Thursday, 31 January 2013

Already forget...but , better be more careful next time !

Mostly , everybody had faced it rite ?
I faced it  twice !
But, I'm afraid Iwould face it more..

Sebenarnya........saya xsuke sgt2 kesakitan begini ! Sakit sgt lah !! Lebih sakit dari ade ulser kat mulut..Muahaha :p .. Twice kan ? haha..yg first tu mmg sgt menyakitkan coz sy xpuas ati sgt ngan die ! 2011 n 2012 die main2 kan ... tp yg second tu , sy xmarah lame2 coz maybe die xsengaja or xsedar die terbuat camtu..(xsedar ? LOL ) Actually , sy back up dia ! Kebaikan die even sikit tetap sy appreciated even his *cruel byk lg.. Tp , die buat jenayah senyap2 n sorok dr sy .. Tp ,selalu last2 *kantoi ngan sy coz Allah nk selamatkan sy drp di*perbodohkan die lg..kan2 ? :P

So,nak citer lar skit sal.....

#HURTS 1 ..... 2012 ! (real story ! )

That sweet n sour nite , I was wif my friends syokly* having meals and *tayangan kt depan tue... Ade majlis la kononnye.. Then , I turned back looking aimlessly at the back.. Suddenly , my eyes turned green ! *sob3 seeing him waiting for his princess to have pics.. Although , I heard their hot gossips but when I asked that guy, he always denied it..So , sy pom xhiraular ngan gossip tuh coz that guy always denied it.. Actually, I dont mind if that rumours were rite.. But, I didnt know that he was such ..........So , ending grand nite tu sgt horrble lar ngan die.Tp ngan yg lain enjoy je ! Haha. So, I boarded the college bus solemly with my friends (Ety, Jiiha and Ss) I didnt like that end part of Grand Nite..Masuk2, duk sit depan luh..tnggu turn nak sit kt blkg..tibe2, ad girl ni kawan jgkla tp xrapat sgt approached me n said , "Ain, ni bunga ros utk awk..***** bg..

*WHAT IS THIS ? !@#$%%^&

one message received..

(*) telling me that that rose was specially dedicated to me..and he also said that *the rose will remain bloom just like his love towards me.. "ok,that was idiot i thought ! coz bunga betul kan ?mmg sah2 la layu nnt !!

Yes,sbaik saje smpai maktab...terus cari bekas to put that white rose. xrealize lasom diri ini dprbodohkan time tuh...selalu tgk2 rose tu....hurm..Ok let make ir short coz I dun like it at all ! Cari time sunyi jer ! Lau x gak , mcm stranger je kite nih.


my friend : Eh bkn awk sorg la dpt ,that girl pom dpt la.. Die siap bg face to face lg :P
me           : Dasar Playboy ! Mujurla xfall dh mcm dlu ! coz dh lali ngan prangai die yg mmg slalu      
                 main2 kekadang suke kkdg , malas nk care ke org yg ingt kite ni bodoh sgt !   

lame2 lepas tue..

one message received..

Him : Cane bunga tu ? dah layu ?
Me  : Nape tny gitu ? dh xsayang kan ? mmg dh layu pom.
Him : Erm.Taula..
Me : (geram ! ) Mmg dh layu tp sy xbuang lg coz sy appreciate org bg gifts even xde erti 
           pom..coz xde org penah bg sy rose..rose tu comei..
Him : Oh ,tq..

So , lpas tu I threw that rose into he rubbish litter long after he said it to me.........

Case nim selalunyer sy byk skali luah kat Sharina !! coz dielar pakar cinta..muahahaa..pakar lam segale bidang..Well , we always in the same shoes regarding this probs.. She is the one who make me turn 360- degrees change to totally forgive n forget him.. Yes ,she always there.. When I told her that this guy made me feel on the top of the world , she will pull me to the bottom of the world back to step at the reality..kua3.. (translate molekk) and she's right ! lepas heppy skit , ad trus citer sedih lepas tu nyer..nmpak die duk ng org lain..nmpak die msg..nmpk mcm2 la ~ I told her n she already knows..coz we r the same..She already faced what I had been through.. :( mujur ad Sharina yg berpengalaman..Lau x , time ni sy msih terbayang2 kan die..skarang ni totally 0..xsuke xsyg..xkawan..biase2 je :) But , her probs is more serious .. SHe cant stop loving a person that non stop hurting her pure heart..pity her ! I dont see any of her wrongdoings towards him ! that guy is@#$%^&.But , now she is free ,like me ! We're free from the terrorists.. They dont deserve us ! Muahaha.. We treats that love feeling gently as we appreciate it.. But they  ? Wekk ! 
Sharina !! I am so sorry if I kept tagging on you to vomit my probs with him ! I dun have anyone to treat my heartbroken except you.. You know him better.hahaa :) But , talking about them* were really awesome..coz we both keep advising each other and give the best word to make us aware that we re in wrong path ! Ok2 last last we both reached our goal !! Kami dh lupekan *them n build a new life.. Let them be the past that teach us to not do that anymore ! ANYMORE ! love you Sharina ! We re meant to be together no matter what would happen ! Sharina aka Saroni !! Hehe.. Take care ekk ? If someone hurts you again ,tell me ! I already got black belt ! :P

follow her at 

Sharina !
at the centre..
her beloved sis n bro always on her side :)

OK !! Dont try to do this after this.. That's hurt ! especially boys ! They never think about girls' feelings.. Time yg sorang ngajuk , die g kat girl lain..n gitular strusnye.. die ingt pkare gitu main2 ker ? huh .. melibatkan luka hati seseorang lar !! Parah even not physically !!
And to the girls , jgn mudah sgt melt ngan laki yg mulut mcam kambing nih ! I mean mulut manis when die ckp awak comel , cute , pandai , n ape lg !!!! huhu.. They didnt mean it deep in heart .. Die sebut ikut dang jer.. xtau la kite2 ni mudah sangkut..Dats why lar laki xmudah sangkut when girls puji melangit pon . Diorang da mahir n cekap sal gini nie. . We must be stronger in facing this obstacles.. Jgn rushing sgt nak suke kat orang or nak accept org coz anda xkan pernah terlambat pon.
Jika anda dpat die pom , xpasti lg tu korang punyer.. So , diam2 pon xpela .. xyah duk rushing nak accept or cair mair lah.. herghh -.- What else can I say ? Jgn mudah percaye Lelaki ..
Make sure that "nice are really nice "............
Dear you , 0-0 ok ? No hard feelings
You gave me such unforgettable moral value which I could apply in future :P
p/s : xpyh nk amik tau sape orgnye tp amik pengajaran dr citer ini je !

Enjoy this POEM

He Had Such Quiet Eyes by Bibsy Soenharjo
He had such quiet eyes
She did not realise
They were two pools of lies
Layered with thinnest ice
To her, those wuiet eyes
Were breathing desolate sighs
Imploring her to be nice
And to render him paradise
If only she’d been wise
And had listened to the advice
Never to compromise
With pleasure-seeking guys
She’d be free from ‘the hows and whys’
Now here’s a bit of advice
Be sure that nice really nice
Then you’ll never be losing at dice
Though you lose your heart once or twice

sincerely Miss LOL