Sunday, 21 February 2016


I have to admit that my bad habit is getting nauseating lately. What is it? The bad habit of  "can't see cheap things are sold" . When I see them and I think I afford to own it, I will buy it undoubtedly. I tried to prevent myself from buying them, some stuffs were saved from becoming my victims. But some were not. Luckily, I'm not that fan of shoes. So, I managed to control myself from buying more shoes. haa, and the skirts too !No longer buy them because I realize that I'm too lazy to iron them and end up wearing the only jeans that I'm comfortable in it. Hiks. For the bag, I failed. I bought cath kidston sling bag last week. It was the most expensive bag that I ever bought for myself. below rm50 okayy, at least.. But, I accidentally bought baymax sling bag (sling bag again) though the colour is maroon, not pink or white. but it is baymax. So I bought it -_- . n still, I can't forget the dirt cheap items that I didn't purchase from that garage sale. Where is the old me???????? who is very stingy to buy lots of stuffs, I used to use one item until it rots itself. but now, I tend to buy and keep them for future use . Hahahaha ! I asked my friend "how to prevent myself from reminsicing the items that I didn't buy?" She said, buy them sooner -________- Okayyy, there's no solution. I knew the solution is "don't step to such places , where the sales are happening . But still, I got the feeling that it would be awful to not buy items with low price. Grab the chances !!! said the heart.. hurmmmmmmmmmm... And for now, I am very sure that I'm gonna stop shopping for awhile as I know my savings is getting lower days by days. So, let's put a halt. But, I have to go out for other weekend to celebrate jiji's birthday and also meet Supi for the last time before he return to Queesland. and also sending off Jiji to Japan on 19th March . So everythin requires money, for the fare and food. Emm, it's okay for those stuffs, just cut off the shopping budget. No more shopping for clothes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no more new bags. new shoes, new accessories except fare and food. and last but not least, try to avoid people who ask you to eat at expensive places or go to expensive places just for the views and galoks. No watching movies at cinemas (still succeeded to avoid this place on previous sem) No no for that. Prioritize the highlighted one ! Okayy. May this target come true <3
sincerely Miss LOL