Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Thank you Allah !


Thanks for borrowing me a temporary-friend , being temporary for religion sake..
  • giving me happiness in having friendship with...
  • giving me awareness about the brief time living in Earth
  • make me realize that I don't found my true self yet.A true self to be a good Muslimah towards Allah
  • advising me to prepare for my future : learns cooking , reading Cinta High-Class
  • awaking me to realize that I should be ashamed to God.Must always do good deeds.
  • not to sad over people without proper reasons..Sad for not being a good muslimah n enhance *ibadah..
  • requsting me to jot down all my evil behaviour and bad manners so that I realized and won't repeat it again.
  • don't giving a hope to anyone or hoping for anyone if you're not ready officially..
  • for treating me like your sister.
  • reminding me to be a good daughter..
  • for teaching me to think before do anything..
  • reminding me to be prepared for new world..coz this new world is more challenging and full with hardships..
  • sharing your life-story fulled with morals : "something u need to undergo by yourself..no one will give you moral support.." It makes me realized how difficult is the real world and me ? still in home doing nothing and know nothing... I must be PREPARED ! "no moral support".. Can you get it ? It is so hard if we lose that kind of support..
  • urging me to start searching my true self now coz " there is no tomorrow if we don't begin now"
  • saying that "if it is good for our *deen (religion) , let it be..Always reminding me about Islam ,taking action just for the religion'sake..
  • advising me to learn be a good wife ..
  • talking full with inspiring quote.. : " it doesn't a matter who you are , it just a matter who you will be"

Ashamed with myself.
Allah,forgive for all my mistakes.

Friending with you is not a fault ,it is not a mistake ,it is not a SHOULDN'T , I just realized that Allah sent you to me as a reminder for me to be a better Muslimah , not just a better person..Remind me that this life is not worth if we don't pray to Allah , feeling grateful to Allah and do all things just for Allah..Our journey will be priceless if we do anything with Lillahi Taala..Don't feel ashamed to do good deeds..
Feel ashamed to the Creator whenever you disobey his Requests.Allah would remain the same if we disobey Him..But , we ? would be littered in HELL..So , feel thankful for getting a feeling to realize everything bad that we have done.Not weeping for the past ! But , learning to prevent the bad-past things from happening again..That sins or devil things that we had done in the past is a REMINDER for us and EXPERIENCE to give us AWARENESS..Don't sighing with His given-hardships.Be patient , Inshaallah we would be showered with bless.

Don't keep weeping for all your sins.
Weeping while performing Taubat prayer.
Allah is always listening n forgiving one.
To that temporary friend , thanks for all your sacrifices in being my friend..Advising me non stop even sometimes I paid no heed to your advices.Now , every words you had given become so useful to me and make me be more cautious to surroundings and take care of myself very much for my future..A BIG THANKS AND THANKS for all the moments and words to me ! Seriously, I appreciated it deep in my heart even you don't see it .
Praying that Allah would shower you with bless ,good health , good future and everthing nice to you coz you have conveyed dakwah all this while..I may not be better like you but I always try..Together we all pray to become a better and better Muslim and Muslimah lillahi Taala.. :)

never miss saying
for sending to me a good friend.

sincerely Miss LOL

I'm smiling ! Can't you see it !!!!

I love this word, S.M.I.L.E..it looks cute..
But,sometimes people always judge our SMILE..
they said that  "Your smile is a FAKE"
they said that "Your smile doesn't look sweet at all"
they said that "Is that how you smile?"
they said that "your smile doesn't reflect your happiness at all"
they said that "your smile is so grotesque"
they said that "say CHEESE!it helps you.."
they said that "CUT! one more time..this time,make sure that ur smile is plain"

Related to the TITLE ,there is a short-story about smile..
(but,real story is in Malay coz it was between me and my neighbour who is standard 4 but clever )
her name is Aisyah..

Me: (watching Spongebob Squarepants with her in my house)
Aisyah:  Ain,bakpe masam?
Me:masam? (so I smile to her)
Aisyah:sopmo gitu Ain..Kalu senyum pon,jadi masam jugak..Ain memg xreti senyum ko..?
Me:@#$%^&* ( this kid talked sincerely , and not sieve at all..hahaha...*kesok ati..)

Yeah...Those who know me very well especially my siblings, close siblings (Mia n Betty)
they would know me disability in Smilling sweetly..

I love to smile , but it doesn't look like a smile at all,kdg2 tu mjadi jgk..tp jarangla..
My photos is mostly not photogenic , sometimes the smile ruins the photos.
My smile is not curving..it remains straight or like this..

People do call it a *Fake smile..

I sometimes selfing-shots with my sis , she teaches me to smile in correct way..Smile pon kna bljr..huhu...
and yept ! It is rather difficult to learn smiling without any reason ,right?except for lenses-maniac..
but ,I am not a lenses-maniac..
Thing that I dislike is taking pasport picture, taking graduation picture and more likely a formal snap..
That one need a created-smile..I'm not really expert on that part..
I mostly smile when the situation needs that *curve..
Even , it doesn't look like a smile at all , but a *smile is natural and appears automatically :)
Smile must come with a reason..I always smile coz there are too and plenty of reasons surround me that make me smile..Oh God, I am so lucky...Am I ?

I smile cuz.....
  • I am still in good health and get chances to live in this world..
  • My friends still remember me and be nice to me.
  • Reminiscing the old-school memories especially in MJSC PC..
  • my friends cracked lots of jokes.
  • doing funny stuff n watch funny things with adek2x
  • getting funny words through fb,twitter n phone..
  • shopping n spending time with mum
  • watching movies/Bayu Cinta Luna with mum
  • eating..hoho
  • chatting and commenting with close-friends :)
  • smilling coz had done a correct decision..
  • doing my loved-activities

My smile...

sometimes , I smile with my eyes opened wide a little  bit


sometimes , I smile with my eyes closed a bit......
Often,mmg berlambak la my pic yg closed-eyes coz mmg automatik bunyi snap gmbr,mate pon pjam..huhu


How do you guys smile ? Mesti sweet comel ayu cun kan ?
msti korang ad credits for ur smiles..
me  ? I have my own smile..xramai yg ad smile gini tau..smile that curve downwards..hahaa..
Korang smile nmpak gigi kan ? mesti sweet giler..
tp sy xsenyum nampak gigi pom..
Thats why I had various smiles..Ad time *ikan buntal,ad *shock..kbyakan nye action je lebih..haha.
coz nak elak dr senyuman yg curve downwards mcm gambar2 kat bawah ni :)

Lawak ase gmbr ni..
ni la smiley sy curve downward
nampak x ?

The crux of the matter here, no matter how ugly is your smile and how it curve like..
Just smile..cuz it irritates those who wish to destroy you.......
Senyum itu sedekah..Senyum , xperlu kata apa apa.. :)
Whether it is a fake smile or not , smiling will cure our anger and bad mood !
Trust me..Smiles are like band-aid , they cover up the pain but still it hurts.
Smile is immediately contagious.Why don't we start spreading it ??

Bayu Cinta Luna
sweet+dimples+white teeth = AWESOME

p/s : But when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell
        You don't know 
        You don't know you're beautiful

Smile indicates how strong u are.
even u get hurt, just SMILE !
it makes u stronger !!

sincerely Miss LOL