Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Let us be nice to others

Lately, I was quite distracted with people around me. I realize that I had been too patient with them and I guess it has reached the limit.. Its not that I'm regretted , but I think that people shouldn't do that to their friends. So, here I want to list them up so that you guys would understand what are the don't s in friendship .

1) You can ask favor from your friends. but, consider it first whether the favor is beyond their capability or not. is it difficult? is she free to help ? wont it trouble her ? you know, there is a kind of friend who will do anything for you without thinking about the hardship that she is going to encounter. as she has that 'some kind of feeling' xsampai hati xnak tolong. you got me ? So, she would try to settle your problem as long as she is still alive. and if she said sorry and can't help you, please say that's okay or no problem instead of making faces or sulking with them? Haih, benda mcm tu pon nak kena ajar. Please upgrade yourself in taking care of others' feelings. When you do anything, please make sure no actions or words will hurt them, yes sacrificing your feelings is a lot better if you're tough enough :)

2) Please don't say something that make her feels bad. for example, you're praising her other sisters' beauty and questioning why she's the odd one? you know what, I hate it. I have very beautiful sisters and I love them very much with all my heart. somehow , I have this kind of friend who always ask publicly why I'm the only one who is not flawless, ugly and etc. It makes me feel bad, and my self esteem goes down and down. Luckily, I don't hold any grudges towards my sisters. and the funny thing is you have made my sisters dislike you a lot, a lot a lot as they heard it and witnessed it. my sisters love me very much despite having this dotted face. huh. why do you care so much about my look.. does it bother you so much. if yes, you may step away. Its dangerous you know to play with people's confidence. You will never know how people cope with their emotions and you just come up from nowhere questioning such a stupid question. Being ugly is not a crime at all, as long as you're doing fine with people and people love you , you're just deserved to live. I wonder are you the prettiest among your siblings? :)

3) My time is not all yours. I am not saying that I'm not grateful to have a lot of friends that need me, rely on me. I'm so thankful to Allah, seriously they are all so precious that I cant ever imagine if I did hurt any of them or lose them. So, I always try hard to please them. Sometimes, I know I did trouble myself a lot just for the sake of taking care of the friendship. Thanks to Allah as He always with me, aid me, giving me energy , no giving up in life. Alhamdulillah. But, I am quite frustrated if my friend said that I don't have time for her, I already forgotten her, I found a new friend and left her or any other sarcastic words that give the same meaning.. It made me think, did she realize the previous time that I spent with her all this while ? even we just went outing that last week, and she already accused that I forgot about her when I went out my other friend for the following weeks. Hurm, dear friends please be grateful and thankful if I had spent my time with you. Its not easy for me to divide my time for my friends. I always got this problems, people always ask me to accompany them to places . I'm fine with that ,but please consider also that I also have me school friends, roomates, classmates, best friends and any other friends (without history) that I want to spend with. I'm SORRY if you feel bad if I can't go outing with you every week. hopefully, you will realize my efforts all this while when I'm no longer in this earth. I pray that you will be glad to know me, even all this while you don't see who I truly value all people who befriend with me. :)

4)If you always ask for people's help , please consider also when they suddenly ask your help . Hmmm, I am not actually a person who easily ask people's favor except when I really really can't do it or too tired. If only you know, who I really independent . But, you don't know so that's fine. So , people if people ask you for help, please don't easily say no or ignore. Try to help even a little. People will appreciate your help because not everyone is that easy to cause people trouble.

5) Don't make promises if you never know the feeling of people when you break it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can stand if you break it several times but if it is for almost a sem we've been together, you never know how I wish we become apart .haih . I'm tired, because my life is quite organized . I plan it accordingly, what time I'll be doing this and that and etc. So, if you promise me to do this and that at particular time, please be punctual . Don't procrastinate for a day or days. I have lot of other thins to do. Yeah, sometimes I also do nothing in a day, as yet I need rests too. I'm sorry if people who read this find it harsh. But, you don't know me and how I have been quite tough in facing difficulties. I am not a kind of person who would pour my anger easily, I keep it and take it as motivation for me to be stronger. Please, don't think that I'm pretending to be good. but, this kind of person is exist. A person who always hide their anger because they think it is unnecessary to get mad as the things would be healed with time. Yes, everything is always healed with time, without hurting anyone. 

6) It's good to say sorry, but does your sorry means a lot ? I mean, do you really mean it? You repeat the same mistakes and people can already memorize your scripts. :) Instead of saying sorry, I guess you should start practicing saying "THANK YOU". thank you for accompanying. thank you for helping. thank you for waiting. thank you for advising. thank you for listening to all your stories. You know, people sometimes feel awful when you always say sorry and sorry with their help. for example, she always wait for you when you're late. yes, u may say sorry for 2 or 3 times. but, please vary it with saying thanks for waiting. words can sometimes demotivate and motivate you :). And I'm the kind that is really consider people's manners and ethics though I'm not really a well-behaved one .

7) Don't ask something that you know you wouldn't deserve it. hehe. Sometimes, people ask something that only a very close and best friend could have it. and you must also ponder about yourself, are you good enough towards your friends? are you important enough? which one is you , the one that only exist during her joy, or also during her downside? are you the one who contributes the sweet moments, or you're the one who gives her a lot of troubles, give her sorrow and nightmares ? :) So, if you want people to is willing to do anything for you,sacrifice anything and be the knight of your shining armor, be the one first . 

there's a lot more but i had forgotten it. I'm not listing it for certain people but it is a general advice so that you guys would be more careful and consider others' feelings when doing anything. No hard feelings. just read it serenely. and please please please pray for me that Allah will always give me continuous patience and strength with the incessant obstacles that are coming and no more sighing as there is always a rainbow after rain   :')

sincerely Miss LOL