Sunday, 5 January 2014

Dear Hawaian????????????

Hawaian? Sape tu? hehe that means golongan Hawa.. xde dlm dictionary pon. saje gedik nak letak imbuhan.
Okay.. actually, xtau nak letak tajuk ape but I just wanna share my last conversation with my new friend ..
She's a girl, named Nad (bukan name sebenar) .. Kitorang kenal mase 2 Januari 2014.. chatting dlm fb gitu..
Not long after that, we become close.. and she asked few things to me..Mase duk chatting2 tu , die byklaa antar gambar die and so on. and she asked me to do the same. So, I sent a pic of me and Belong. gambar tu, i wore shawl, blous and long pants.. 

But then, she asked a few questions to me..

Ain xpanas ke pakai tudung labuh?
~ and then , I was wondering labuh sgt ke tudung aku ???????? To me, its not *labuh* yet. but at least, dah cukup syarat laa. xjarang, n tutup paras dada. Alhamdulillah if certain people can see it like that. sbb kt uia raaaamaii lg yg tdung labuh giler2.. My answer was, xpanas langsung ler.. panas amende nye. its comfortable la. Xdelaa susah nak gerak coz xperlu nak betulkan if pusing kiri kanan, sbb memang bentuk badan dah terlindung. if you get what i mean. kan ad certain people , sekjap tarik yg depan , skejap tarik yg blkg.  :)

Ain mmg pki sejak dlu lg ke tudung labuh and etc ?
Erm. if she assume my style is labuh, so my answer was yes :)

Tak tringin ke pki jeans , tight pants?
=..= soalan die kelakar sbb die tny *xteringin ker*. alhamdulillah sbb xpernah terdetik nak pki tight pants lagi stkt ni.. jeans tu, pakai la ! bukannye salah pon pakai jeans kan? yg straight cut punyer hewhew.. Islam ni tak membebankan la.. Don't make it hard to implement.. *krik2

yela zaman skrg ni, sume org pki tight pants, die xleh tggl tight pant, nnt confidence level kurang..
Hurmm, xpki tight pants confidence level akn jd kurang?  Well, i dont really know about that. Maybe depend on yourself kot.. confidence level xtrletak pd sluar yg kite pki -__- papela. i dont blame u :)

Nad mmg ad niat nak tutup aurat in right way but I found its hard to leave tight pants and pakaian *duniawi*
Emm, I asked her back . how did she found its hard? belum cuba belum tahu.. die pon kate okok.. To me, theres nothing that impossible if we dont try it first.. Contohnye, nak lupakan someone.. Memang susah pon, tp if we try and take time for that.. Its not that possible. cume makan mase jerh.. If niat kite mmg ikhlas nak berubah, In shaa Allah , Allah akn permudahkan :)

Conclusionnyer, carilah kawan yang baik. yang bagi pengaruh positif. coz i see that her friends before this pon outfits mcm die.. and alhamdulillah sgt, kwn2 sy sumeeeeee menutup aurat :') thanks for giving good influence to me. and to my new friend, its never late to change. Im here to support u. bukan support beli tudung labuh -_- tp support if people avoid u when u suddenly change :) adioz
sincerely Miss LOL

Saturday, 4 January 2014

the STORY of cats

The story was mainly about three cats, two female cats and a male cat. 
the male cat, named Tommy was having affair with the first female cat named Mothy.They were both sweet couple and got a very strong relay, and hoping it would everlasts..

But, after some years Tommy met the second female cat, named Kitty. Kitty was a really friendly one and maybe Tommy misunderstood her friendliness, suddenly both of them bumped into each other although they both knew that it was wrong cos Tommy had Mothy. LOL ..Wait a second, Tommy could fall with Kitty as he was frustrated after knowing that Mothy had a scandal with other stray cat..and that was then, he met, was it Kitty's fault? It's Mothy fault for not taking a good care to her belongings :P After the sweet days passed by, suddenly there was a thunderstorm boomed over Kitty where Tommy and Mothy got back together. Pity Kitty, she became heartless, lifeless , loveless and weightless. It was almost a month, but Kitty finally managed to muster herself to continue her life without Tommy.. She was enjoying her loveless life... But, idk why God still fulfilled her unwanted pray by sending Tommy back to her. Tommy, meowing back to her after all this while.. he told that Mothy is no longer with him.. What do you expect about Kitty? hey, husnuzon. Its not dat easy for Kitty to accept Tommy back.But, Kitty was too naive and forgive Tommy's bad attitude towards her. And they live happily ever AF.......... I was hoping that Kitty can be with Tommy till the end.. but, noo ! the angry Mothy caught both of them and accused Kitty as the main cause of their break-up. Even, Tommy kept telling that he didnt withstand with Mothy, who had a really huge bad tempered ethics. can i say ethics? Mood maybe?  Mothy, didnt care. She kept blaming Kitty, Tommy for flirting all this while .. She didnt even ponder for a while wondering her own fault.. How poor Kitty, she had to lose Tommy once again. But, Tommy didnt want to lose Kitty.. He promised to stay with Kitty.. Meanwhile, Mothy had coaxed, persuaded Kitty to go away, stay away, vanish from their life. thinking that Tommy would accept him straight away, Huh ??  as i told before, Kitty is not the main cause. eversince Kitty had gone, Tommy still couldnt accept Mothy ( idk exactly haih but im hoping that Tommy would remain loving Kitty although they couldnt be together.. Love doesnt mean together right? LOL . but, Tommy and Kitty couldnt solve this matter as Mothy only want Tommy, and she wants Kitty to vanish. Haih.its not dat easy for Kitty to forget her prince charming. But, Kitty was really pity with Mothy. She felt guilty whether to move on ONCE again or stay with Tommy.. Hardly coax Mothy to stop hoping or moving on, coz she isss tooo stubborn .. *sigh. luckily, both of female cats didnt scratch among themselves as only Mothy who was the angry one, while Kitty is calm.. She didnt want the poor Tommy, to be with other cats except her. Poor Tommy...  ~ to be continued plis dont ask me futher about this story. 

sincerely Miss LOL

maturity phase maybe?

Assalamualaikum evelybody... i hope its not toooo late to share about my last year's problem that continued until today.. yeah! ape lg mslh sy slain drp mslh jerawat !! I tstarted when i began my short sem which was at 14/11/2013 mybe.. yup ! maal hijrah time tu... awal2 oke lgi.. when suddenly i found out physics was difficult. well actually xsepayah math. maaflaa kpd readers yg find out those subjects were as easy as abc, but to me I cant really carry on with them. Hurmm. + on that particular sem, i faced a problem.. A ? theres a guy, well someone's boyfriend maybe that i bumped intoo.. well, i know it sounded mcm perampas kan? erghhhh... iyea sounds cruel but. imma not the one that bumped. we both bumped.. sigh*.. at the same time, his gf also got probs and kununnye hbungan dah dihujung tanduklaa kan?????? i thought so but suddenly hancur musnah.. lain kli please dont give hope to me, if u dont exactly know the ending part. they manage to fix everything back to normal.. Soo.. do u know what i felt at that moment? when a person that we like, asked us to wait, but all of sudden ask us to move on? okay bai..then we lost contact for a month gittew.. memang muke iolls teruk tahap ape.but dont worry, i was fine :) xsuke sedih lelame pade benda yg xleh diundur balik.So, bhagia hidupppppppppppp.. i just concetrated on physics and muke yg bmslh ni.. byk giler produk gune. tukar itu tukar ini..


yer sy akui rmai yg gune kate makin elokkan? so sbb tulaa sy try mende alah ni.siap beli toner+pelembap bagai. tp muke makin teruk..i thought it was just the beginning. but no !!!! xlangsung.. hergh... pastu break 2minggu xpki cuci muke,cuci dgn kulit rambai jer. tp muke constant jer.. tetap mcm buah delima.. merah merekah gitu.bkn bibir okay? hahaha

~SABUN BERAS (rm5.00 for 2 ketul)
hahaha.. yg ni cik ety yg pki.sooo disbabkan pengenn bangat jelita kayakk ety, putih halus mulus gittew.sumber dr review2 pon kate ok.. so pakailaa kite.. oh not forget, mlm2 sy pki mundisari+air mawar. mustika ratu wey ~!! !! (mundisari rm 4.40 , air mawar rm3.40 ) die tu mcm kulit rambai laa tp wangi lg. ni kwn yg suggest, based on her experience wearing that stuffs, sabun beras ni i think okelaa. xincrease jrwt. tapi xbg effect langsung !!!!! hangenlaaa hambe nye.. i want something that give effect.kononnye thun baru wajah baru ! nak jgk merasa jd kulit licin neyhhh.. sedih ar.. dhla org xbkenan kt kite, lpas xbkenan he caused a lot of acnes. sigh* ahhh xlupe jgk, beli krim organic aid lepas rina pomote dpt ilang parut (rm14.90 ) gilerrr2.... sume krane nk kikis jrwt.dhla xdpt elaung !

~NOUR AIN SKINCARE (rm 48 + rm 25) 
yg ni amalina pki. lau tgk muke die, yeah mmg good effect laa. seriously berkesan. so i tryyy again. melabur almost hundred dis time coz i remembered what she said "benda mahal lar jadi" hoho.. fine, slame ni i nak murahh je n nk cpat comel. cehh. btw, i used dis product on 28/12/2013 which was my birthday hekhek.. xde kaitan tp ingtlaa tarikh so that bleh tgk bfore after. hihi.. so far this product tlh cure kan my acne. tggl parut je wey !!! tp parut tu byk laa wey.. sedih wey.. dhla lmbt nk hilang erghhhh... parut merah ade hitam ade. sume ade. xcumel lg laaa :'( nnt nk bli bedak nk tutup kehudosan ini. xpenah lg pki bedak kt muke sbb takot tampung. phm x tampung tu ape. huhu.. haaa, produk ni ade 4 bende which are toner, soap, night cream and day cream. night cream die kecik giler wey.. almaklumlaaaa set trial pny hurmmmm.. xde pitih nk bli yg besar. beratus2 lg laaa gamaknye. :'( friends plis pray for my recovery..

p/s : a bless add up in my life when that guy returns to me after all time waiting LOL .. a never-happen miracle right? :p syukur2 .. but tak semudah itu, i had to shoulder some other challenges which was explaining to his ex. ok bai. cant tell everything coz it is too privacy :)

sincerely Miss LOL