Saturday, 20 June 2015

the sole skin problem -__-

When it comes to friendship, any topics would be fine :D

Despite of being my fake "boyfriend" , he is actually my beauty consultant (SS also) yes, he's the one.the convincing one. i always love to hear his beauty tips and the reviews of products made by him. our wassap conversations were fulled with beauty and ugly stuffs .sometimes , we talked about gathering, his study (he would futher his studies at Queensland starting on 3rd Eid) sobs :,(

And as I reached Kelantan on 21st May 2015, I already grabbed some products that suggested by him and also used by him .(grabbed at guardian KLIA2) We share the same products and they are ..

all of them can be purchased at guardian/watson except the aloevera.
that one comes from Cosway .

Starting with St Ives Scrub until Oxy moisturiser,all of them are suggested by Mr Pretty Supi .. and alhamdulillah , all of them did a great job on my face although at the early stage, the "jerawat batu" grew one by one at my cheeks and my chin. Yet, all those big acnes were healed with that bioglo AloeVera gel. It was suggested by Zara. I used it after witnessing the testimony made by her.Somehow, the scars remain eventhough the acne vanished. So , i decided to find the remedy for scars.  I know it is impossible to cure the scars. I had used sensual serum, Nourain serum and traditional methods but nothing changed. and suddenly, i remembered about the garden of eden serum (Nature E ).. My roomate , Wawa once used it and after reading some testimonies (hardly trust them coz most of things  i bought previously also based on Google's reviews) and what a miracle, the serum had prevent the growth of big acne and any acne .. So, only plenty of small acne still dwell on my face and of course laa the scars... but this time, i really put trust on the products besides having faith towards Allah's power . im not changing any products anymore and wait till few months for the best result. Pray for my recovery because having a face free from acne and scars is one of thing that affects the level of confidence . Ohh, i almost forgot to mention about bb Cream.. Since I just realized that i already stop using "internet skincare", so my face might be burned if i didnt cover it with sunblock or spf. so after knowing the advantages of using bb cream (told by ss), i bought the cheapest one with spf 50++ with only rm17++.. thats the cheapest i could get okay . 

p/s : i took this picture when Kema asked me on what product that im using now. so , thank u Kema for being concern about my health :D and of course thank you to the beauty consultants for not getting bored with ur sick patient ! 

sincerely Miss LOL

Imang si gaduh -___-

Alhamdulillah dapat kerajinan nak update blog ni. baru sedar, slame ni caption kt insta tu panjang sbb inspired by pictures.So after i put a picture , baru tangan ni laju menaip. so next time kena letak gambar. haha. okay , insan yg duk depan ana ni name nye Imang aka Abang Sally.Kenape entri kali ini bertajuk "imang si gaduh" ? Al kisahnye baru2 ni, die dtg la tido kt rumah ana for couple days sbb tlg drive nk bwk my friend from uia yg nk tour kelantan.Almaklumla, i hardly driving after getting my license. so mase hari last Imang dk umah ana ni, ana bad mood. sudden without any reason dari mase Imang tny whats wrong with me until when we sent her home. i was so cruel right ??? yes i am. tu mase bulan 5 lagi. tp smpi bulan 6 ni pon, eventhough i already explained my situation to her, she still thought that she might do something wrong. yela tambah2 lagi ana mcm wasep pon dah jarang lately ng die n lau bls pon spatah2. Well , to be honest balik umah ni mmg jarangggggggggggg sgt main wasep lame2 ng anyone. xmacam kt uia, bleh main wasep lame2.. Lau duk umah ni, especially me mmg byk je benda nk kerjakan . xleh duk diam. so lau i feel free, then i will start the wassep. So, Imang.. jgn laaa "over" feeling guilty. told u already that u dont commit any mistakes. Im sorry if my treats towards u were so cold. i didnt mean to do that. ure awkwardness made me feel uneasy and just remain silent .

Dear Imang ..
yes, i knew we didnt close enough when we were in pc. not as close as u and aimi,n not as close as me and kubih. but, the moments at sickbay was the initial point where our friendship begun . or maybe , it started when SPM was over. :D and i guessed theres nothing bad u did to me. instead, u had helped me a lot when i was in hot water .especially the moment when i got a hearbreaking news that i lost my dad. thank you for postponing ure outing with kema and others just to accompany me to airport, bought flight ticket for me. That was the most unforgettable help from you to me.Surely, there are none of my helps for u that ever can replace such help . and the latest help was you were willing to be a tourist guide, drove around kota bharu to satisfy Zara's relish for visiting kelantan. -___- im sorry if zara ever made u feel uncomfortable or made you infuriated. I just realized one thing, she is so close with me as im the one that can stand longer with her. hehe. So, im behalf of her, apologised if we troubled u a lot . 

on garfield,heading to pantai irama :D

i thought u re a relax type.
but u arent.
next time, jgn gaduhh in any situation.
be calm .

Since, youre going far away from Malaysia, i didnt want to feel regret for tuning out you when ure still in Malaysia, In shaa Allah we will have ifthar and celebrate Eid together. i will make time for u when im free.but not at this early preparing for Muet speaking (not even start any revision). im so lazy to do anything except house chores. Im sorry for my ridiculous flaw that u wont find with anyone else. )

p/s sesuai tak tajuk ni "imang  si gaduh" ?? the 'gaduh' that i want to stress here is when she is so overacted with my sudden mood, so imang , jgn gaduh.dont gaduh make assumption. n even when ppl already made a clear statement, believe it (if the person is a trustworthy one), coz its not easy for a person to make one. siap mari ng kek lg nak pujuk. pdhl xdok gapo. bazer duit jee beli kek n mcm2 lagi . thank you imangg. lain kali bwkla ayam kfc.. n one more, psl yakult and coconut shake tu, dont worry. i still can buy it. lol. dah dah dah.. my advice is jgn la disebabkan rase besalah or mmg besalah,jgn kumpul sume kesilapan yg penah buat n blame urself.. stiap keslahan lampau mstilah sudah dimaafkan. ni siap nk cri kslhan mse kt sickbay lgi, 3 tahun yg lepas lg tuh. xde pape pon la,,  k bai ~  aku sayang mu lillah hi taala imang. ttibo2 aku rase mcm ak jd yg xreti tnjuk sayang plok ko mg. sbb mg behi oyk mg style "xretti".. Now you know n feel kan how is it to feel unloved by someone who doesnt know who to express their love.. Now u can learn to express the love !
sincerely Miss LOL