaa nak kuar sgt.. tak lari kemane pon jalan tar tuhhh. hehehe.. 

4) then, kena kurangkan wassap and jgn jadi active sgt laaa  kt wasap.. bukannye dpt anugerah pon ainggg wehh. xperlu update gmbr kt ig tiap hari.tiap minggu pon xyah. hahaha. beria sungguh nak tnjuk yg ang tu keluar.keluar senyap2 sudahh.. 

5) kena kurangkan tidur dahh sem ni.. xperlu laa nak stay up lame2 if most of night u xdpt sgt pon ilmu tuu.. kali ni, make sure study tak lame, tp hasilnye lumayan.. kena fikir,lepas study tu, dpt tak hasilnye ???? jgn mase je terbuang okay ?

6) study kuat2 pon, jgn lupe Allah. ingtlah yg Allah yg berkuase ats segalenyer..so beribadahlaa kpd allah selagi ade kudrat.. solat lah di tengah malam. solat taubat laa wahai ain.. semoga ibadah seterusnyee diterima Allah. if u keep performing hajat prayer, tp xsolat taubat cane Allah nak terima if dosa terdahulu xterhapus lagi ? pandai2 la awk fikir yer ain.. semoga setiap perjalanan kehidupan ini dirahmati Alllah. Ameen. 

7)semester ni, i will be taking 4 subjects they are 

  chemistry 2,mathematics 3, understanding Islam and computer 2.

ye mmg sedih utk belajar benda2 yg u will not take it as ur major for degree.tp awk kena redha ain. jgn stress2. studi jerr.. dptkan best result and continue in what you can. in shaa allah Allah permudahkan sumenyer.. have faith towards Him. Allah is the best planner. bak kat shuhadah, belajar tu wajib, kerja tak wajib.. -____-

8) semalam duk bincang ng shuhadah sal azam tahun baru.. antare main point die is psl makan. she said nak diet. 1kg utk 1bulan..carenyee, breakfast , pastu lunch with dinner trus.. malam plak makan biskut ng milo jee. tp die xnk mkn nasi.nk mkn mi or mihun je. ya rabbi. part tu trpakse  unfollow sbb letihlaaa xdpt mkn nasi.. n die nak dinner around kul 4 cmtu. mak aih.. mmg kelaparan lah guwe. in shaa allah my dinner will be around six. xnak mkn lewat sgt, nnt ngantok nk studi. tp xnk awal sgt.. nnt kelaparan plak mase belajar.. macam2 kan,, 

9) still thinking lepas subuh nak tidur ke x.even mmg we are all aware yg lps subuh xelok tidur.nnt tertutup pintu rezeki. cane ni aing weh???? kena bljr laa xtido lps subuh. bace mathurat ke, jogging ke apee.. cane nk mudah bljr if pint rezeki tertutup, .. 

10) i need to beriadah this time. lau x ,otak xcerdas. and byk lemak malas yg terkumpul.. kena keluarkan jugak peluh even not daily.. akn dipertimbangkann .. maybe twice a week or during weekend only.. bestnyee dpt jogging tiap2 pagi.hrp2 shuhadah nak laa teman aku jogging nnt. hehe. doakan die lembut ati yer guys.. i love her so much :)

11) okay, nk sentuh psl outing plak utk tahun baru ni. make sure bukan tiap2 minggu kuar, n dlm tiap2 minggu kuar tu, pick a day only to paint the town red. and jgn hbiskan duit utk tgk wayang even mmg awk bkn kaki wayang.. dh bwk kan hardisk this sem..so tgk dlm laptop je.. hopefully dpt bwk laptop pi uia. not this one. sepupu pny.hrp die pny tak rosak n i still can write here. 

as a wrap up, i really hope from you guys ( xtaulaa ade org nak bace ke x ni) hrp sgt sem ni i will achive my target.. dpt tinggi carry mark, dpt skor mase mid sem, dpt skor tiap kali ade kuiz and dah ade guts utk presentation . -___- and diberi ingatan yg kuat utk hafal hadis and ayt quran utk subjek Understanding Islam ni ..huhu. i want to succeed with flying colours this time. huhu.. 
sincerely Miss LOL

dah perlu fikir pasal jodoh ker ?????

ade laa satu statement aku bace from a friend of mine, he wrote 

"dah kena cari jodoh ke kat Gombak?"

Gombak ni is a place for most UIA students yg degree la. sy masih stuck kt Pj. so xperlu kot nak fikir sal jodoh. tp kena fikir gk la kot. 

tgk most 1995 batch ni sumee dh ade partner masing2 kan.,.. siap status ig or wassap pon psl pakwe/makwe masing2.. semoga hubungan korang till jannah and paling penting, jejak ke alam perkahwinan tu. hahaha. yelaaa bercinta bagai nak rak. 

pastu, di usia sebegini pon lau nak bercinta sgt la kan, korang dah xleh nak bercinta monyet2 dah.kapel putus kapel putus. orang sekarang ni nak cari the real one dah. xde dh nak pakai buang sume. so be matured. jgn dk pasang due tige empat.. ni ad sorang kwn kpd kwn sy ni duk pasang tige laki senyap2. ya rabbi.sedih btul dgr . sian puak2 laki yg kena tipu tu.. moga one of them terpilih la.. 
nak cakap partner pon, rase mcm xsesuai je coz i dont have such special one pon. tp ad la sorang laki ni yg emm ade la.. we'll see soon. peace..

tahun ni, memang sy niat dh xnak contact ng sorang laki ni. so mase 31 dis aritu,sy nekad blok dh wasap die.sbb die duk sibuk mengade nk mengorat eventhough the whole world dah tau die tu ad gf. pastu tibr2 dtg wassap kate rindu cinta and tahik ape lar.. xsedar ke dh ade awek.so drp die xnak move on from me, so i stepped out from his life.nnt xdela kena ng awek die dah.sblum ni pon penah kena.tp time diorg dah clash la. tuptup kapel balik. ish3.. ikut korangla. yg pasti my heart dah trtutup utk laki2 yg bajet hot and jenis layan sume girl kt media social. lau boleh, nk cari laki yg xde twitter, instagram and sume la.. wujud ke mslhnyer? tp diri sendiri ni pon ade instagram, cane nk cri org camtu. kite nak yg baik, so kite pon kena la jd baik.. i did spend a night deleting gmbr yg teruk sgt kt ig. sbb kdg2 posting my ugly pose, actually humiliating myself jugak -_________- doakan one day i will sedar n buang account ig.skrg xsedar diri lg. sedar skit je.. 

pastu ad satu lg malam, my bestfriend laki ni , die duk citer yg awek die yg sblum ni tudung labuh dah berjinak2 pki tudung xlabuh. eventhough to me, dh labuh dh. cume die ckp,nampak susuk tubuh. and die rase kecewala.n he said too dont blame him if he likes other girls kt uia yg much more labuh tudungnyer.. ya rabbi, mase tu i feel so ashamed with myself . sbb selama ni kite pki tudung dh tutup dada n rase dh secure.tp rupenye ad gk lelaki yg mghrpkan lagi labuh. ni la lau duk uia kan, laki laki sumee nk yg serba molek. naseb baik kwn ak ni mmg org tau , die sememangnyee baik.so i hope the best for him.semoga awek die kembali pki tudung labuh tutup susuk tubuh jugak :) in shaa allah ,, kite yg 20 thun ni, xdpt nak pki selabuh mungkin pon, jgn pki baju ketat yg nampak susuh tubuh and pki tdung labuh tutup tmpt yg diken\hendaki. jgn pki tudung atas dada.. bak kate kema "style org bandar laa, jnis pki tudung ats dada".. Nauzubillah, semoga kite xterbukak ati utk expose that things. pffft -___________-  phm x ap yg sy bebelkan ni? hehehe

so conclusionnyer, xtau laa ptut fikir psl jodoh ke x.. korang rase????? bak kate kubis, kite kena hbiskan belajar dluu.. get a job. bru bleh nk berangan, nk dptkan laki kaye or nk goyang kaki je time kawen. lgpon , to me canelaa nk ngorat k\org2 kaye if kite pon xde ape2 speciality. keep prayingggg guys for the best jodoh.. mama pesan, mase muda ni laa nk doa utk dpt jodoh baik2.. in shaa allah mama. ain akn xlupe utk doa dptkan jodoh yg baik yg dpt jage ain .. 
sincerely Miss LOL

20 years old already

2015 and im now 20 years old. no more teen . 

problemnyer sekarang ni, nak pack barang bwk g uia tu, smpi tak terpack. konon kusut giler nak berubah masuk 20 ni. xnak bawak benda kartun la ape la. nak kurangkan pink la dan sebagainyaa.yg xtahannye duk memperagakan beg tangan my mum. acah2 dewase.. smpi mia pon ckp, "mg 20 doh eh? tua nyoo mg.. " ya Allah rase cm xcaye jee dh tua. ni la org kate tua tak sedar diri. sedih gk la sbb still xleh move on dr usia muda ni.. nk plih baju pon smpi kena cri yg kosong. masalahnyee xde baju kosong2. sume yg kiut2 and ade renda.. ade kawan laki tu, siap pesan lg " tahun ni ak xnak tgk ang bwk beg tahun lepas.. xkan nnt da kawen pon nk prangai cm budak jugak" siap offer nk teman bli handbag lagi -_________- 

tapi pagi ni, since dh dpt bukak laptop n dah bleh menulissssss. so i made up my mind to just be myself. buat apelaaa aku nak buang duit beli baju baru or beg baru semate2 umur baru ni. pakai jela ap yg ade..bukannye org tau your age. but tp kena la ubah skett even sket jee. kwn2 msti tau kite da tua kan. so kena cut down hello kitty stuffs. huhu.. and be more matured. xleh duk buat lawak bodoh sgt dh nnt. nnt xde laki la yg nk amik jadi bini. bak kate kubih " penyekk anok".. hahaha..

selain drp pemakaian, yes mase ni pon dah kena praktis masak and lebih berdikari. kena dependent dah.. kite xtau ap yg akn trjadi pd mase akn dtg.. mama pon salu dk ckp, nnt mama pon akn tggl sek awk.mama tua dah. papa xdok doh. ya Allah, i hate listening to that statement. xtaulaa cane my life is mama dh xde nnt. aku and my bro masih kecik. cane nk urus ahmad billy mia betty yg masih skolah lagi. sape nk byr gaji bibik.. sape nk tgk2 kan abah n umi kt kampung nnt.dengan ak yg xreti drive lagi.. pernah x korang terfkir utk khilangan mereka diusia muda? so sape2 yg msih ad parents.be grateful n jgnlaa dk manje sgt smpi xsume benda still depend on parents. im sad but what else can i do. i pray that my mum dipanjangkan umur, dikurniakan kesihatan and dpt tgk kami sume kerja ,dpt anak n sbgainyer.. sedih nyerr rase.. nak dpt kerja yg elok2, biar mampu nak sara keluarga.. hemm talking about marriage, sy nak kawen kt umah ni.. kt kota bharu ni. sbb mama n my aunty duk planning buat rumah kt tanah panji.. sbb rumah skrg ni , umah pusaka.dibahagi tige adik bradik.so enttahlaa. i wish i can buy this house. coz i love this house so much.byk sgt kenangan dlm rumah ni.hopefully, rumah baru yg xbuat lg tu,xsiap2 smpi la aku kawen dlu. hehee. tp nk kawen lmbt lg ni, degree p0n xlagi. jauhnyee ak fikir kan. xpela.. sekadar nk meluahkan rase syg trhdp rumah ni.. i love you Noorani Villa. :) 

anyway, selamat berusia 20 tahun kawan2... 

sincerely Miss LOL

Phewww Finally ...

Alhamdulillah finally dapat jugak bukak laptop ni.. ya allah , sgt bersyukur laptop ni masih boleh hidup.. ni jee one of tinggalan my dad for us... xnak bg die rosak even die ni besar n xsekiut laptop org lain . but  ireally appreciate things from my dad to us. ok let me see.. byk sgt nk posts and ckp but laptop ni bleh bukak on my last dsy im in kelantan. so maybe i will just talk about two things in two different posts in shaa allah.

1) azam 2015 and last sem for my foundation 
2) no more teen. i m already 20 years OLD

sincerely Miss LOL