Tuesday, 2 April 2013

*feeling useless* *sorrow mood* *tedious* *boring*

At this moment,I could not bear this tons of same feeling anymore..
Although it is the same feeling,but when I gathered it*,it becomes tons.
*understand? :/
please dun stop reading although I'm gonna talk rubbish stuff today..
I need to share my mood :/

I get up early in the morning everyday to shake hand with my mum before she went to office,
tidying up her room (that is only thing I can do to help her)
or if I wake up late, I see that nobody,nobody at downstairs level.
everyone has gone to school and office.
I want to apply a part time at bakery near my house,but my mum doesn't allow me coz it is hot nowadays.
So, I spend most of my time day and night just in my room..wandering and decorating 
watching television?not interested at all..cooking? when my grandma had gone to heaven,that spirit had invisible( hehe,related or not*? )
..reading newspapers?seldom.
I rather sitting in front of lappy.waiting for nothing..
my lil brother would come upstairs inviting me to have lunch...
and after that he would busy himself playing with ps2.. -_-
at night, I am not alone anymore.I got my family back..hoho..
but night-time is just a short spend coz they need to sleep early for the next days..
I would sleep early if I got nothing to read,no one to chat,nobody to give opinions.
My phones? I feel like I want to throw them !
My bestfriend (P) keeps texting me all days,not once a day,maybe five a day..
(he never get bored with me) :D
I don't have a mood or even a credit to fill up his days like old days.
I am lazy to text right now,even to open the messages..

(keep repeating the same chores almost 3 months) *gone insane..

Right now,at the top of my home ( my room is on the upstair)
it is the only place that I stucked..
although people sees the huge figure from outside, but inside it, I feel the emptyness the narrowness..
coz,although it is big or a lot,if we are alone, it would be worthless.
all my sisters n brother study in a boarding school.
they only come home during holidays..
how I wish the time to fly fast so that the holiday could reach immediately.
miss thier laugh,their routines that always cheer me up though sometimes I even can't on9 when the returned home !
although right now I am holidaying(long one)*,holidaying alone is BORESOME lot n lot !
I need to do something,meeting people so that I could talk as much as I do before.
laughing with people ,seeing happy or sad mood by other..

frankly speaking, I don't like to be alone,
not telling you dat I hate to be single,(never get in that relay anymore)
alone that I mean right now is alone in my home..
No, I am grateful already for letting me to breath in and out all the days dat had passed ,
but my days were blank .. I did nothing worth either to me or to my family...
I don't know what to do..
the scorching sun prevents me to do energetic outdoor such as cycling,walking,playing outside ALONE..
those the acnes and ulcers that visit me never cheer me up even I don't invite them !
facing them rite now !
to be sincere, if I could, I would always try to hide myself from the scorching sun..hehe..
(she don't like the lights sang by JB~) 

Now, I am sitting right in front of a long table with the laptop placed on it..
and a standing fan at my side and the ceiling fan on the ceiling *of course..
sweltering everyday in my room coz my house is right on the roadside.
typing my tedious days that I had been through on my blogs..
commenting happily (alone again) in the blog n fb :p
reminscing my memories with you guys through facebook..
liking the quotes that appear at home that suit  with my life..
If my best friends still appear off,I would lay on my bed ..
reading stack of novels borrowed from my cubemate..
or sleeping while waiting them to online..


p/s :actually,I was waiting for a postman (fast delivery) who called me early in the morning asking the location of my house.. I won a blog contest recently n I got two presents (a dress and a novel)
suddenly,I heard a pon pon*.I ran hurriedly to get the man.Now,the presents are right beside me..

the dress doesn't look like a dress at all
although it is pink,but the flower designed on it were -_-
short sleeve

over fitted(tried just now)
small to me mybe.
the novel?
Mr Cupcakes..
sounds interesting.
ok bsyukur2x :p

sincerely Miss LOL

27 Mac - 29 Mac 2013

27 March 2013..

True story about the holidays..
Billy (my youngest sister) entered my lovely bedroom and approached us ( me , Mia n Betty) who were keeping ourself busy with social network as usual......

BILLY: Ain,Mia,Betty .. Mama suruh packing sekarang.. Lepas Maghrib nak bertolak terus ke Cameron Highlands..

Ok,time tu dah masuk MAHGRIB.. Kami xprepare pape pon.. Lau my dad,if die kate lepas Mahgrib ..
mmg die dah ats kete lepas Maghrib tu.. (coz my mum yg packed barang2 die..hoho..*sweet x? :p )
Mia n Betty, spt biase n xpenah berubah sejak azali,paid no heed n main je keje.So,me as the oldest sister cari luggage la n potpet cakap kt diorang suh stop la coz nnt lewat,mmg kami ber 3 lar yg kena eventhough diorang berdua yg snail pace nyer.. Grr.. still.. xgerak jugak.. So, I finished packing for myself n waned to take bath.. I reminded them to bring sweater,towel,tootbrush.. *benda2x yg selalu diorang lupe nak bawak.
Alhamdulillah,lepas dgr mcm byk mnde kena cari so,diorang pon laju la skit kan? Ade jugak yg nak mandi rupenyer.. geram ni geram.. Mase tunggu diorang kemas barang tu, I tidy up the room so that when we returned,boleh terus landing..hoho..
p/s : siap pomot kt fb lg nak g Kemerong -_- Maknenye,mlm rabu tu kami kt Guwe Musey.Petang Khamis baru smpai Cameron.. hoho

US !

Lepas Maghrib,kami bertolak dengan excited nyer.. Alhamdulillah,kali ni xkena membebel coz lambat coz *dah serik.. xsuke kena membebel tau x.. So, lebih baik I mmbebel kat diorang dlu utk cpat siap rather than kena potpet oleh our dad.. :p. ok finished.. On the car, we slept...Zzzzzzzzzzzz

bertolak kul 8.30 malam n sempat berhenti makan dulu b4 futher ke Kemerong tuh !

12.30 a.m later.....

PAPA : bangun sume bangun sume ! kite sampai dah !

My dad opened the car door for us as a hint for us to immediate lift the stuffs out from the boot n slept in the place.. What place? I dunno .. Sangat gelap n ngantuk derr..

ME : Mia,betul ke kite dah kat Kemerong nih? Bakpe xsejuk eh? Ke panas kat Kemerong leni?
that was my first question when I went out from the car..

MIA: yolo jugak.. xtaulah.. Kemerong doh kot..

Masuk dalam Inn tu.. ikutla ape mende.. Kami kaget..Kaget bakpe?

ME:  Mia,xbawak ke kain sembahyang ?

MIA : Dok ! Betty bawak dok kain mayang?

BETTY: DOK !!!!!!!!!!!! !@@#$%

kena ngepek sebab xbawak bende yang paling penting sekali tuh ! esok mmg kena cari kan sembahyang.pinjam kain smayang our mum.hoho
*yeay! dpt kain smbhyg baru -_-

PAPA : Billy,tau x kite kat mane? *nada manje kpd anak ksygn dier..

BILLY: Gua Musang tau doh..

ME,MIA,BETTY :??????????????????????????????? *rupenyer2 pagi esok (Khamis,my dad ade meeting dlu .petang tu baru ke Kemerong..

27 :)
Ha tuh tempat nyer :')

Malas nak citer pnjg sal Fox Caves nih.. dari pagi smpai petang tunggu ayah habis meeting,xtau nak round kat ne ! Panas giler2x kt Gue nih..So,ayah suh gi pasar besar die..tp kami xjumpe pon pasar..So,gi cari kaen sembhyg jek.. N my mum bawak gi Cosway.. byk my mum borong..Hehe tempat paling sejuk.. kami ber 3 masuk dlm fitting room n Billy dan Ahmad duk main kejar2x kat luar.. ikut depa la..

Me n dearest Betty aka Botet.
sejuknye dlm fitting room.satu2nye tmpt sejuk kt Guwe Musey

Sukenyer duk dlm fitting room <3

Sampai Kemerong,tutup aircond bukak tingkap .. sy je lebih2x ngange mulut nak makan angin Cameron..sejuk sangat..rase *halus je pipi ni kena angin..hoho.. Hirup udara,tengok kenyamanan n angan2x duk jalan2x ng pujaan hati nnt.. Nnt* coz xde lg..wah3x. xde pon buleh jugak nk syok2x. -_- tgk pemndangan yg indah nian.. Best sejuk mate.. tgk bukit2x n so on.. ;')
ikut kakak nganga makan angin..
*tgk..sume xnak ngange.. *kakak gorm !
on the car..

Mula2x check in kat Roses n Pines Hotel n jalan2x ke food court tmpt biase kami makan.. Cameron ni,dh byk kali dah kami pergi coz dekat je..then plan nak gi Pasar Malam Brinchang..tau x? pasar malam yg terbesar kt Kemerong..hek3.. my father pronounced Cameron as Kambengrong* -_-..

Ok,xtau nak pose cane.
tgk cam or x?
hehe.. So,we reached Brinchang night MARKET..

Last2x,only me, Ahmad, Billy n my Mum yg jalan2x cari makan kt sini coz Mia n Betty follow my dad balik hotel..die xlaratla nak jalan kt sini.. sebab kan kena daki bukit..Pasar ni area tinggi.My dad letih kot..die lpas meeting n drive ke Kemerong.. So, beli KimChan goreng,cendawan goreng ,straweberry utk mkn malam ni n nasi lemak for my dad..xlupe jugak our feveret strawberry with chocolate !

hotel pling mewah kot kt Brinchang..
xmampu kami..hotel murah je..
not our hotel k?
ni bantal

 p/s : other stuff, my mum borong 4 umbrella comel,wrne transparent,purple and pink-2,pink hat..
die beli bantal kecik yg comel muke ladybird n bees <3 like 1000x

Marshmellow or Strawbelly?
Hehe.. <3

29 Mac 2013 ,last day..

plan nak gi Tanah Rata,Smoke House,Cameron Lavender,Kea Farm n tempat2x yg nmpak menarik tp xtau name..hehe.. kire2x kul 3 nak balik coz ingt petang or mlm mase smpai Kelantan ,nk balik Pasir Mas as usual...*Lau boleh,nk gi ladang2,bee farm n byk lg la..masuk time tunnel ke..tp sume xsempat ! hehe. xpelaa..


xde pape pon.. xbest ! byk xbukak lagi n maybe xde tmpat menarik dah kot.My mum gi bank jer n kami snap2x jelah..

Mum: Mia,amek gmbr bgunan ni..bgunan ni comey
Mia:as u wish mum.
Me: joined
adik2ku : -_- si sepet

Amad Billy..
tgk Ain..
xtakut pon kt burung..lalala
jom ikut burung merpati..
Posing kononnye duk oversea la plak..
nape budak2 ni pakat menyenget ?


just a short break

Mia,cepat snap !
kete dh nak gerak tu !
hehe..fast snap !

3) ni name ape Cameron Valley ke Ety ?

ni duk dlm tempat tu.
banyak bunga kaktus n so on.. hoho


Saye suke lebender.

Snap2x kat bahagian entrance pon jadila.. byran masuk utk dewase rm5,kanak rm3..
lawak Ahmad,die mintak nak masuk .. "Mumy,kanak2 2 orang nak masuk jugak,Ahmad ng Billy"..
 :P wekk,Amad xleh masuk..Amad bukan reti tgk bunge pom :p *dlm hati..

Ni pon kawasan Lavender gak..
Amad ni asyik pejam mate je keje.

inside the Cameron Lavender from far.
lavender banyak colour rupenyer.
byk betul signboard CL nim.
Amad ! ape yg hang buat lg? -_-

area pagar Cameron Lavender
cantiknye Mak aku..
aku jugak yg pelik skali -_-
xpela,asal diriku bahagia <3

Kat Kea Farm ni,tempat kami paling kuat memborong..but not me la.. Sy xsmpat nak borong sbb ape yg sy nak actually sbb comel n xleh pki kot nnt duk Kelantan mcm topi Hello kitty yg tutup telinga n bnde ala2 headphone..

Kea Farm..
Ahmad.. asal la budak ni.. hehe..ngantok kot..

Nilah !!
comel x !
comel giler2x !

telinga Mickey Mouse combine nga ala2x headphone tu..yg org pakai time sejuk.. -_-

yg ni tambah dgn yg bawah..combination trus..
tp xbeli..huhu..coz my mum kate nnt xpakai jugk..

"Ain nak pki biler lau beli?"
"KbMall xleh ke Ma?
"Nanti ore tgk pelik plok"
"Ain,pkai b4 tidolah seney2x :p (Mia nyibokk!)

Love Cameron Highlands coz sayur2x n buah2x die fresh2x.beli orange,cabbange,kim chan,carrot,kacang pis,buncis,lobak,ubi stello,jagung (balik rebus) n mcm2 laaa lg..sbb mak nak bg kat jiran2x ,kwan2x, n atuk kat Pasir Mas.. beli rose tea,strawberry tea,strawberry jelly,strawberry lollipop... Sumenyer food.. beratnye angkt jagung..hoho *gigih nih..Pape pon mmg best ! tp kt Kea Farm ni,matahari naik tnggi kot maklumlah tengah hari dah..sedapnye Kim Chan goreng n cendawan goreng <3 rindu plak..pernah mkn x ?
Betty n Mia beli gelang warne warni..I xbeli pape pon :p hampeh !

Adoi..disikunye kakak die..
xla lakonan semate2x.

p/s : soooooo sorry for this nonsense entry cam bajet aku je yg pergi Cameron.Well,saje2x je sebenar..berkongsi keriangan kt sane..huhu..jgn kutuk I ek? yelaa..taula korang dah penah merase salji..Coming soon dear Cameron <3
I stkat Cameron je lau tmpat sejuk..sobs.. :'( 
sedapnye mkn strawbelly fresh dgn aiskrim vanilla kt rumah n mkn bubur jagung home-made..*heaven..

Last but not least.I rasmi my mum punyer payung..lalalala
kali ni kakak die plak pejam mate.lalala

sincerely Miss LOL